Industry Leader Komatsu Unveils a 100 Year Sustainability Plan on their 100th Anniversary

Komatsu Ltd. The world’s 2nd largest heavy machine manufacturer has rolled out a new three year plan that will ensure the company’s sustainability for an entire century. President and CEO of Komatsu Ltd Hiroyuki Ogawa, said the company is only doing what they have always done, which is “looking ahead in order to stay ahead”. According to Mr Ogawa, they have embarked on a new endeavour that is practical and achievable, “Komatsu plans to continuously create new value for all involved, these steps will be paced steadily and establish a workplace of the future that is sustainable for the next generation.

This new objective was announced during the 100th anniversary occasion where the company’s purpose in terms of mission and vision has been redefined. The new mid-term management plan announced that Komatsu will actively seek to create value via manufacturing and technology innovation that enables and advocates sustainable futures where humans, commerce, and the environment benefit.


Komatsu’s flagship business revolves around mining, construction and utility equipment and the new strategy will ensure expect gradual growth based on the current market trend in both medium and long term demand. The CEO also reiterated that the short term plan will be faced with a certain degree of volatility due to risks that are brought to us by the external environment elements which are in essence unavoidable.

The company has also ramped up the business value and supply chain involving industrial machinery and the anticipated demand for semiconductors which is expected to grow exponentially. The entire restructuring is also designed to adapt changes to the rapid changes that is taking place within the automobile. “The automobile industry is after all our client industry and as the industry leans more towards electric vehicles we must be prepared” said Mr Ogawa.

We have become more sensitive to sustainability-impact factors now more than ever and one of the primary concerns that we are planning to get ahead of is climate change, not only because the issue attracts social interest, but because we are just as committed to the environment as the rest of the world. According to Ogawa, the Sustainability Policy that has been developed is centred on such things which lead the company to make the ‘2050 carbon neutral declaration’.


Komatsu Ltd. The Japan based Multinational Corporation is a name that is familiar to the world despite the fact that the brand is primarily involved in the manufacturing of heavy industry equipment. The motley number of products that are manufactured by Komatsu Ltd ranging from military equipment right up to mining, forestry and construction equipment, the manufacturer has also diversified it manufacturing capability and produces press machines, diesel engines, thermoelectric generators and even laser.

Founded in 1921 and named after the city the company was founded in, the Komatsu Group currently consists of 215 subsidiaries and is second only to Caterpillar as the world’s second largest construction and mining equipment manufacturer. However, it is noteworthy that in some regions Komatsu commands a larger market share in comparison to Caterpillar. With production and manufacturing facilities in Europe, Americas, Asia and Japan, Komatsu is poised to take on the top spot within the next few years.

Latest Developments by Komatsu

Komatsu has been leading the foray by introducing a range of new elements and machines into the construction segment such as the PC2000-11 heavyweight excavator released last year and the IMC 2.0 intelligent machine control system for excavators early this year. The IMC (Intelligent Machine Control) system by Komatsu is in fact a system that narrows down the skill gap that often exists between excavator operators.

The intelligent system has been incorporated into the PC290LCi 11 and the PC390LCi-11 excavators which have become high demand excavators within the excavator for hire segment in urban areas where space restrictions require expert handling of these machines. According to senior product manager for Komatsu Andrew Earing, these new machines that use the IMC 2.0 system enhance project efficiency and productivity significantly.


The system assist operators with auto tilt bucket controls and allow operators to arrive at highly accurate finish grading base rapidly. These are just a few of the new elements that Komatsu has introduced into the construction world which has raised benchmarks for other manufacturers to follow suit.

Another new introduction includes Komatsu’s latest 845-1 forwarder which offers clients not just high crane capacity, but also enhanced handling and manoeuvrability in uneven or rough terrain. The 12 metric ton forwarder is perfect for forestry operations based on the fact that the machine is stable even in the roughest terrain even with a full load due to the unique design that has been incorporated into this 188 HP monster that has a tractive force of more than 38,000 LBF. Not many machines that are available in the market currently are as tough and as intelligent as the 845-1 forwarder.

Komatsu has for over a century now developing and introducing new and innovative technologies and ideas which has allowed the company to secure its current well established 2nd place behind caterpillar. In some regions as mentioned earlier, Komatsu holds the #1 spot. In Australia for instance, the excavator for hire market (especially under the mini excavator segment), is dominated by Komatsu machines and for good reason. Komatsu machines are known for their robustness and efficiency and coupled with the fact that Komatsu excavators are designed ergonomically (reducing operator fatigue which in turn enhances productivity) and user friendliness is unparalleled.