Path of Exile is derived from wisdom, with a fast, passionate style and randomly generated scenes, which can be integrated with the game system and represent almost countless heroes for free. When we write books for free, we mean it. The microtransactions entered are not at all in the category of win money because the items purchased are not even essential to continue the game and shine in the game. The title without shyness provides everything needed to make the device full of joy and full of diversity and self-sufficiency so that the proposed paid content comes almost entirely from the audio/video aesthetics realm. Purchasable items are redundant: Grinding Gear seems to intentionally provide users with a way to repay the development company’s expenses, thanks to the disguised post-sale financing activities, which is perfect for people who have never let go of funds past. Path of Exile is a solid product, a tangible confirmation of the promises and promises the team has made in the past and should be fulfilled. Let’s see what elements can make developers proud of their creation.

GGG chose to make the artifact named Orbi a practical currency for the game. In various spheres, you can improve the available equipment or buy new equipment from merchants at the intersection of non-player characters. The system is effective because it focuses on the loot of loot and items obtained from the sale of more or less critical equipment. Hence, it makes it wise to return to the battlefield for raids, allowing inventory, the maximum amount of enemy property. Of course, you can get cheap POE Currency at to save your time and enjoy Path of Exile better. Here, shares whether to play POE on a laptop or a PC?

Minimum system requirements for Path of Exile


CPU: x86 compatible 2.6 GHz or higher

Memory: 4 GB

Hard Disk: 32 GB free space

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti or ATI Radeon HD 7850 or higher

Operating system: Windows 7 or 8

DirectX: Version 11

Screen resolution: 720p

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Path of Exile recommended system requirements


CPU: x64 compatible, quad-core, 3.2 GHz or higher


Hard Disk: 32 GB free space

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or ATI Radeon RX560 or higher

Operating system: Windows 10

DirectX: Version 11

Screen resolution: 1080p

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Best hardware recommendations


One of the most important things to look for is a stable frame rate for action role-playing games. When the action is the heaviest, the last thing you need to do is to lower your performance or start to stammer.

Using the minimum requirements listed above, you should achieve 30 FPS at 720p resolution. Still, we always recommend that you meet the recommended requirements or higher as much as possible for safety reasons.

The recommended requirements should provide you with a stable 60 FPS, 1080p high resolution under high or ultra-high settings. This ensures a smooth playing experience without the danger of stuttering.

Which gaming PC do we recommend?


The above system requirements put it in the mid-range PC manufacturing range. You won’t need an expensive PC to run it, but if you choose to keep a PC that has been in use for a few years, you may encounter performance issues.

If you want to upgrade your PC to play this game and other similar games, we recommend that you choose a mid-range PC with a price of around US$700. Our $700 PC version uses the following CPU, RAM, and GPU models, enough to run Path of Exile.

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-Core

Memory: 16 GB

GPU: XFX Radeon RX 590 game 8G OC + Fatboy

We cannot say that this is a good choice, nor is it a wrong choice because each has advantages and disadvantages, so we must determine it very effectively. There are many positive aspects of using a laptop to play Path of Exile or when we are willing to use a PC to play Path of Exile. Like we have some flaws in using any of them, but for some people, this is not a flaw. They can see it as a positive aspect. However, it is easy to say that we can easily choose any of them, and none of them have such flaws, so it depends to some extent on you.

To understand the difference between playing Path of Exile on a laptop or PC, some points need to be discussed. These views may be favorable for some people but harmful for someone, so we must examine them very clearly so that you can choose to buy or not to buy. The main points are discussed below, and these points must be considered before purchasing anyone as this requires a considerable cost, so use it wisely. Both systems have different prices. It can be said with certainty that the price depends on the specifications, and current specifications require more costs. It is challenging to define which system is cost-effective and not, but we can get an idea of the price. When it comes to the overall concept, we found that in PC playing Path of Exile, we have obtained some current specifications at a lower cost, but on the laptop Play POE, the price of the exact specifications is very high. Many other things can make the system expensive or cheap, so we can’t just consider the specifications. But in some cases, the PC Play POE cost is very high, but we can have the best gaming laptops at a price of less than $1,600, which is impressive for POE.

Portability comes first


When it comes to Play POE, we all know that we can’t play for several hours while sitting in one position. Path of Exile can be challenging to sit in a chair for a few hours, which prevents you from enjoying the passion, so portability is always the first. Therefore, it is evident that we must choose gaming laptops if we need portability or portability as our priority. Just like we can put the computer wherever we want, but not for Use PC Play Path of Exile. To play a game on Use PC Play Path of Exile, we need a complete setup to play. We need a table and a chair to install our Use PC Play Path of Exile, which may take up space. We can say that Use PC Play Path of Exile is not a good choice.

Therefore, it was evident that we have to buy Path of Exile laptops for portability considerations instead of using Use PC Play Path of Exile, but it still depends on you; you can buy it as you wish.

Upgradability of the two systems


If we want to play high-end or modern games, we need a system that can run these games.

For playing high-end games, you need to upgrade your system frequently. Upgrading requires a particular cost.

But the point here is to determine which system consumes less cost. Gaming laptop or Use PC Play Path of Exile. As far as gaming laptops are concerned, it consumes more.

But for Use PC Play Path of Exile, if we want to upgrade, we still have reusable shells and other specifications.

Therefore, upgrading Use the PC Play Path of Exile is very suitable and consumes less cost, which is attractive for Use PC Play Path of Exile.

This does not mean that upgrading a Path of Exile laptop is complex and consumes so much cost. It is also easy to upgrade a laptop, but it is relatively expensive, so it depends on you.

Gaming laptop and PC performance


In terms of performance, we all think that owning a PC is a good choice because of the large size and specifications of the PC.

It can be said that some specifications can generally work on a more significant case, but the performance of a compact notebook or a giant notebook is also flawed.

A suitable example is a cooling system. We can have more cooling fans in a large case, and these fans can make your system cooler when playing heavy games.

However, for notebook computers, this is not the case. We have almost no way to cool the notebook computers. Therefore, it is inevitable that the performance of Use PC Play Path of Exile is better.

But we can’t underestimate laptops because they have some things that Use PC Play Path of Exile can’t do. This is the real advantage of notebooks.

Wrap up

Therefore, we have two systems that can easily play our Path of Exile without lag, but they both have some shortcomings and positive points. We must choose a design that suits us and ignore another system. To find a suitable product, we need to be very clear about the specifications and points identified above. However, in general, we found that using the PC Play Path of Exile can be affordable in some way, is a good choice, or can easily upgrade them for a small cost. But again, it depends on your usage, and you must be very clear about what you want in the system and then choose the suitable method. We discussed some points that can help you. These points are for you, and please take a look.