Animated videos appeal to people of all ages, races, and nationalities, making them perfect tools for brands and organizations to communicate with stakeholders. Including animations in your videos enables you to simultaneously inform, engage, and entertain your audience for a more significant impact.

Keep reading to learn why you need them, how to produce them using Doratoon, and what animated videos are to gain their competitive advantage.

Types of Animated Videos


You must consider your audience, subject matter, and product when choosing your animated video style. In light of that, the following are some different styles of animated videos:

2D Animation Videos. This is where figures and characters can only move up, down, left, or right on a horizontal (x) and vertical (y) axis.

3D Animation. In 3D animation, apart from the x and y axis, there is a z-axis that generates depth and adds the element of reality.

Kinetic Typography Animation. They are created by manipulating and moving texts and fonts to demand audience attention and impart critical statistics and information.

How to Easily Make Animation Videos

Nowadays, making animation videos has become a walk in the park using animation creators  as presented on this page.

What is Doratoon?


It is a free online animation maker with powerful features and effects to help you save time and resources in producing animated videos. The animated video maker has templates, filters, and backgrounds, amongst other features and effects, to help users meet expectations while customizing their videos.

Steps in making animated videos using Doratoon

  1. Write a video script. A script is the layout of the entire production, including scenes, visuals, and structure. It helps develop characters, conversations, and video length and lays the ground for a call to action.
  2. Select your template. Head to the official website and sign up or log in to browse the available templates and pick one appropriate for your needs.
  3. Customize your template. Personalize the template by replacing the background, texts, graphics, images, and characters with your brand assets, colors, logos, and more.
  4. Import personal content. You can also import product images, profile pictures, and infographics to further personalize your video and make it familiar to stakeholders.
  5. Edit the animated video. Add, cut, trim, and delete scenes to communicate effectively with your target audience. Adjust your video’s timing, apply transitions and other effects, and add or import your video’s soundtrack.
  6. Export the video. Upon completion, you can save, download, or share directly on social media platforms.

Why Doratoon is the Best for Making Animated Videos


The following are some of the features that make it the best animation video software:

  • 2D & 3D Background images. This animation creator comes with impressive background images which act as memory triggers.
  • Animated characters. It provides animated characters representing different professions and portraying realistic expressions and actions.
  • Ease of sharing. It supports multiple savings formats to facilitate easy sharing of content on social platforms.
  • Editable templates. This wonderful platform allows you to tailor its templates by adjusting time, applying effects, and editing scenes to achieve your desired results.
  • Pocket-friendly. Access is offered on this platform to more features and specifications, including templates, backgrounds, props, and more, free of charge.
  • Stock props. The animation creator avails props suitable for any industry, including media, tech, marketing, and more.
  • Stock video clips and photos. It has unlimited stock video clips and pictures to deliver fun learning experiences and produce effective ads and friendly videos.
  • Soundtrack music. Include personal commentary, import, or add preexisting royalty-free audio files to appeal to emotions, send the right message, and make your brand memorable.
  • User-friendly interface. It is ideal for beginners, non-designers, and professionals to make creative animation video presentations with its user-friendly interface.

Tips for Making Animated Videos


If you are wondering how to make quality animated videos, here are some tips:

  • Adjust timing. Ensure the voiceover in the background and the visual elements are synchronized.
  • Decide the concept. You can make your video an interview, feature story, or scripted sketches.
  • Grab attention with visuals. Viewers pay attention to colors, graphics, images, and characters before deciding whether to watch a video.
  • Include subtitles. Many people on social media watch videos on mute, and adding subtitles helps them follow regardless.
  • Include a soundtrack. Take advantage of royalty-free music online or upload your own to reinforce your message.
  • Keep it short. Viewers quickly get bored, so limit your videos to 45 – 90 seconds as these videos tend to have the highest engagement rate.
  • Start with a good impression. Share an anecdote, present a startling statistic, ask loaded rhetorical questions, or kick off with a provocative statement.


The above article has explained different types of animated videos, their merits, and tips used in their production. It has also discussed how you can leverage an animation creator to produce quality animation videos by following elaborate steps. We recommend Doratoon due to its extensive library of features accessible for free on its site.