If you’re a student and want to know how not to spend all your free time doing homework, your search ends. This post gathers the essential tips on how to do college assignments faster. Don’t hesitate to note them or bookmark this page access to the best homework hacks in one click.

Plan Out


The essential of doing your homework like a pro is creating a well-thought-out plan. It will help divide a task by milestones to complete it on time. For starters, determine how much homework you need to do. After this, count the number of days left to a deadline to determine how many tasks you need to do every day.

There are a lot of homework planning apps for smartphones that help students create milestones and track progress. One of these apps will help you create tasks in a calendar and mark them as completed. Consequently, you will have an agenda for every new day on your smartphone. However, you can also use a paper notebook to keep yourself updated about ongoing tasks.

Start Early


For sure, it’s much interesting to watch a few episodes of a favorite TV-show, hang out with friends, or play video-games instead of closing yourself in a library for the entire evening. However, it’s important to start doing your assignment as early as possible.

When you start doing your homework right after receiving it, you get plenty of valuable resources, time. As a result, if you experience an unexpected issue, there will be no need to ask for help at, a paper creation platform. You will have enough time to resolve it by yourself.

Create a Good Environment


Don’t forget to create a comfortable environment that will drive you to study. For sure, it’s more convenient to do research and write papers laying on a couch. However, you need to sit behind your desk in a comfortable chair to focus on studying only.

If you can hardly create a good environment in your dorm room, feel free to go to a library or other shared coworking spaces with good facilities.

Cooperate with Friends


Another helpful hint for students who want to do their homework faster is cooperation. Gather your friends and start doing homework together. The benefit of collaboration is that everyone in a group can speed up the process by using their strong sides.

For instance, if your friend is good at math, he will help you resolve equations fast. Accordingly, in case you have good writing skills, you can help your mate write a top-notch paper.

Gather Everything in One Place


If you don’t want to waste your time looking for a pen, pencil, notebook, or headphones, gather everything in one place. If you have a small desk, feel free to put all books on your bed or floor. Don’t forget to put all your notebooks into one folder to stay organized. Also, do not hesitate to use dividers to make notes of your findings in books. It will help you write a research paper faster.

Avoid Distractions


Distractions are the worst enemy of those students who always have no time to do an assignment. Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid digital and physical distractions that don’t allow students to pass their homework on time.

For starters, you need to put your smartphone in the silent mode. After this, grab noise-canceling headphones and play your favorite playlist to avoid any distracting noises. Also, feel free to install blocking software on your desktop. The most popular is Cold Turkey. This program blocks access to anything but educational sources and writing apps.

You can also close curtains, unplug all electronic devices except your computer, and hide anything that can attract your attention in a room.

Improve Productivity


The most obvious way to speed the process of doing homework is to improve your productivity. There are some great ways to help you consume information, resolve problems, and write papers faster.

Firstly, you need to air your room. A high concentration of CO2 or carbon dioxide negatively affects the brain. Therefore, if you want to boost your brain activity, increase the O2 or oxygen level in your room.

Secondly, try to make the temperature in your room cold. It shouldn’t be freezy but has to be quite uncomfortable to relax. Thirdly, turn on bright lighting that will strain you.

Lastly, use Scribbr, the most aggressive writing app, to create a college paper as fast as possible. This app will drive you to focus on typing only due to its primary perk. When you stop writing in this app, it erases the entire draft. So, if you don’t want to start from scratch, you will need to write your paper without even short breaks.

Use Gamification


The process of gamification is simple and effective. It aims to provide rewards for reaching particular points. For instance, if you’re a sweet tooth, reward yourself with candies for passing a milestone in your workflow. You can also reward yourself by gathering a party or going shopping if you get a high grade for a college paper.

Eat Wisely


Doubtless, every student needs to eat something to have enough energy for studying. However, don’t waste a few hours going to a grocery store and cooking meals. Instead of this, you should order some food online or grab some snacks to take a bite while reading something.

Note, not all products will provide the same amount of energy to study well and fast. The best products to boost brain activity are dark chocolate, nuts, and fish.

Final Tip

Here is the last but not less important tip to do assignments faster. Remember, you need to take short breaks to learn better and come up with new ideas faster. When you get a short break and start focusing on something else, it refreshes your mind.

When you notice that your productivity falls, feel free to take a 5-minute break and do some exercises, go to a shower, or watch a short funny video on YouTube.