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So you think facials are only for unwinding and pampering yourself, and maybe perking up a jaded complexion? You need to wake up! It is the small, finer details that make all the difference. For instance, which gua sha tools do you use? These small points rarely get discussed when you get to a spa. But this is not to say that your trusted beautician would keep this information away from you on purpose. What we mean is that certain things won’t be said to you about facials unless you ask.

Fortunately, we are here to unpack all of that information for you. We cover the most pertinent question and even recommend a top hydra balm- lilou – to use. Read on to learn on

Don’t Drink Coffee When Going for a Facial

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Coffee jitters and complete relaxation just never go together. Therefore, you should stay away from caffeine when anticipating a facial if you want your session to be more enjoyable.

As well as using the best gua sha tools, you also need to cut back on your coffee completely and instead drink herbal tea on the run-up to your treatment. The idea is to make you more relaxed and give the beautician enough time to work on your skin.

Similarly, you need to adjust your post-facial drinks. This includes drinking twice the amount of water you typically drink. It helps to flush out toxins and also leaves you with clear and radiant skin. Most importantly, always choose naturally-formulated and highly potent products. To this end, we think this balm just about edges the others out.

You Get Better Results if You leave Out Makeup

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It seems a no-brainer, but you need to note that showing up at the spa without makeup helps to maximize your time there. Having little or no makeup at all frees up more time and allows your beautician to get more time fixing your skincare flaws and concerns. A good treatment is worthy of every coin spent, and it allows your facialists to get into the actual therapeutic areas of your service. It does not make sense to squander those precious minutes doing something you could easily wipe away at home.

A Customized Treatment is Best

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When you get a highly customized and deep pore-cleaning, you can be sure that all your primary and secondary skincare concerns will be eliminated. That means you should arrange for at least one extensive pore-cleansing treatment before you go for any special treatment. These treatments also help in providing a true reading of your needs, something that helps the beautician to recommend more specific treatments.

The facial massage is yet another part of facials that can be customized even more easily. The massage part of your session is vital for flushing out toxins and wastes from the lymph system if the right gua sha tools are used. Do you feel more puffiness than usual? Drank too much? Have not slept well lately? You just need to inform your aesthetician, and they’ll allow you a couple more massage minutes to stimulate the lymph system.

Avoid Excessive Exfoliation

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Double exfoliation using highly textured products or gentle chemical exfoliators usually does a treat to most skin types. You should not let your aesthetician use more than two exfoliators in one session. Also, they should avoid stacking chemical-laden physical exfoliation.

Treating the skin to any further exfoliating steps, for instance, microdermabrasion is deemed too aggressive and might lead to hyperpigmentation and irritation. Your aesthetician should normally let you in on what they are doing, but if not, you should feel free to ask. More importantly, you have a right to know which skincare products they use.

Your Skin Will Look Worse (Initially)

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Even when done by an expert, extractions can still irritate the skin. The process can be eased by steaming beforehand, although you also need to ensure you use antibacterial products on the areas your beautician treated for a couple of days. This helps to protect against further flare-ups.

A common mistake that people make is to schedule a facial in the next few days before a big event. The best thing is to plan to have one roughly one week before it. That is because an intensive facial can leave you a bit blotchy or red for 1-2 days before you start seeing the glow. In case your irritation refuses to go, you should book an appointment with your dermatologist. The purpose of a facial is never to leave clients with negative results.

That said, be careful about the facial product used on you. I always recommend Anfisa’s Lilou Hydra Balm because of its complete natural formulations. Coupled with their gua sha tools, this product can really do wonders.

Stick to the Proper Order

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In most cases, you will require to make time for your facial. Therefore, it pains to negate the gains of a perfect spa day with bad scheduling. Make sure you follow the right order, which requires getting your massage first. There is no way the glow of your skin will be improved by snuggling your face on the massage table right after cleansing. Make sure you do your after-massage steam and pre-facial. Steaming after a massage is important because it helps the muscles involved in drainage. Also, steaming helps to open up your pores, which prepares them for more intensive cleansing. But when you steam after a facial, you risk preventing the products from being absorbed into the skin better.


Facial massage has many benefits to your body. It firms up and lifts the skin, and is also a massive stress reliever, so it leaves you feeling peaceful and relaxed. But do you know all the finer details of a good facial massage? Sadly, most people don’t know. They think it’s enough just to barge into the massage parlor and get ensconced into their posh seats and wait for the treatment.

Truth is, there is a lot that you need to know about a facial massage. For instance, you should avoid strong drinks like coffee at least 24 hours before the massage. Also, there is an order that needs to be followed. On top of these, you should always ensure you use appropriate skincare products like this one, coupled with the right gua sha tools.