Starting a business is quite easy. But handling a business and attending to customers’ needs can be a pretty heavy task. Effective communication is essential for the growth and success of a company, which is why every business needs a local phone number.

Nowadays, a local number for business has become more of a necessity than a luxury can be of great help in this regard.

Having a local number for your business is crucial if you want to maintain consistency within your business, connect on a more personal level with your customers, improve customer satisfaction, create a strong local presence and a positive brand image. But, there are plenty of other reasons why your business needs a local phone number. Here are the most important benefits of a local number for business:

It’s Cost-efficient


Local phone numbers are a very affordable option – you’re only required to make payment when calling. When customers make the calls, it’s free on your end. In addition to being very cost-efficient, having a local phone number is also very convenient for you. When you receive regional or international calls, you can take them at any time and from any part of the world, on a variety of devices, and at no additional cost through your local phone number.

These are one of the main reasons why businesses opt for a local phone number. Those who communicate a lot with their clients will find this to be the most inexpensive solution out of all and yet it is quite simple and effective.

Helps to Build Local presence


A virtual number will allow your business to establish a local presence in your area, even when you’re not physically present. Customers prefer working with local businesses, so by reaching out to them through a local phone number you can easily win their trust, even though you won’t be physically there. For instance, if you reside in New York, you can still appear like a company that’s operating in  Washington D.C. by getting its local phone number which is 202 area code. As reported by this website customers feel more comfortable receiving a call with an area code they recognize, and if you have a local number you can be reached anywhere, regardless of your location.

Increases customer satisfaction


Effective telephone communication leads to increased customer satisfaction. And with a local phone number, you can offer your potential customers a level of intimacy and directness that they may not find among your competition. And they will be able to reach you at any time no matter where you are, which in turn will increase brand loyalty and lead to business success in the long run.

The clients need to have that sense of security and just the fact that someone will pick up when they call to ask you something means a lot.

Adds Credibility to Your Business


Whether you’re just a small startup or an owner of a large company, a local phone number will give your business a strong local presence in your industry. Getting a local number will help you build trust, reliability, and credibility with your customers. Clients always prefer to deal with businesses locally, so a local phone number will make your business look more reliable, friendly, and show potential clients that their market is really important to you.

Even if you have some clients who will not use this option to communicate and prefer video calls and zoom meetings, for instance, just by seeing that there is this option is a great boost. They will understand that they are dealing with professionals.



When it comes to business, consistency is key. Everything you’re saying and doing as a business owner must be consistent, and since virtual numbers are not tied to one specific device, person, or department, individuals can be reached by always dialing the same phone number, no matter where they are. By getting a local phone number especially for your business, you won’t miss any calls and you will be sure that all of your business ads are using the same number, thus avoiding losing potential customers because of a listing with wrong information. The more consistent you are with your customers, the more likely they will be happy and see your business as one that they can rely on one.

Looks More Professional


A local telephone number that is dedicated only to your business will enable you to build your brand and create a strong brand image. Your customers expect you to be punctual, consistent, and responsive, and with a local virtual number, they will trust that you’re reachable, trustworthy, and you’ll provide great customer support anytime. Long story short, a local business number simply sounds more legit and looks more professional to others.

Works Well for Local Advertising


Customers are more likely to call local phone numbers with a specific area code because they recognize them. They’re more familiar and reliable to potential customers, so if you want to use a contact number in your local marketing campaigns, a local phone number works well. This is especially good if your business wants to target customers in a specific region. In this way, you will attract more customers and grow your business without breaking your budget.

Exclusive Business Features


By getting a local number for your business, you will have access to multiple innovative features that will definitely improve communication. Call recording, call planner, professional voicemail, call forwarding, and virtual attendant, are just a few of the exclusive features that your business will get to enjoy with a local phone number. Your service provider can also make other custom changes that will suit your business and make communication between you and your clients as clear and effective as possible.