As Christmas is coming, you’re planning to buy gifts for your loved ones. Whoever, it is- your dad, mom, or fiancée, buying thoughtful gifts will make their Christmas special.

There are a number of online platforms where you can get great deals at minimum rates that allow you to buy trendy gift without breaking the bank.

We’ve done all the work for you and compiled the top 10 best gifts to make this Christmas memorable for you and your loved ones.

These gifts are trending this year and will work for anyone on your gift list!

1. Colored homemade candles


Who doesn’t like the sweet smell of scented candles? They’re incredibly soothing. Plus, they can be lit at a romantic dinner or to create the right atmosphere. Anyone would love this gift- get candles taht are large so they are long-lasting. These candles will create the perfect ambience for sleeping peacefully after a hectic day. The best thing about scented candles is the huge variety of scents tehy come in- whether it’s coconut, citrus, almond or vanilla, you can find the perfect scenet for your loved one. Ask them in advance which scenets they like, or even better, buy a collection with different scents.

If you want to surprise your loved one every month, subscribe them to receive a bunch of scented candles every month for a year!

2. Travel sunglasses


Sunglasses are great as a gift. They’re fun and useful and fashionable too! Unlike shoes or clothes, you really can’t get it wrong by buying them the wrong size! However, when buying a loved one a pair of sunglasses, make sure that they suit the recipient’s face shape. Oval face shapes go with any frame of sunglasses, but a square-shaped face may need a different kind of frame. Try to get a pair in which the style, colour, and frame of the sunglasses suit the personal style of the recipient. And never forget to pack them in a lovely gift box with a handkerchief to complete the gift!

3. A pack of iPhone covers


The iPhone has become a worldwide brand across the globe. Everyone loves a new iPhone cover. You can gift a pack of unique iPhone covers to an iPhone fan and they’ll go crazy about your gift!

There are so many styles available on the market, and honestly, it gets boring having the same cover after a while. iPhone covers have insane options such as mirror covers, bamboo material, and custom-made covers.

Covers become damaged after constant use and sooner or later an iPhone user will need new one. You can also buy them matching AirPod covers and Macbook covers!

An even better idea is to get them a customized phone cover! When you take the time to design an elegant custom phone case for someone, it’s almost impossible for the receiver not to love it. Buying a customized gift means that you cared so much that you started planning ahead to find them the perfect gift.

4. Baking kit


Who doesn’t love baking? If your loved one is fond of baking, then this is the best thing to gift. A baking kit doesn’t just mean pots and pans- the best baking kits available today have cake mixes and ingredients included, to make an all-in-one package.

Baking kits come in different flavours and recipes. You can even buy a baking kit for a diet-conscious person since the kits come in gluten and sugar-free categories as well.

A baking kit means that your loved one can bake a cake for their family or a brownies at night as a midnight snack. Even better, if you’re gifting the kit to someone who lives with you, you’ll soon have delicious baked items to nibble on with them!

This year, if you’re thinking about what to buy mom, think outside the box and consider a set of quality knives or a new set of cookware. You probably already know your mom wants them (or have been hinting), but haven’t had time to shop around for the perfect set.

By buying your mom a professional-grade set, you can make meal prep easier and more enjoyable for her. You might also consider getting her a new skillet, wok, or some other quality cooking utensil. Click to visit imarku to choose the perfect knife and cookware sets.

5. GoTrax electric scooter


Whether you roam around the city on this bike or use it just to go to the nearby store, you’ll always enjoy yourself on this trendy vehicle. It’s a great cheap option to visit your friends, especially if you are a high school student or college student. The GoTrax scooter has an excellent 12-mile range, 8.5-inch air-stuffed tires, 250W high-velocity brushless equipment motors, and comes in unique styles to make anyone fall for it. There is a version for adults and a new design will be out soon for the kids.

This is the best gift for a younger person who doesn’t own their own vehicle yet!

6. Squishy Comfort Pillow


Squishy comfort pillows have a very soft texture and are incredibly comfortable (as the name implies!). They also come in a hard category for people who prefer a more solid place to rest. These pillows come in cotton, silk, and bamboo cover versions. Squishy pillows help you sleep well and enjoy your night by remaining cool and not getting too hot.

They are very cost-effective and last longer than other usual pillows. Plus, there are different deals available on Amazon prime so you can batch-order for different people!

7. Illy Y3.3 Ipe Espresso


You may be surprised that this coffee machine is under $100! Despite having such a low price, it comes with all the latest features that espresso fans will delight in. This machine allows you to recreate the photographs of piping-warm cups of espresso, cappuccino or all the latest craziest types of coffee. It’s an incredible addition to any kitchen, and just right to make the perfect coffee for your date or your friends.

8. A Christmas Sweet Hamper


A Christmas sweet hamper from is a great idea because Chocolate is loved by young and old alike. Nothing speaks festivity and joy like a hamper does. You can get your Christmas sweet hamper customised with a range of seasonal delicacies, chocolates, candy, wine and flowers and decorated with a Christmas theme. With a Christmas sweet hamper, you don’t have to worry about the recipient not liking it- gift hampers are a classic gift worldwide!

Delicious Sour Gummy Worms Addition

Introducing “Eat Rotten” sour gummy worms to your Christmas sweet hamper is a surefire way to infuse a burst of tangy excitement into the holiday season. These irresistible treats offer a delightful contrast to the traditional sweetness of chocolates and candies.

With their vibrant colors and puckering sourness, “Eat Rotten” sour gummy worms are a fun and mouthwatering addition that appeals to both kids and adults. Their playful, wiggly shape adds a whimsical touch to your hamper, making it stand out as a unique and memorable gift.

So, this Christmas, elevate your sweet hamper with the zesty allure of “Eat Rotten” sour gummy worms for a festive surprise that’s bound to please every palate.

9. Facial care set


Every woman loves a facial care set! Choose one which has all the products of a 6 or 8-step skincare routine, from face wash to moisturiser. If it also has lip balm and hair care products, then it’s a bonus! Facial care sets come in different brands and most are under $500.

Go for an organic care set that’s full of healthy, natural ingredients and vitamins. Your loved one will thank you when you make removing all their wrinkles and dark patches an easier task!

10. Clothing subscription box


You can subscribe your family to a clothing subscription box so they can order items for everyone each month.

This way your kids and spouse can order clothes from that specific site every month, within the budget you’ve set.

Your kids always want to look like you- that’s why they’ll love it if they get to buy the same clothes for the whole family.

For example, quirky items such as animal house slippers that have a fluffy texture and are available in different sizes.

A clothing subscription is the best option if you have overactive kids. This will help them discover their style by choosing different clothes. They can choose from athletic wear to formal and casual tees. A subscription means that your kids will simply have to choose the items from the online platform and all the items will be at your door.

That’s it from our side on some of the trendiest gifts for Christmas this year. What are your ideas? Comment them below!