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CBD has become a highly demanded supplement over the past few years. This is thanks to a growing awareness of the potential of CBD to improve our health and wellness. Since it offers many of the same health benefits as cannabis, but is completely legal and safe to use without making you high, it has exploded in popularity.

CBD can also be included into many kinds of products you already use in your daily life, including your favourite foods and drinks. It’s quite easy to mix CBD into various tasty treats. You typically just need to use a high quality CBD distillate, some kind of fat or oil, and then mix them together and let it sit for a while until it is fully infused. Click here to know more about CBD distillate. If you want to know more, here are four examples of common foods and drinks and how to infuse CBD into them.

1) CBD Salad Dressing

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Salads are a great way to eat healthier, and are a staple for many people. You get lots of vitamins and minerals depending on the vegetables, fruit, dressing, and other ingredients you use in your salad. Infusing CBD into salad dressing is actually very easy; the infusion process requires some kind of fat or oil, and since dressings are almost always oils to begin with, just take the right amount of CBD for the amount of dressing you have and mix them together. Let it sit for up to 12 hours, and it will be ready to go.

The best way to have a healthier salad dressing with CBD is to avoid high calorie options. Anything that tends to be more creamy is likely to be unhealthy, which is why you can stick to light oil-based dressing. Vinegar, honey, mustard, and greek yogurt are a few examples of healthier kinds of dressing.

2) CBD Tea

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CBD and tea may be even easier to use together. You can always find bags of premixed CBD tea, but your choices may be more limited until it truly becomes mainstream. If you have a favourite kind of loose leaf tea, you can easily work in the CBD. All you need is the hemp flower, which is the plant that contains CBD naturally. You can grind it into smaller pieces or cut it up to be the same size as your loose leaf tea. Mix in a small bit with your other tea in a bag, and steep it in boiled water as normal.

You can also make CBD iced tea, if you prefer something cold during the summer. To make steeped iced tea, you take your teabags with hemp leaves and add it to a pitcher of water. You can calculate how much you need based on your normal serving of regular tea, just scale it up for the larger amount of water. Put the pitcher with the teabags into the fridge, leave it there for eight to 12 hours, and then remove the teabags, and serve over ice.

3) CBD Coffee

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The best way to mix CBD into coffee is to make your coffee using the cold brew method. This involves grinding your coffee beans coarse, then adding them to a pitcher or cup of water. Let it sit in the water for up to 12 hours so it fully steeps and mixes, and it’s ready to go. To add CBD, mix it in with the ground up beans and water at the very start. The advantage of cold brew coffee is also that it tends to not be as bitter as when you boil the beans.

If you want to infuse CBD into regular hot coffee, you can also do that. It’s easier to do with an infuser mug or french press. Use around 1 mL of CBD oil drops into the french press or infuser, and mix it with the ground up coffee beans. Then, add the boiling water and make the rest of the coffee like you would normally. The CBD may not be as potent with hot coffee due to the heat causing the compounds to break down slightly, but you can compensate by adding a bit more.

4) CBD Baked Goods

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CBD baked goods can be easy, but there are some notes of caution. As mentioned above, the way to infuse CBD into food is using some kind of fat or oil. Thankfully, those are both very common ingredients in virtually all baking. Melt some butter, mix in your CBD, and let it sit until it has cooled and re-hardened. Then you can use it in your baking recipe as normal.

The cautionary note is to avoid letting the CBD-infused butter be exposed to direct heat. The heat will break down the CBD and it will lose some of its potency. You can get around that in two ways: use more CBD to take that into account, or just make sure the CBD butter is used on the internal elements of what you are baking. Don’t try to use it just on the surface, where it faces the highest heat of the oven at all times.

You can follow the same principles mentioned here to infuse CBD into your other favourite foods and drinks. Some things may be trickier to manage if there is no obvious source of butter or fat, but as you can see with the drinks mentioned above, you don’t always need it. You can get by when you let the CBD mix in with a liquid for long enough, as long as you don’t use a lot of heat.

You can use these methods to infuse CBD into your favourite drinks like lemonade and even alcoholic cocktails. It goes particularly well with gin, as an example. You can also use this method to infuse CBD into cooking oil when you are preparing things like pasta or stir fry. Anything that uses oil in the recipe can be infused with CBD, so you get all of the benefits it has to offer along with your favourite dishes.