By just reading the title of this article, many may wonder why would anyone need this or why does it matter how many clicks per second a person can make? Well, gamers are well aware of how CPS is crucial for their game performance, but that is just one aspect of it, and a gamer, especially a professional player, must have in order to compete with the best and become the best. Talent is something we are either born with or not, but skills come with practice, and practice really makes it perfect. Just ask yourselves how many times have you heard that someone was such a talented basketball player, but bad choices, diet, and not enough passion for the practice and improving were the stepping stone, as they never made the most out of their talent, and, in the end, they had a much worse career than expected. All this is actually quite common in everyday work, and we just know much more about some athletes who didn’t make it because of media buzz.

Nevertheless, as technology advances, new jobs, new careers, and new sports come to life, and one of the most promising and latest sports is certainly E-sports. Some may find it difficult to understand how challenging it is to become the best, or even to compete with the best in some game, or against some team, and many consider E-sports as not a true sport, the one we are familiar with and understand. Of course, for thousands of years, sports were all about celebrating athletes, and the word athletes alone mean a sportsman or woman who cares about their body and has some physical skill that separates them from all the rest. And that is what many have trouble understanding, as skills are much more than just physical attributes. Just like the world champion in heavy-lifting is an athlete, so is the best CS player, for example, and what they all have in common is that special something that makes them stand out. No matter what some may think of it, we understand that there will always be those who appreciate E-sports and those who don’t consider it a real sport, but nevertheless, we are here to give you some advice on how to improve your CPS in three easy steps, so lets’ start.

Buying a gaming mouse can help


When we talk about click per second rate, many people think that it is all about speed and practicing, but it is not always like that. Sometimes we cannot see any improvement, no matter how hard we try and how much we practice. In that situation, it is time to consider buying a new gaming mouse because these mouses are specially designed for demanding games, and their response time is much shorter than in situations when we use a regular mouse. That is especially important if you use a laptop for games since its cursor does not allow you to have the best finger position for the highest number of clicks. There are many gaming mouses on the market, and it can be difficult to find the one that suits us the best, but once we find it, our CPS rate will be much higher.

Practice regular clicking


Regular clicking is what we are all used to when we use the computer. It is not something reserved only for games, since we are all familiar with regular clicking in everyday use of the computer, and we are trying to be even faster when we need to deal with annoying ads. It may look impossible, but if we practice, it is possible to increase the CPR rate up to six clicks in one second. There are many one-second tests where we have only one second to click as much as we can, and it can be an interesting way to check our abilities and improve them. Many people think that it is impossible to do more than two clicks per second, but if you are persistent and willing to do some exercise, you will be surprised by the final result.

Consider other techniques


In most situations, regular clicking is not enough to win the game, so it is necessary to learn some of the other techniques. There are many of them, but probably the most famous are jitter, butterfly, and drag clicking, and learning them will make things much easier for you. The jitter technique requires learning how to relax the muscles of the hand and wrist and shake them to produce the vibration, which will increase the number of clicks up to 14 of them per second. The butterfly technique is a little complicated, and it is necessary to put two fingers on the left mouse button and click invariably. This technique can increase the CPS up to 25, which is enough for most games. The fastest and the invincible technique among all of them is drag clicking, which can increase the CPS to an incredible 100 clicks per second. This technique is most demanding, and once you learn it, it will be almost impossible to lose the game. It is crucial to put the finger on the mouse and slide it from the top to the edge of its button. That will stimulate clicks and increase the CPS rate to its maximum. Different games require different techniques but practicing all of them can be useful for every gamer who wants to win.

The bottom line

These are just the three most important steps you should pay close attention to, and by choosing the right technique, the one that suits you the most, buying a mouse made for gaming, and, of course, with practice, it will all come together. Don’t believe us? Well, just try these tips and see for yourself, but before you start, check here and take a click speed test so that you get a much better insight on your current skills, and you can always check the results and your CPS progress later or after you checked every box mentioned above.