Today Modern Education?

Technology today has become one with mankind and has its roots deeply merged in day to day existence. Ever since technology has started growing everything changed for the better and the best. It made everything limitless and boundless and so is learning too. With information at our fingertips, the sky is the limit for learning.

Technology can greatly to use to improve learning as well as teaching to help students emerge successfully. Education doesn’t stop after graduation or there is no finish day for learning. Students can have access to teachers, their assignments, research papers, articles, other resources via the internet and a student who might need more clarity on any particular concept might spend more time listening to lectures or practicing online exercises which can be worked out at their leisure and own pace not having to compromise on anything.

This is also a fantastic way for people who are continuing studies while working.

Projects involving technology and technical skills motivate students to go an extra mile by inspiring them and igniting their cognitive skills. This kind of project also makes students learn the technical skills involved in the project to succeed in their workforce. Through technology, virtual field trips are possible which creates an interest in the student pertaining to that particular topic and makes them inquisitive about the topic enabling them to dig deep side finding out the nitty-gritty of the subject. This makes them master the subject with less effort unlike the traditional methods which emphasize only cramming and memorizing without learning the concept.

The Positive Effect of Technology in Education

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The advancement in technology has also paved the way into the world of the digital era
which brought learning to every home in the form of kindles, audiobooks or online applications that offer courses for a minimum fee. Digital libraries and online apps are a great way to learn because you can enroll and finish your courses at your own pace and all the material will be made available to you online. Upon successful completion of the course, you are also awarded a certificate of completion.

All this is possible only because of the technological advancements made in the teaching-learning methods. These advancements benefited most of the students as they put them in the comfort zone not having to compromise on anything but still empowering them to earn a certificate or make them well equipped with knowledge at their own pace.

This is not only going to benefit the students but also parents whose contribution is another factor that impacts the success of a student. It’s understood that technology has the power to expand the accomplishments of a student and this is well acknowledged and appreciated by parents and guardians too.

With the bustling schedules of parents these days, they may fail to assist their children with any schoolwork or attend any parent-teacher meetings. But with tools and apps that are available today, parents have unlimited access to their children’s profiles through which they can access their attendance or grades or assignments.

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This also helps the teachers and instructors to utilize technology to make use of available resources online and also get suggestions and feedback from people across the globe working on the same platform. Knowledge sharing can happen using the internet as a medium or a platform that benefits both the people. Teachers can make digital simulations that can help them more tangibly and they will be in a position to clearly explain concepts that are otherwise difficult to understand and these digital models enable slow learners to understand better.

For especially abled or a senior citizen who has an intense desire to study and grab
a degree these improvements in technology are no less than a boon. As they can pursue their dreams at their own pace with just a finger tap and this seems to be a stunning arrangement.

Technology also seems to have bridged the gap between the teachers and students
which otherwise can be considered a hindrance to education and also learning. Technology can make a classroom mimic a network where all the discussions between the students and teachers are posted, information about assignments are notified and all the data can be stored for future reference.

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Technology allows the students to become more efficient and successful by making research easier with multiple sources and students just have to consolidate the gathered information and process it as and when required in their thesis and projects. The reports submitted can be made available online and compared when required across the world which allows quick progress in research.

In monetary terms, e-books and other online learning material also saves money to students and also spares them the burden of carrying around many books. All the course material is made available online these days which the students carry with them in a tablet wherever they go. So digital content is convenient on any given day. This makes learning more affordable to students too.

Self-guided learning is another perk of technology that everyone appreciates and thus is another advantage of the boom in technology. Not all students in the class will be on the same page and few students fail to understand some concepts quickly. Technology is a boon to such students where they can learn things at their own pace and also they can be on par with their fellow students or peers by using the exercises mentioned for practice. Teachers are equipped with technology to prepare assessments and practice exercises which in turn helps us a better measure to evaluate their students. The digital assessments allow the teachers to keep track of their student’s records and performances accurately. Thus giving them a better picture of their student.

Final summary

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According to this article, using technology has made great effects on education, learning and teaching methods as this get to engage students in a variety of learning tasks which improve their ability to retain concepts more effectively. In geography or a history class, virtual field trips make the learner more engaged and this type of learning will forever remain etched in his mind. Any student will prefer learning in a playful manner and an interactive approach always helps.

The digital world is giving unlimited access to a plethora of information like never before.
Regardless of budget and location, everything is available at the tap of your finger at the comfort of your home. So technology is no less than a superpower today.