The front door of your home is one of the most important aspects, especially when we are talking about leaving a good first impression. That’s why many people from all over the globe don’t hesitate to invest as much money as possible to make it applicable to the rest of their home’s style. Besides wood, vinyl, and steel, fiberglass is another material whose popularity is fast growing every day.

If you take a look at a couple of recently done reports and surveys, you will see that there are a lot of figures that confirm this claim of ours. Fiberglass mimics the complete look of wood, including the appeal, feel, and operation. You could open and close it for ages thinking it is wood; only to find out it’s not. What makes it even a more desirable option for homeowners is that it lacks the main limitations of wood, despite looking like real wood!

The fiberglass door is very durable because it does not easily warp, rot or shrink like its counterpart, wood-made ones. Most homeowners also buy it because of the natural look without the high maintenance needed for wood. The door also increases your home’s curb appeal, increases your home’s security, and lowers monthly energy bills because it is energy efficient. As you can see, there are a lot of factors that make a good combination for this approach. See details here.

1. What To Know About The Fiberglass Doors Before Buying


Prehung or a Slab?

The two types are a prehung and a slab. Prehung comes with the door attached to the frame using hinges and hardware holes ready for hardware installation. They also have weather stripping, and you can choose between a factory-installed lock and latch. The best way to describe slab is that this is a traditional approach that is still quite effective, despite all the modern implementations. It comes separately with the frame, and you attach the hinges and the door yourself. The only factor you need to take into consideration when making this decision is your personal preference, and needs, if there are any.


Another factor to consider when buying fiberglass exterior doors is the cost. A smooth, surfaced entry costs about $150. This cost could go up to $1700 for prehung and factory-stained fiberglass with sidelights. A high-quality fiberglass one costs $1500 to $2500, and the installation cost ranges between $400 and $800 for pro installation services. Once again, you will need to take a look at a couple of different products and narrow down your list to solutions that make your decision as best as it is possible.


You want to see if you will get value for your money, and one way of measuring that is by checking the durability. A legit fiberglass door should last you 20-30 years, and it should have a warranty of not less than three years. Naturally, there are a lot of different elements that can either enhance their lifespan or can decline it significantly. In any case, we would recommend you conduct some sort of research before you are competent enough to make a proper decision.

Places To Buy

For you to find the best place where you can buy these, be sure to check for the manufacturers near you. You can also look for stores online or ask your friends and colleagues to refer you. If the manufacturer is near, walk into their shop to see the door and feel it. You should have the correct measurements and a style of your choice before going to the store. Not doing that can cause a wide array of different problems. The most obvious one is that you cannot use them. Therefore, you will need to invest additional funds to make them complement the frame you have on your home.

2. Fiberglass Pros



Fiberglass exterior entrances can withstand harsh climatic conditions like strong storms and humidity. Although the door resembles a wooden door, it is not prone to moisture.

Fiberglass does not shrink or swell when exposed to water. Therefore, the door won’t stick when rained on or warp. We’ve mentioned that they are quite durable on their own.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use some products that can make them way more durable. Thankfully, coming across these products is not as hard as many people believe.

Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass is commonly known for its energy efficiency. The door material has an insulating foam inside, and it has an insulation rating of R-6, which is three times more than that of wood. If you are getting a fiberglass door with glass, ensure double or triple panes for more energy efficiency. Just think about it, you can reduce the energy bills significantly.

Some would say that the average percentage is roughly 30%. Still, we think that it can be much higher if you play your cards right. You can consult an expert and receive a couple of vital pieces of advice.

Low Maintenance

Another reason people go for this material is that they will have a solution similar to the wooden appearance. Still, the maintenance will be significantly lower. They will certainly not fade, so you won’t need to repaint them. It is also not affected by temperature changes, so it won’t contract and expand. When stained, you can use a clean towel and warm water to wipe it. As you can see, this is a great solution if you live in areas where drastic climate changes are a common thing. When you think about it, this is much more than some other materials can provide you with.

3. The Cons


The Door Might Not Fit

Always ensure you get the correct measurements of the entry before buying. Most fiberglass doors don’t fit, and getting a big entrance will be a disadvantage because they cannot be trimmed. Even those that can be cut, you can only remove less than an inch from each side. Furthermore, you wouldn’t like to impose any changes to the original product for a wide array of reasons. Therefore, have everything prepared before you purchase.

Low Impact Resistance

Although fiberglass doors are sturdy and durable, they have low impact resistance than wood. When hit by a gold ball, the door can crack. Also, those with wood stiles and rails will experience skin peeling, and when this happens, the door starts to absorb water and rot. When that happens, you can preserve them by using a wide array of different products. Some of them will add a new layer of paint that will cover the damage for some time. So, you will have a chance to prepare yourself to repair them.

You Can Hardly Customize the Door

The other materials are easy to get a custom-made shape, but you can hardly get one from fiberglass. First, it is expensive to custom make this door, and you could pay up to $30000. Also, fiberglass is hard to manipulate. When you think about that, you will don’t need to think about customization since the final product in front of you will be both stylish and durable at the same time. So, you can see that customization will not be something you need to be aware of.