Many of you have established that social media is the way if you want to promote yourself or what you do in life.

For so many businesses, bloggers and celebrities the social media has been a way to be more present with all of us, and thanks to that social media apps have been growing and growing in recent years. Instagram is a neat social media app that has been and still, sorts of, is a bit different from others. It centers its existence on your images and videos and allows for titles and text that should be there to describe the centerpiece – the image.

As of now, Instagram is the 6th popular social network and it gains 500 million daily active users. This is an incredible expansion and it is the reason for our today’s article. For all of you that are new to Instagram or you that have been using it for some while but haven’t got all its tricks, we have some for you that is about Instagram’s story feature.

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1. Rainbow text effect


Now, this is a neat little thing that can make your story pop out. It may seem a bit ridiculous at first but when you try it and make your first story with this you will see the response you will get. FYI there will be a lot of questions about this rainbow text effect. Now let’s describe how to do this!

First, you have to open up Instagram stories and take a photo of what you want to post or pick it from your library.

After that type your text and position it where you want the writing to be at the end. Then you want to highlight that entire text and press and hold on to one of the colors until a color pallet pops up.

With your right thumb, (or left if you are a lefty) slide over the color pallet while at the same time with your left (or again right if you are a lefty) thumb you slide across your text.

What you will instantly see is the color of the text changing to a rainbow effect while you drag your finger across that pallet.

After that, you will have a nice rainbow color feature and all you have to do is position the text properly if you already haven’t and it is all done. Your image now looks a lot more interesting and fun.

2. Collage pictures on Instagram story


Now, most of you know how to do a collage on your story but there is a neat hack on how to do it without any external apps and with little to no effort. All you have to do is choose a good background and start looking for images that will be in your collage.

So open Instagram story once again, take a snap of the background or choose it from the library and after you are done minimize Instagram and open your images app.

In there, open any image you want in your collage and copy it.

After that minimize the images app and go back into the Instagram story you already minimized and you will see a popup saying add a sticker.

All you have to do from there is get that popup and place it on your background. Now the neat thing about this is that you can do this how many times you want it. There are no limits and your college will look more awesome than the one you can make with an Instagram layout.

3. Collage letters


Besides the collage pictures you can add to your story there is another neat thing that isn’t too hard or complicated to find. You can add collage letters to your story. The way to do is next:

Open your Instagram story, find a neat background or snap a picture of your liking, or even choose something from your library, your mind should run wild here.

Next is to go over to the GIF section within the Instagram story and press the search button to search for your GIFs.

Next, you will type “Collage letters” in the search query, and presto! Your college letters will appear.

The last thing to do is spell your cool new word and watch your followers praise your ingenuity and Instagram knowledge. You will have both uppercase and lower-case letters at your disposal which makes things even more awesome for those of you that are picky.

4. Image quality


You have probably noticed that your images and videos on Instagram stories look a little bad. This is thanks to the compression ratio that somewhat ruins the quality to get it on the app. To bypass this and to get the best from your images and videos for your story this is what you can do.

Go to your images app and whatever image you want to place on the story, crop it first to and you can use the 9×16 height and width.

This will allow you to have your image take the entire frame and by doing so it will prevent Instagram from cropping your image and with that lose most of its sharpness.

The image you already cropped, as a result, will appear a lot sharper and you will end up with better quality images and better-quality stories.

5. Magic eraser


Now, this will be familiar to those who in their youth had a black piece of paper and you would like to scratch it with a magic eraser and get that neat rainbow-colored effect on your drawings. Well, this will bring you back to your youth, and those who don’t know about this will be blown away by the results and the look of your Instagram story.

Now, you have to open an Instagram story, once again, take a photo of what you want and tap on the drawing icon.

Pick a color that you want for your background and tap and hold down on the screen until it fills the entire screen.

Now the entire picture is the color of your choice but doesn’t panic, keep reading.

The next thing is what you do is click on the eraser and draw on that picture whatever you want. After you draw on it, it will sort of reveal the background behind that color, which is the picture that you have taken previously.