Eurovision betting is not only for the traditional participating countries in the song contest. It is about every song that is presented in the contest and about every nation – whether it is in the European continent or not – that competes and hopes to win the first place of this spectacular event.

And who said that betting is only about sports? Well, the truth is that for the most part, betting is about sporting events, but there are some non-sports related events that generate millions and millions of bets across the world and they are attracting the interest of punters regardless of their nature. A visit to sites offering sports betting in Australia, for example, will make this explicit: there will be plenty of Eurovision betting options along with the traditional sports betting markets.

What are these events? They are usually high profile, one-off or not-so-regularly held events, prestigious competitions of any kind that have an international, or even a global, reach. And of course, one such event is no other than the Eurovision Song Contest!


The Eurovision Song Contest is a yearly event taking place in a designated European country – the one that has won the competition in the previous year! It is such a huge event that has historical roots and it has been built upon the foundation of the integration of the European nations across the continent.

Every year, the Eurovision Song Contest is watched live by millions of people who see the event being broadcasted on national television. And the thing is that it is such an interesting event that it is talked about and speculated upon for months before it even takes place as well as months after it has been hosted.

And this is true not only for viewership but for betting. Just consider that the Eurovision Song Contest is an event that generates millions and millions of bets from all over the world, according to bookmakers’ records. Bets from both European countries and non-European countries, which despite not being geographically close to Europe, participate in the competition.

Betting on the Eurovision Song Contest


Betting on the Eurovision has come to be somewhat like a ‘tradition’ thing for many punters and also for many Eurovision fans, who have found a way to heat up the excitement and increase their engagement. After all, being able to engage and skyrocket your adrenaline while you are watching a highly entertaining, enjoyable and spectacular event is more than you could ask for as fans!

The beautiful thing about betting on the Eurovision Song Contest is that it can involve every single bettor, regardless of their betting skills, betting experience or betting expertise.

In fact, it requires no particular experience for a punter to place a wager on Eurovision. Being a fan of the competition, being a fan of music and singing or being a fan of plain betting are everything one needs in order to wager!

So, you don’t have to be a professional bettor or a competent punter to bet on the song that you believe – or expect to finish in first place and win the competition in the end. Some research, some extra love for this one-of-a-kind event and some careful consideration of two-three things that are really important in the Eurovision Song Contest and you are ready to test your skills and potentially make money out of it!

Let’s see some key issues regarding the Eurovision Song Contest and then we’ll look at Eurovision betting.

The contest


The Eurovision Song Contest is an international competition that takes place annually since it was first launched on our TV screens in 1956. Back then there were only seven countries participating in the competition (Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxemburg and the Netherlands), but the success was instant and the televised song contest began its journey toward its present shape and form.

Eurovision is organized every year by the EBU (European Broadcasting Union). Its function is simple: participating countries – which are mostly from the European continent – submit an original song that will be performed live on television on the night of the contest.

Every country participating in the competition watches the performance and is capable of voting. Now the winner, quite evidently, is determined by the number of points gathered and these points are reflecting the votes received.

Eurovision betting

Now, Eurovision betting has become an annual thing as well. Year by year, the volume of bets on the European Song Contest is increasing as more and more bettors develop an interest in this event and more betting sites and online bookmakers treat the competition pretty much as a big sports match. This means that they get to offer many different betting markets and a considerable depth of bets, including prop bets.

There are three basic events on which punters can place their wagers. The two Semi-Final rounds and the Final round. Usually, all three are held within a period of a week. But the interesting thing is that all the buzz starts much earlier than these events take place.

Countries are committing to a full-fledged promotion, whereby they introduce their song to the other Eurovision participating nations. Each country’s campaign is a significant source of information regarding the appeal the song has to the population. This gives analysts an initial perception of how the songs are received by the audiences and of course some hint over how they are expected to perform in the actual competition.

That said, the ‘trends’ and the predictions over which country will qualify for the Final round and which songs are going to play it hard until the end is more or less demonstrated by the public’s opinion, likes and dislikes. And bookmakers as well as betting sites are accordingly adjusting their odds and overall bets to attract punters.

Eurovision betting is really fun and amusing and it is not that difficult. The win rates of favorites are pretty high, which means that it is not that unpredictable. But there are so many different bets to choose from that it is certain that you will find interesting things to wager on.