Halloween is just around the corner. It’s a fun time of year when everyone is after a spooky look, dressing up in crazy costumes and putting on makeup. But what makes a massive difference is changing your eye colour through coloured contact lenses. Whether you’re planning to be a ghoul, witch or any other spooky character, changing your eye colour can help you change your overall look by making your eyes stand out. They definitely add a creative edge to your scary appearance.

How many types of Halloween contacts are there?


Although Halloween contacts come in a variety of colours, such as white, red, violet, multi colour and green to name a few, they’re not necessarily all good quality coloured contact lenses.

Coloured lenses are not just for show to make you the star of the room; you can get additional features like UV protection and prescription coloured contacts too!

Yes, that’s right, if you have a prescription, you can still get amazing coloured contacts for yourself and creep it real!

With eye corrections such as Myopia (short-sightedness) or long-sightedness, we recommend you consult your optician first and always purchase from a reputed seller.

Are contact lenses for Halloween Safe?


Halloween contact lenses are generally safe to wear, provided they are properly prescribed and you’re handling them with care. Make sure you get your coloured contacts from a reputable retailer such as Feel Good Contacts. They are the UK’s number 1 online contact lens retailer; with 4.9/5 stars on Trustpilot and more than 53k reviews, they’re very reliable. They offer you branded, quality coloured contact lenses.

Choose from basic brown, dazzling blue, ghoul-like violet, dramatic grey, groovy green, and natural hazel. If you’re not sure what colour would suit you, the brand offers you their Rainbow Pack/multi pack, all five colours in one pack for just £6.99! Their contact lenses are the cheapest on the market; to back this up, they offer a Price Match Guarantee too! If you find the same brand elsewhere for a cheaper price, they’ll happily refund you the difference.

You can place your order as late as 11:59pm and get your lenses delivered the very next day!

So, you know where to go if you haven’t got your spooky, dramatic contact lenses yet!

Cheap lenses can look tempting as it does save you money, but they might harm your eyes. Always purchase your contacts from a legitimate retailer; better to be safe than sorry.

Can you wear glasses over Halloween contact lenses while driving?


Wearing dramatic or special effect contacts while driving could be tricky. When you’re driving, everything happens at a faster pace and probably you won’t have full control over your actions, in case of an accident. You wouldn’t want to take that risk, right? Although, it is safe to drive in contact lenses, as not only do they reduce night-time glare, they also improve your peripheral vision.

However, many Halloween lenses are designed in such a way that they cover part of your pupil and obstruct your peripheral vision. Therefore, it is recommended not to wear coloured contacts whilst driving, especially during night-time because of the glares and reflections.

It is very common for people to pair contact lenses with glasses. For instance, whilst driving, if you’re wearing contacts for near-sightedness, say to see through rear mirrors, and you have paired them with glasses to correct far-sightedness, to watch out for any road signs. Overall, contact lenses and glasses make a good team and is very common for people to use them in combination.

However, because it is not advised to wear coloured lenses for driving, we do not recommend wearing glasses over your Halloween contacts too. If you have difficulty seeing with your Halloween contacts in, wearing glasses would be of no help!

How many times can you wear Halloween contacts?

Most FDA-approved coloured or special effect contact lenses are meant for one-time wear only, hence, they should be disposed of after one use. You must also be mindful to not sleep with your coloured contact lenses in; sleeping in your coloured contacts can make your eyes feel irritated and can also cause eye infections.

However, if, by chance, after your Halloween party, if you fall asleep in your coloured contact lenses, don’t remove them immediately because your eyes will be very dry. Blink, drink water, apply some eye drops (give your eyes some time to rehydrate) and take your Halloween contacts out.

We know that for many of us, looking the best is the main priority in the Halloween season, but it’s best to look out for factors such as brand and quality before buying your eyewear for the spook-tacular evening and yes drive back safely after your awesome Halloween party!

Tips for handling Halloween contact lenses


We know you must be so excited to dress up scary and get ready for a spooky night. However, you should be mindful of handling your Halloween lenses the correct way; you wouldn’t want to harm your eyes! Here are some handy eye-ssential tips for you:

Always put your contact lenses in before applying your Halloween makeup

Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly with a lint-free towel. Using a lint-free towel is important as you don’t want the lint transferred to your lenses while handling them

Avoid rubbing your eyes when you’re wearing contacts; this might displace your contact lenses or even damage them

If you’re wearing dailies, dispose of them at the end of your day, as they are meant for one-time-use only

If you’ve decided to celebrate the Halloween month and want to change your eye colour every day, opt for monthly coloured contacts. Remember to clean and store your lenses daily; unlike dailies, monthlies require a daily cleaning routine

Do not over wear your contact lenses; stick to the recommended wear time. Generally, it is advised not to wear your contacts for more than 8 hours, unless they are extended wear contacts, check the packaging if you’re unsure

If your eyes feel irritated or sore, take your contacts out; however, sometimes your eyes might take a couple of seconds for the contacts to settle in. In a nutshell, don’t ignore the discomfort for the sake of one party

Switch to clear lenses or just glasses, or even a combination of both, if you have to drive

Remove your contacts before taking off your makeup (wash your hands before touching your lenses)

Enjoy the season of thrills and chills, but with safety; eat, drink and be scary! Here’s witching (wishing) you a happy Halloween!