Writing is easy, don’t you agree? In essence, it needs to be. After all, we’re taught how to read in write from an early age. But as time goes on if this is not your profession, you won’t be finding yourself writing all that much. Nonetheless, during schooling, time in college, or even at work, you’ll be required to write various types of essays and papers. Depending on your reasoning you’ll have a deadline involved. This requires being able to conjure up a quality product in a short amount of time. Now, we’re not talking about something that easy, aren’t we?

No, we are not talking about easy writing. Nothing is easy in life unless you’re super talented in a certain field like Novak Djokovic is in tennis. But, not to go too far away from our subject, writing could be made better. You need time, practice, willpower, and above all else someone to give you a direction. As you can guess by now we’re here to be your pathway to better writing. A person sitting behind a laptop and typing words on his keyboard is a writer too. So, yes, you got it right, help is here.

This article won’t be Thor coming down on Thanos and his armies in one of the latest Avengers movies saving the day. No, we’re going to be a bit more modest. What we’re going to share with you are the 4 useful tips on how to write a high-quality paper faster. So, more quality and speed is what we’re going to offer you. Something similar to what the Miami Dolphins received when they traded for Tyreek Hill earlier today. Also, don’t think that we’re the smartest people out there. No, we’re good at what we do, and our advice is going to be sincere, but you could find similar or even better help at, as they also excel in good writing. If you want to stay here and listen to what we have to say on the subject, still, please keep reading, as our tips are just below.

Focus on Preparation


For good writing, you need to be prepared. What this means is that you mustn’t be distracted by anything. Make sure that you have complete focus. If there are things that can distract you with ease, you need to distance yourself from them. So, turn your phone off, stove off Instagram and TikTok, and don’t even think about Netflix. Also, leave your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or any romantic interest on pause for the time being. Focus is the king when it comes to writing. You need to be that much focused that George R.R. Martin can learn from you and finish the Winds of Winter. So, don’t watch TV, stay away from social media platforms, don’t answer texts and calls. Be one with yourself, the force (yes Obi-Van), and your theme.

Identify the Theme And Choose Sources Accordingly

If you’re not sure of the theme you can’t get started. If you don’t start on time no speed is going to help you. We’re here to help you write faster not to perform miracles. You have Music City for that, and even that happened more than two decades ago. So, the best way to know what the theme is about is to talk to your peers or address the higher-ups them being as your manager, teacher, or professor. Once you have a theme on the spot, the time is right to move on to the sources. They will define your speed of writing. It’s not easy to pinpoint the right source. For example, we’re using three different ones to write this piece. We did a good job in preparing, and now you have our body of work. Before you start anything it’s better to have a few sources lined up. Read from them, and get the idea of which one can be used for which part of your article.

It’s good to start from Wikipedia, but it’s not wise to use it as a source. Internet is a vast place and you can track down almost any subject. If you have the opportunity you should use real books as sources if a library is available. Yes, it’s easier to find everything you need on the web, but sometimes a slid paper will give more intel and a different quality to the piece you’re working on.

Structure is Everything


The theme of the paper needs to be original, but the writing should be universal. Writing a paper is not imagined to be easy. But, there’s a structure put in place by generations before us and by the people who know better. The best way to impress the person that has given you the task is to do things the traditional way. So, you’re not Franz Kafka and no one is expecting another The Trial. We’re talking about a simple writing structure that is already defined and is put in place to make things easier for people who write assignments. If you’re beyond that, then you can stop reading this article right now. If you’re not sure about the structure you want to apply. It’s also vital to talk it out with your professor or seek online help as we already suggested above. Trust us, you’ll meet more issues down the road if you ignore the structure instead of being able to write faster.

Make a Draft, Revise, and Finish

Once you have focus, sources, and structure in place you need to draft your work. You need to make a selection of the things that will go into the introduction part, which will make the body of your paper, and which parts are going to cover the conclusion. In the beginning, make an easy draft that will be far from the final version. Slowly fill in the gaps and in no time you’ll be having everything in place for a fully written paper. When you start the writing process respect the draft and the structure and you’ll be slowly coming near the competition. Once your work is done make sure that you revise everything from top to bottom. If everything seems in order you’re free to call the day off and think about your paper as a finished product that is ready to be submitted.