As college life is fast approaching, many prospective students are growing more concerned with how to organize their time and their new workload. Being able to stay a straight-A student in college takes more time and effort than it ever did in high school, so staying on top of your responsibilities is the key to a good start and a good end of your school year. Read on to learn about the six habits successful students have that can benefit you as well.

Accommodating to College Life

First things first, adjusting to college life takes a long time. At the same time, you are expected to learn to take care of yourself and handle an ever-increasing workload. Complaining about the workload and a heap of reading material assigned in the first week will take you nowhere, so make sure you understand the task at hand and start off early. Being able to adjust to college life quickly can easily save an entire semester.

How to Be Successful in College

Everybody wants to be successful in college. However, as the volume of the matter to be covered each semester is dramatically higher than in high school, and it increases every semester, many find it hard to be as thorough in learning all there is to be learned. This is why many students choose WritingUniverse to do a part of their school work. Nothing in college is worse than wasting precious time, but writing services can help you by cutting on the time you need to prepare your assignments and study notes.

Stay Organized


Staying organized in college is a matter of a need, not of choice. Invest in a good planner and ensure that you enter any important assignments and events so that you can prepare early for any upcoming tasks. Set apart one day a week for yourself and use any other spare time you have to finish up some assignments or reading in advance. This will save you a ton of time in the long run and make you much more organized.

Take Up a Sport

Taking up a sport is a great way to work on your health. Although taking up a jogging routine may seem like eating into your schedule, try to implement it into your daily habits in a healthy and practical way. If you like to jog in nature or in a park, you can download an audiobook for a course of yours and listen to it while on the track. This way, you kill two birds with one stone. The same can be done in a gym, but team sports are not so multitasking-friendly.

Develop Good Sleeping Habits

The importance of sleep cannot be overemphasized. In fact, good sleeping is one of the most useful habits of a college student. Being able to replenish your batteries and wake up refreshed one morning after another is the best way to go through college.

Develop Good Learning Skills

Good learning will not only result in less time being spent with the book itself, but it will also significantly increase your retention rate and improve your school grades. Some of the best advice on how to develop good learning skills in college is this:

  • Study in short but frequent intervals,
  • Make your own examples,
  • Elaborate,
  • Be critical and ask questions about the matter,
  • Use visuals and mental maps, and
  • Take different study approaches.

Set Up a Homework Routine


Although it may seem a far-fetched piece of advice, setting up a homework routine is necessary. At the beginning of every new semester, you should see where you have any holes in the schedule and use them right away to finish your homework. It may not seem like much, but if you spend just three 2-hour intervals per week doing homework early, you will have saved around 90 hours of time per semester. This is usually enough study time to pass one to two exams.

Start a Hobby

Starting a hobby is going to be super useful for you. With hobbies, you can choose what you want to do and enjoy doing it. Many choose to vent for their hobby, so they set up a blog where they can take any stance they like on any topic they enjoy conversing about. Some students even go on to set up social media accounts for monetization, all while enjoying the work they do. Choose your hobby wisely, and don’t go for any hobby that comes to your mind just to fill a hole in your weekend planner. Always focus on the long-term benefit.

Bonus Habit of Successful Students

Successful students are not necessarily the most gifted or those with the best coursebook that money can buy. Successful college students are calculated and calm, and they do not react too badly to any changes that come their way. Successful students also know which tasks to prioritize for the most benefit and which tasks to delegate.

They are also very good with people and can form their own study groups and organize students in such a way so that everybody benefits. It may not seem like much, but having to prepare study notes and presentation materials for only 1-2 chapters out of a 12-chapter book is much better than having to do it all by yourself. Seek people you want to work with and organize them so that all of you can benefit.


Final Considerations

Staying successful in college is more than simply finishing your assignments and learning all the materials there are to be learned. As college is a completely new experience for most of you, understanding the need to change the way you organize your day and your free time is of crucial importance for success. For this reason, you should follow our six habits of successful students and finish all your work on time, if not before the schedule.