Cannabidiol (CBD) is taking the world by storm as a health supplement. CBD health benefits are well documented by this point, being able to help with issues like pain, anxiety, sleep, nausea, and more. As it grows in popularity, more products have begun incorporating CBD. Edibles are one of the most popular types of products, including CBD gummies, chocolate, baked goods, and other kinds of food.

A natural new type of CBD products is drinkables. According to Hemmfy, there are numerous kinds of beverages that include CBD that you can drink on various occasions. Here are some of the more popular kinds of new CBD drinks you maybe haven’t heard of, but you should definitely try in 2024.

1. CBD Tea


CBD tea is a great way to get all calming, relaxing benefits of both tea and CBD. There are so many varieties of tea that each can have a different effect, depending if you value taste, caffeine content, or medical benefits. You can get CBD included in any type of tea you can imagine, but it’s most often included in herbal teas to supplement their effect.

The drawback of mixing CBD with tea is that heat can diminish the potency of the CBD. You can either use a stronger dose of CBD, or accept the lesser potency with the overall benefit that the tea itself can provide. On the other hand, you can also mix it with cold iced tea, which gets around the tricky component of heat.

2. CBD Coffee


Coffee is a more common drink for people to have in the morning or through a work day so they can get more energy and focus. The downside of coffee is that when it’s too strong or you have too much, you can start feeling more jittery and nervous. Since CBD has a calming effect, you can mix the two to get the best of both worlds.

One note of caution is that, as mentioned above with tea, heat does tend to weaken CBD. You will either need to have more potent CBD in your coffee, or use iced or cold brewed coffee. This won’t be so bad if you already like and have that kind of coffee, but it might not be for everyone.

3. CBD Soda


Soda is already a popular beverage, and it might only get bigger now that CBD soft drinks are on the market. You can get CBD cola if you want that classic favour and caffeination, which also has the added benefit of not needing as much CBD, since it will be served cold. You can also get other flavors of soda, including ginger ale, root beer, and others. It goes particularly well with craft root beer or ginger ale, since the bolder flavors match the natural taste of CBD.

4. CBD Energy Drinks


Energy drinks have become much more popular in recent years, especially among younger demographics who use them for studying, playing video games, and more. It is now a third option as a drink to get more energy through the day along with coffee and tea, both of which are not enjoyed by everyone. Coffee can be too bitter for some people, and tea can lack stronger or sweet tastes. Like with soda, energy drinks are also cool or at least room temperature, which means there is no effect on the CBD in the drink.

5. CBD Alcohol


CBD mixed with alcohol doesn’t have as much of a benefit compared to other options, but it is increasing in popularity. CBD infused beer is gaining ground thanks to the experimental nature of the craft beer industry. However, where CBD and alcohol can really mix well together is with CBD infused wine. The benefit of wine is that it is typically easier to work into people’s routines without causing other health concerns when you consume it regularly.

6. CBD Water


Seltzers and vitamin water have really taken off over the past decade, though not quite to the same extent as energy drinks. Having CBD seltzer, vitamin water and flavored water is a good way to consume CBD regularly without worrying too much about it being unhealthy, since they typically contain far fewer calories or sugar than soda or juice. This can be a better choice for someone who wants CBD in a drink, but also desires a healthier option.

7. CBD Sports Drinks


People who use drinks to support athletic performance don’t have to feel left out on this list. You can get CBD drink powder that provides the same type of energy for sports as popular drinks like Gatorade. It provides electrolytes to replenish your energy, but also provides the pain and inflammation relief athletes need as part of their recovery.

You can also get CBD protein powder to mix into your post-workout recovery smoothies. This can help keep your joints and muscles strong while cutting down on any pain, soreness or inflammation caused by your workouts.

8. CBD Kombucha


Kombucha is a natural drink made from yeast, sugar and black tea. It both ferments and becomes carbonated as part of the creation process that has been around for thousands of years. It is now growing in popularity as a regular drink, in part because it offers some health benefits of its own. When you combine its benefits on digestion, energy, and your immune system with CBDs benefits on gut health, stress relief, and pain relief you simply have to try the new wave of CBD Kombucha.

These are by no means the only kinds of CBD drinks you can find on the market, and with the growing popularity of CBD, you should expect to see even more variety in the future. If you want to take CBD for medical reasons, it may be a good idea to stick with just taking your CBD oil or pills directly and avoid mixing it with other drinks. If you like CBD as more of a health supplement, these drinks can be a great way to combine it with your favorite beverages.