The BTO house built and provided by the housing council in Singapore is a perfect solution to the housing shortage. An apartment with 4 rooms is a house that is owned by many people. How to have a 4 room BTO design with comfort and convenience? If you are looking to design your own home, the ideas and tips below can be new and great inspirations for you.

7 notes on designing a 4-room BTO apartment


All 4-room BTO (Build To Order) apartments have a similar room structure. It consists of one large living room, two bedrooms with two bathrooms, and a kitchen. If you know how to make the right choices and make the most of them, you will enhance your living space.

Select modern interior materials

Glass, chrome, natural wood, concrete, etc. are popular materials used in modern apartments. In addition, the furniture produced from modern technology is also more selective. They bring elegance, and aesthetics to your home.

“Invest” in color harmony

The color of every detail in the house needs to work well together. The paint color of the walls, the color of the curtains, and the color of the interior, all follow the same theme. You will create a luxurious and high-end look without spending too much. Moreover, with the limited area, the uniformity of style and color will help expand the space. The colors recommended by many experts are bright and neutral. The colors you can choose are light cream, turquoise or white, beige, or maybe light wood. They create a sense of spaciousness and elegance for the viewer.

Optimize all functions of furniture

The apartment in the apartment is limited in terms of area and space. The purchase and arrangement of beautiful apartment furniture is something to pay special attention to. Use furniture with a simple design, the size that fits the space. If the size of the furniture is too large or the design is too cumbersome, placing it in a tight space will create a feeling of stuffiness and mystery.

You can also use modern smart furniture such as wall-mounted dining tables and smart beds integrated with the sofa to save space.

Create impressive accents with a unique wall

Similar spaces will become monotonous and boring when there is a repetition of colors and interior design styles. Therefore, a note when designing 4-room BTO interiors is to create accents, giving your space a unique impression. With just a colorful wall, a few pillows or lovely flower pots will help your home space have its own difference.

Create your own favorite zones

You can create reading areas, snack corners and gaming caves according to your wishes. Otherwise, simply a soft and cozy recliner for you to relax at any time. If you are a pretty girl, you can design a makeup area with a glossy mirror and a dresser. Anything that matches the general interior of your home is acceptable.

Decide on the right interior design style


One of the things that homeowners need to determine when designing their apartment is the style of interior design towards. Therefore, new homeowners can choose and arrange furniture that is in harmony with noni and shows the design style that the owners desire. The following is a basic design style and is chosen by many people to design their limited area apartment.

We strongly recommend you two interior design styles, modern and minimalist.

The modern 4-room BTO interior design has similarities in the simple layout, the free and asymmetrical layout of the premises. Modern interior design style uses new materials such as concrete, glass, steel, instead of old, classic materials.

Apartments in high-rise buildings are a popular type of residence, especially in Singapore. Due to the limited space, apartments often limit furniture, arrange only necessary items for living. Therefore, interior design of 4 BTO rooms in minimalist style is the right choice for you. In this style, you also do not need to use too many items that occupy the area of the apartment. The minimalist interior design brings openness and frees up space.

Open space

The design of a living room with a kitchen is a fairly common layout in today’s high-rise apartments. The feature of this style is that the living room and kitchen are connected. They are not separated by large walls. Therefore, the overall space will be more airy and spacious. Small glass partitions or bars are also used flexibly to create the necessary separation.

Thanks to this diverse applicability and coordination, the design of the living room with the kitchen is also applied in many houses with a narrow area. This open space creates coziness because every member of the family can talk and bond with each other.

How to save money when renovating your flat?


If you want to take control and save money on your apartment renovation, there are a few things you should know:

Communicate clearly with the architect right from the start: you should agree with the furniture company about the cost to spend. for repair from scratch. Clearly define the goal of the repair to choose the right materials and equipment.

Select important items: To save time and costs, we need to clearly define and agree on design ideas before starting to implement. You’d better avoid changes many times leading to loss of synchronization for space and additional costs.

Seek advice from an architect or an experienced person to choose safe and budget-friendly materials. Besides, you also need to pay attention to preserving and protecting their living space to be able to use the house for the longest time.

In short, you need to make a detailed interior design plan for a 4-room BTO design. It is important to prioritize multi-functional furniture instead of spending a lot of money on unnecessary items. Take advantage of your existing furniture and arrange them as much as possible to create your perfect living space!