Even if you have the best intentions at heart, it’s really easy to make silly mistakes on Valentine’s Day. That’s especially true if you’re a guy. Now, we’re not saying women don’t make mistakes, but it’s common knowledge guys can be a little bit lazy when it comes to planning a perfect Valentine’s Day and that’s how mistakes happen. Now, if you think to yourself ‘This can’t happen to me, I’m a romantic soul’ – think again. We’re about to show you some of the most common mistakes all men make on the February 14th and if you recognize yourself in any of these – don’t worry. Just don’t do it. Let’s get started.

1. Sticking With The Traditional Stuff


Now, this one can seem a little bit unfair, but, hear us out.

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day and everything around you is telling you that you should buy a soft, little teddy bear with a cute little bowtie that says ‘I Love You’ when you press on his chest. You get a bouquet of her favourite flowers, you buy a heart-shaped box full of mini chocolates and you throw in a card in there. Seems good, right? Well, not really. That can come across as pretty impersonal. All that says is that you didn’t really care to think this through and you went out and bought the most standard gift one could get. Unless you want to make your partner feel like you really don’t care, you should really avoid the standard V-Day package and get something thoughtful instead.

2. Buying A Greeting Card


It’s absolutely fine for you to get a card with a pre-written message, but leaving it at that is basically saying ‘This standardized message coveys exactly what you mean to me’. Is that really true? No, of course, it doesn’t. Now, we understand that not all of us are men of words, but that’s the point – you don’t have to be. Your girlfriend doesn’t expect you to make her cry with a perfect poem. All she really cares about is how you feel and how much you care. And every single one of us can do so. It doesn’t have to perfect – it just has to come from the bottom of your heart.

3. Buying Expensive, But Impersonal Gifts


This one could easily be up for a debate, because who doesn’t like an expensive necklace or a pair of earrings. It’s common knowledge that women love jewellery. That might sound like an offensive stereotype, but in most cases – it’s true. So, buying an expensive piece of jewellery is not bad, per se, but, you could do more.

What we mean is, take into account what your girl likes to wear. If she doesn’t like gold, stay away from it, no matter how good it looks to you. Make an expensive gift a personal one. If you don’t know how to do that – ask for a piece of advice. Find out what makes a perfect Valentines gift for a girlfriend by looking it up online – you’re already here, aren’t you? Some would argue that personalized necklaces are the way to go and if you agree, you can visit Nano-Jewelery for more info on that subject.

4. Going Through The Day Like A Robot


This can especially be true for those guys that are in a long relationship and have gone through the whole thing quite a few times already and by now they’re just checking the boxes. It’s easy to start thinking about Valentine’s Day date like a chore. For instance – give flowers, go to dinner, exchange gifts and go home, that’s it, right? Well, no.

Even though that’s basically the gist of it, just checking things off the list can make you seem cold. Put in the effort to make things more intimate. It’s the small things you should forget about. Hold her hand, open the restaurant door, help her get a coat off, compliment her earrings, gently move the hair from her face, kiss her longer than you usually do – stuff like that. Being there for her and showing that you care with small gestures is what it’s all about. Don’t let dinner and gifts do all the talking, show her how you feel.

5. Expecting Her To Make Plans


If she insists that she does, then it’s okay. However, if you’re just leaving it all to her because you ‘can’t be bothered’ and ‘she knows what she wants’ then you’re doing it all wrong. It’s your job to make this day about her and show that you know her. Don’t just rely on your girlfriend to plan a perfect evening for the two of you, so you can just show up and get on with it. While we agree that it can be quite stressful if you’re in a new relationship and you don’t want to mess up, but, that’s what conversations are for. Talk about it beforehand, ask questions. It’s not hard to have a perfect evening, to be fair, all it takes is that you’re both there and you love each other.

6. Buying Her A Gift That’s Actually For You


All of us know a guy like this. A guy decides that it’s time to go see the Lakers on Valentine’s Day even though his girlfriend still thinks Shaq is still playing. It’s pretty simple – don’t do this! If she wants to go see a play or just stay in a watch a romantic comedy, don’t buy game tickets. Also, don’t gift your girlfriend a PS 5, because we all know that it’s you who’s going to be playing it.

Although it’s nice that you want your girlfriend to look good for you – consult with her before you buy her lingerie. This can be an amazing gift for her, but she needs to feel comfortable about it and you cannot just expect her to wear anything at all. But if you decide to spice things up with sexy lingerie, there are some Valentine Day’s outfits over at

There you have it, those are some of the most common mistakes most guys make when it comes to Valentine’s Day. By no means are these all of them, we could go on and on, but, this is enough for now. Just steer clear of these ones and you should be okay.