If you are new to online slots, then you might be left feeling a little overwhelmed with what the industry has to offer.

Aside from the thousands of different options that can be played because of the various themes or mechanics and in-game features that are possible to enjoy, there are slots that feature a different mathematical volatility.

Most will have heard everything about return to player (RTP) rates and how they can be a good measure of what to expect in terms of being paid out on a theoretical basis, but some may not understand what volatility is and how it works in terms of slot games.

Volatility can come in various forms, ranging from low and going all the way to high, with everything in between included. This guide will focus on those that feature a low volatility, as these can often be the best games for beginners and complete novices to focus on when they choose to play a slot for the very first time.

What are Low Volatility Slots?


Low volatility slots can be found in abundance as software developers and the online casinos that host them recognize how important they can be to the industry and how widely enjoyed they are by players of all skill levels.

A low volatility slot is a game that will offer regular payouts but they will typically consist of smaller amounts. Therefore, when played, these games will often provide players with a return but they may be less than the stake that is placed at times. Of course, these wins are also a lot smaller and more frequent than those that can be obtained from a slot that features a high rate.

Despite the fact that they offer nominal rewards in comparison, they can help to enhance any gameplay experience that is enjoyed. They can allow players to play for longer as they are able to use the winnings that are achieved to spin the reels more often. Others simply like the fact that they are able to win more often than they would when playing a high volatility game and are able to experience the good feelings that come from it regardless of the size of the reward.

Smaller Bets

Often, a low volatility slot will often provide players with the opportunity to wager with smaller amounts, thus making them perfect for those that do not want to risk too much money or are perhaps learning the ropes and looking to get involved for the very first time.

There is less pressure on each spin that is made as the stake can be a minimal amount, usually 0.10 credits (or in some cases even lower). However, while a small minimum can be placed, it is also possible to place bigger bets if desired.

What slots are available with a low volatility?

If you are looking to begin a slot adventure and want to find some of the best titles available with low volatility, it can always be recommended to check out a reputable casino site that offers a wide and varied range of games.

The red 32 slots selection of titles can be argued to be among one of the best around for players at the moment, as the operator continues to ensure they offer some of the best around. Although it is not possible to filter these games, it is possible to search for specific titles once those with a low volatility are known.

Titles that are considered to be among the best slots at this level include the classic Starburst from NetEnt, Thunderstruck II by Microgaming, Blood Suckers 2 by NetEnt and Tomb Raider by Microgaming. Each of these games offers a simplistic gameplay experience that allows novices to be able to enjoy a session without too much pressure. Most of them will offer a variety of different in-game bonuses that can also be tested and tried out.

When using a reputable platform, it can also be possible to test the games out for free with free play demos. This can be perfect for individuals who might not be sure if a title is right for them, or if they want to actually begin with a low volatility game or try their hand at something that is a little more extreme in terms of the payout frequency.

Why Choose Low Volatility Slots?


As highlighted, there are numerous benefits that can be enjoyed when playing slots that come with a low volatility rate. We have already covered the ability to obtain frequent rewards and the possibility to place smaller wagers, however there is so much more that can be achieved that can make novices enjoy an experience.

Confidence can play a huge role in online gambling despite slot games being based on chance. Those who are more confident in their ability to play the game and have a greater understanding of the rules are able to enjoy the experience more so, thus allowing them to relax and receive a positive session from a gameplay standpoint. By increasing their confidence, they may be more willing to try games with a higher level of volatility, or they may be prepared to up the stakes financially and test their resolve for a couple of spins.

Final Thoughts


With a variety of low volatility slots available to choose from across a plethora of different themes and featuring numerous in-game mechanics and bonuses, they can be a great way for novices to start their slot game adventure or slowly enhance any experience that they may want to enjoy.

These games offer numerous benefits that can enhance gameplay sessions, as they can pay more frequently (but smaller amounts), while also allowing gamers to build the confidence needed that can help them to enjoy a more positive session. With low bet amounts often available to take advantage of, they can also be a great way to prolong any experience that might be had.

It can be overwhelming when initially stepping foot into a world that is as vast as the slot game market, but with an understanding of volatility, it should make things a little easier.