It’s safe to say that servicing a garage door is something that only a professional can do. Unless you happened to be one, then you will need to talk to someone that knows how to do it.

Luckily for you, there are dozens of companies out there that do just that.

Garage doors vary in size and features. Some need to be opened manually while others automatically through a sensor that you attach to your vehicle.

It’s also safe to say that service each type costs differently. Common sense dictates that automatic doors are more costly for servicing, while it’s cheaper to service a manual garage door.

But with all that said, the price is ultimately down to the company you wish to engage in business. The average range can be anything between $150 and $300. This depends on the factors we mentioned before.

But don’t think for a second that this is all there is to servicing garage doors. These are made out of various parts that each one can cost $150 on its own. If multiple parts are broken, then those parts need to be serviced. And each part will cost you.

So, let’s talk about the average cost per part.

Springs – $50 – $300


When it comes to fixing the springs, the cost can either be very low or high. But this depends on the type of spring used for the door itself. When it comes to choosing the type, you have two options. There are extension springs, which are less expensive, and there are torsion springs. The former is very common and nearly all garage doors have them. This is why it’s so cheap to fix. The latter is somewhat rare and thus cost more.

Opener – $100 – $200


The opener is quite straightforward. This is the part that you will have the least trouble with as they are very durable and last anything between ten and fifteen years.

But there are also two types of openers out there. There are remote openers, which can cost a measly $40 to service, or openers that operate through wiring. The latter is significantly more complex to service as you’ll need to work around the electrical. These also have a batter on them and that can save you a lot of money.

Cables or Chains – $110 – $200


There aren’t particular types of cables out there, and the cost of repairing them is fairly decent. There are a few ways to detect a faulty cable job or cables that are in need of repairs. For starters, screeching and whining noises are the biggest indicator that your cables need replacing or servicing.

But the best way to avoid such issues is to simply keep the entire door well maintained throughout the year. This can be done by yourself, or you can hire a professional to do it for you. In the case of needing repairs, maintaining the parts will save you a lot of money. This is why you should schedule regular servicing. There are many companies out there that do that, such as, so make sure to get in touch.

Track – $130 – $300


Replacing the track will mean taking it all apart and putting it back together. This is why a track can cost a hefty sum. A broken track means your garage door will function improperly and will have trouble closing and opening. If this is the case, then you will most likely need immediate repairs as the door will be dysfunctional.

Panel – $250 – $800


This is the most complicated part to repair. Servicing this part will ensure that you don’t have to pay large sums of cash to repair it. But repairing this part can cost anything between a few hundred dollars to up to two thousand. It’s ultimately down to the style of the panel. Older panels are rarely made these days, so you will have to buy a new one. This is the trouble homeowners have to go through just to replace an old panel with a new one.

When it comes to the panel itself, there are three primary materials that you can order. The materials are wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Fiberglass is the cheapest alternative, while wood is the most expensive.

Locks $100 – $300


Locks are very important as they make sure no one gets into your garage and steals your car. Replacing a lock needs to be done ASAP, as it presents a safety concern for your home and belongings. But repairing or replacing a lock is very simple and very straightforward. Sure, you might need to dish out a few hundred dollars, but locks rarely break down.

Servicing the locks will make sure that they never break and ultimately never in need of repairing.

Judging by this, we can safely assume that the most expensive part to fix is the front panel.

Additional Costs

These aren’t the only parts that are in need of repair when the time comes. There are certainly more parts that make up the entirety of a garage door, and some of those can really cost you.

Let’s talk about them a bit.

Broken glass


In the case your garage door is made out of glass, well that’s a whole another problem. There are many ways how glass windows and doors can break down, and replacing them can really cost you a fortune. It is estimated that garage doors made out of glass can cost you anything between $300 and $500.



Dents in the door itself can be very frustrating and hard to deal with. Sure, they don’t pose any safety threats, but it looks very bad. Luckily for you, dents don’t cost anything to fix.

Circuit Board Replacement

Now, you might think that this is an expensive part to replace. Well, we hate to break it to you but circuit boards aren’t that expensive and one usually goes for around $50.