The challenging responsibility of an employer is to recruit or hire deserving and capable candidates for a company. This job requires not only enough experience to find talent but also too much research and hard work. Searching for the appropriate candidate from a pool of thousands is a hectic job; hence, many companies assign such a task to different agencies.

Many reputed organizations connect with recruiting firms that find talented people for them and get paid for it. You can also consider these agencies as a bridge to connect company employers and candidates without handling the tough staffing job. This write-up will help you determine the entire work duties of an agency to find and hire capable staff for any company.

You must know how different companies are taking advantage of such agencies and easily fulfilling their recruiting task. Without doing anything, any company can get an excellent staff that is entirely dedicated to them. You must explore their tasks and understand how they work.

1. Prepare an Agreement


When a company is ready to hire an agency, it must sign an agreement to proceed with the recruitment process. The organization will create a document including all the terms of payments, deadlines, etc. An agency needs to go through all the terms before signing the document.

After preparing and signing the agreement, the agency starts working on the staffing process. Both parties must follow the terms mentioned in the agreement. The guarantee period is also mentioned in the document so that the job recruitment agencies work for the company for a limited time.

2. Advertising Job Description and Employer Details

A company shares the details of candidates that they require in their employees. The agency will find all the deserving candidates that are worth working for an organization. Therefore, the next step for any agency is to advertise the details of the employer and mention the job description. Many people will apply for the posted job after reading the description.

With the help of online forums, it is easy to get details of candidates and determine whether they are good enough for any job or not. Through different social platforms, job vacancy broadcasting is done and attracts people to apply for it. Managing the portals, sharing employer details, and getting applications are time-consuming and require effort.

3. Checking All the Candidate Applications


When people go through the advertisement for a job by the agency, they fill out the forum and apply for the job. Through different platforms, the company considers all the applications and shortlists them. Many agencies own websites through which they can get access to candidates for other staffing processes.

The agency verifies the employee’s details and checks their resume. If they find any application appropriate for the job, then they look forward to furthering the interview process. But if something is wrong or missing with the application, the agency staff may send feedback for specific improvements.

4. Provide Training

Many candidates applying for the job may not know the duties and tasks required to work in a company. In such cases, agencies provide training to employees and help them clear all the tests and interviews.

Once the training is done, they need to give tests and mock interviews to check whether they are ready enough to proceed further for the final round. Proper training helps employees become confident and allows them to face company challenges easily.

5. Screening Interviews


After shortlisting candidates, the agency member will conduct screening interviews and proceed further with the hiring process. Basic tests and interviews are necessary to determine whether the candidate is perfect to be hired for a company or not. Among thousands of candidates, the one with the potential can pass all the tests and interviews.

All the people shortlisted for this round must fulfill eligibility criteria and be efficient in the required work duties. It is easy to find resumes that show the skills a company requires. But not everyone can pass the interview and show the appropriate potential.

6. Submit Shortlisted Applications

After taking screening interviews of shortlisted candidates, the agency member filters the bulk and chooses the deserving ones. They prepare a final report that they need to submit to the company. If the organization is satisfied with the candidates they are getting from the agency, they provide a letter to them quickly.

But if they desire to filter more employees, then they can do so by conducting more interviews. In this way, they can determine whether the chosen people are capable enough to work in their organization or not. While submitting the record of shortlisted candidates, agencies need to create a wholly revised document. The paperwork is well-checked by the company to proceed further with the joining process.

7. Management of Contracts Along with Paperwork


If an agency hires any candidate for a company, its members are responsible for preparing contracts and documents. It is necessary to sign legal papers before getting an appointment letter from the company. Once the company approves the contract prepared by the agency, the candidate will get the joining letter.

Other processes, like training, certifications, etc., will also be given once you join the organization. A candidate can apply for jobs like part-time, freelancing, full-time, etc. The contract will be different in every case, so it needs to be managed carefully. All the employees work for the company and get a salary from the organization if the contract is signed correctly.

The Bottom Line

If you want to understand a hiring agency’s duties and responsibilities, you must go through all the mentioned tasks. Finding suitable candidates fulfilling a company’s eligibility criteria is challenging. The agency staff needs to explore thousands of applications and shortlist deserving candidates.

They must conduct necessary tests and interviews to determine the talented ones and provide the promised job mentioned on the portals. Many big companies prefer hiring such agencies to simplify their recruitment by giving them such tough jobs.