Valentine is the time to celebrate love, togetherness, and eternal bonding between two souls. When people say celebrating Valentine, they mean spending time with each other on 14th February. Unfortunately, there are times when people have no choice but to stay away from their beloved special ones even on a day like Valentines’ day. Caught in the web of life, job and education, many are in a long-distance relationship with their partners. Those who are unable to physically reach out to their girlfriend or wife on Valentines’ day can think about replacing the warmth and affection of their physical presence with unique and exclusive gift options. Here are eight exclusive gift ideas, which will overwhelm her and help her in feeling better and special on the occasion of amour as known as Valentine.

1. Personalized gifts to give her a sense of belonging

Personalized gifts are trending these days because they are unique, give a sense of belonging, and make the recipient feel extra special. Moreover, personalized items are nowadays easily available in both online and offline stores across the globe. So, if you are unable to meet your beloved wife or girlfriend and want to make her feel that she is on your priority list always, then a personalized gift would be a wise choice. Personalization with a picture of you two or a beautiful picture of her would not fail to bring a smile and happiness to her soul on 14th February. There are varied online and offline gift stores from where nowadays you can easily avail yourself personalized gift items. Some of the most adorable valentine’s special personalized gift options would be LED personalized photo frames, Rock personalized photo frames, personalized lampshades, water bottles, and personalized pillows. Since you are living far, relying on online gift portals would be most convenient. is one of the premium online gifting sites, which offer varied gift options for personalization. To know more, click here

2. Send her tickets so that on 14th February she can visit you

When two people are in a long-distance relationship, one thing that both of them miss the most is the warmth of togetherness. That quality time, which both can only achieve when with each other – is the best gift one can give to his beloved on the day of love. If you are unable to go and meet her on the big day then send her tickets and make every arrangement so that she can spend her 14th February with you. This will be the most adorable, meaningful, and valued gift that one can ever have from her beloved.

3. Serenades and a week-long happiness


Gift serenades are on-trend these days. Arranging a serenade for a particular person is one of the best ways to make his or her feel at the top of the world. A serenade gifting pattern means sending gifts each day for a particular period of time. Since valentine is celebrated through a week-long gala, you can plan for sending gifts each day of valentine’s week. Valentine’s week starts with a Rose Day and ends on Valentines’. So you can plan for starting your serenade by sending a rose or a bouquet of roses on Rose day and can something out of the box gift on the final day of love. Nowadays, there are many online gift stores, which can help you in planning, arranging, and delivering serenades at a preferred time of yours.

4. A day-long food treat

People often say that the best way to get into the heart of the person you love is through his or her stomach. Hence, giving a day-long food treat would not fail to impress her and make her understand how much you love her. Precisely, if she is a big-time foodie then arrange a day-long treat right from breakfast to dinner from all her favorite restaurants on 14th February. No doubt, she will brim with overwhelming joy.

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5. A perfume to enchant her


The most practical way to bewitch your beloved while in a long-distance relationship on Valentine’s day would be sending her an aroma that will enchant her mind and let her carry an eye catchy personality. An aroma is considered to add romance, happiness, and warmth. Perfume from her favorite brand would add romance and indulge her into reminiscing about all the romantic memories she had with you. Send her perfume or a perfume hamper comprising other items like makeup products or chocolates. You can find a vast collection of perfumes on

6. A smartwatch to keep her up to date


Currently, the world is going gaga over smartwatches. They have proved to be one the most efficient and easiest gadgets to keep track of health, location, and many more vital things on a daily basis. So, such a gift option for her on Valentines’ day would be a valuable and meaningful gift for sure. They are available in many brands in a varied price range.

7. A diamond for your precious

Having a diamond is one of the most precious possessions one can have. Your lady love will be on cloud nine when she will receive a solitaire from you on the day of love. A few can only deny that diamond-studded jewelry on Valentines’ day would overwhelm your beloved. In the case of a long-distance relationship, such a precious gift would make her feel how valuable she is in your life.

8. A day-long pampering through skin and hair treatments


A soothing spa coupled with a new hairstyle or with any other skin rejuvenation treatment would not fail to stand out as an over the top gift idea. It will pamper her and give her the feeling that since you are not currently beside her to take care of her, your thoughtful arrangements will do the same on behalf of you.

Of course, there are hundred other gift ideas, which you can give your thoughts to. However, the aforementioned ones are some of the unique and thoughtful gift ideas you can pursue if you cannot visit your long-distance love on Valentines’ day. Choose as per her choices, lifestyles, priorities, and hobbies because such a gesture will make her feel more special in your life.