Why Use Explainer Videos as Part of Your Business Marketing


Planning to invest in creating an explainer video for your company but are not sure whether it is worth it? In this article, we discuss what an explainer video is, how it works, and why more and more businesses of all sizes use this type of video content in their marketing campaigns.

First of all, you should understand that the digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and now, it is not the same as it was several years ago. Today, you can’t rely only on blogging, although it’s still a pillar of content marketing. But it’s not enough if you want to increase your reach and achieve a better ROI.

Today’s consumers prefer video content, and on average, each person spends about an hour and a half a day watching videos online. Many businesses are turning to animated explainer videos, and now, this form of content marketing is starting to outshine traditional video ads when it comes to promoting complex products and services.

As a result, we have witnessed significant growth in a number of animation studios that help brands communicate even the most complicated abstract ideas to their target audiences in an understandable and engaging way. Also, more and more marketers are using cloud-based, online design tools like Visme to create animated infographics and presentations.

Why Do Consumers Love Video Content?


Most people are visual learners, so a lot of customers may be struggling to understand how a complex intangible product works and even what it actually is. Animated videos make this process easier. You can visualize complex aspects of your product or service with eye-catching animations and convincing statistics that present a focused picture of what you are selling and allow prospects to see a bigger picture of how your product can be useful to them.

And the best thing is that you can use your creativity and showcase your brand’s personality using humor, amazing visuals, enthusiastic voiceovers, and beautiful music. This way, you can show the human face of your business and connect with your target audience on an emotional level. Viewers will simply enjoy watching your animated explainer videos and have fun. Animations remind us about our childhood years when we loved watching cartoons.

How Will Your Brand Benefit from Investing in Explainer Videos?


The basic idea about explainer videos is that they allow you to quickly introduce your company to viewers, briefly explain what product or service you offer, highlighting its benefits for you potential customers and outlining how you can solve their problem and make their lives easier. But they also come with lots of tangible results that can be measured using different metrics and KPIs. Let’s discuss what makes animated explainer videos so effective.

They Look Professional


Practically anyone who has access to the internet can make a simple website today using templates. But if you want to build credibility and increase trust, you need a professionally looking website that stands out from the crowd. Adding an explainer video to your homepage and landing pages will make your website look more professional and show that your company is reliable and that your offering is worth your visitors’ attention.

You’ll show your prospects that you care about them because you’ve invested your time and money in explaining the complex concepts behind your products in a concise and engaging way. Your audience is likely to assume that you have put much effort into creating your products or services as well.

They Are Great for SEO


Search engines prefer video content, so pages with videos are likely to show higher in Google search results that will increase your visibility and allow you to reach wider audiences. Besides, internet users are more likely to click on a webpage if it has video content.

You have only 3-8 seconds to grab the attention of your website visitors and convince them to stay longer and explore what you offer. Adding videos to web pages increases user time on site and decreases bounce rate. Explainer videos are concise – about 60-90 seconds and viewers are more likely to watch them till the end than read a long blog post with lots of details. Search engine algorithms take longer time spent on site into account and consider such content more valuable to users. As a result, your pages will be ranked higher.

Boost Engagement


Studies reveal that most people are 50% more likely to retain information if it was presented visually and they could also hear a story behind it. That’s why animated explainer videos are very effective in making a long-lasting impact on viewers and persuading them to take a desirable action.

Animated explainer videos educate and entertain your customers at the same time, and they are just fun to watch, so they are easily shareable for entertainment. If you add an engaging explainer video that tells a fascinating story to your social media profiles, chances are it can become viral, and you will be able to reach even more people and engage them. And you should definitely add an explainer video to your YouTube channel because it is the second largest search engine.

Higher Conversion Rates


The longer your prospects stay on your site, the higher the chance they will convert. Since most people would watch explainer videos till the end, if you add such content to your landing pages, it will increase your bottom line. According to surveys, about 85% of internet users are likely to purchase a product or service if they have watched an explainer video that provides in-depth information and gives them a clear idea of how that product works and how it can solve customers’ problems.

Animated explainer videos are just more engaging to a prospect than reading plain text. Graphics, animations, text, voiceover, music – all these combined elements of animated video work together to create a positive feeling, show a unique brand‘s personality, and convey the meaning behind a specific product or service. But you should invest in creating professional explainer videos that present your unique selling proposition and differentiate you from your competition. Although they cost money, they drive more sales, so you’ll get a higher ROI.