The design of a kid’s bedroom is significantly different from the room design of an adult. Children’s perception of the world around them is more colorful and fabulous, which must be reflected by the furniture and decor for the kids’ room. Competently selected interior design, beautiful harmonious decoration, and furniture items for the children’s room from DragonsofWaltonStreet Company will help you to bring up a comprehensively developed personality with the correct habits and distinctive taste established from childhood.

When planning the creation of a unique children’s room, it is important to take into account the wishes of the child. Therefore, when choosing the style of fit-out and decor of the child’s room, the young master of the bedroom should be involved in this process. A grown-up kid may well formulate the furniture style preferences, choose the color scheme and the whole style of the room.

When creating a design project for a unique children’s room, decorators and fit-out specialists of Dragons of Walton Street pay much attention to its size and shape in addition to personal wishes. For example, for a small space, a minimum of decorative elements should be used, and it is better to choose light shades with bright accents for modern wall fit-out. To visually expand the elongated room, you can use mirrors that can be placed directly on the wall or doors of a custom-made cabinet.

Wall Decoration Ideas


Art painting on walls in a kid’s room is a great way to revitalize your baby’s personal space and make it more interesting and unique. Luxury custom-made wall paintings can be both complex plots of books and cartoons and simpler ones in the form of personalized inscriptions and dates of birth.

The Dragons of Walton Street team is made up of craftsmen who are fluent in various techniques for applying drawings to walls and luxury furniture. For the implementation of each project, performers are selected individually, depending on the specialization in a certain type of painting. The company’s professionals are rightfully the best because they know all the subtleties and nuances of working in each specific technique and use only high-quality, environmentally friendly paints and decorative materials.

To decorate a modern interior, the company’s designers use a bold combination of different textures, styles, forms, and genres, which are closely intertwined and turn the design project into a real work of art. A unique author’s painting on walls is a great opportunity to make your child’s space unique, memorable, and full of meaning.

Qualified artists not only think over a sketch of the future drawing but also select a technique that will help to recreate the desired picture on the surface as accurately, colorfully, and vividly as possible. In the process of wall-art creation, they use all main types of wall painting in interiors, as well as a combination of several methods, if it is required within the framework of the design project.

With the help of wall painting, you can make competent zoning of the space, add some bright colors to the room, or even mask problem areas on the walls. The drawing in the children’s room from Dragons of Walton Street can be located anywhere; most often, the area for sleeping or playing is decorated.

Personalized Kids’ Spaces: Art-Painted Furniture


Artistic paintings for children’s room furniture are another great idea for a personalized interior of a child’s bedroom. You will have the opportunity to please your child with the image of his/her favorite cartoon characters, thus making a positive gift that will remain in the child’s heart for a long time.

For the craftsmen of Dragons of Walton Street Company, there are no obstacles in designing the furniture painting for children’s room. You can order a list of the furniture (wardrobes, beds, and bedside tables) that is currently in stock. And also combine the qualities of new, original furniture with the advantages of the author’s painting. By purchasing a set of custom children’s furniture and choosing refined painting ideas, you can get a unique dream room for your kid.

To create a unique children’s room interior, the company performs bespoke art paintings on furniture using any style. It can be a decorative painting with patterns or flowers, a painting in a futuristic style, or a classic one. All decorative lighting of the children’s room and furniture is thought out in advance and is preliminarily combined with the drawing on the sketches for the painting. Luxury designer furniture can also be fitted with a variety of UV lighting fixtures to charge fluorescent paints that can be used to create a night glow in a room.

Exclusive Decor and Accessories: A Finishing Touch in Interior


Versatility is very important for the design of a children’s room. For example, the classic design style is considered especially practical for these purposes as it is suitable for any age category. If you need not only practical but also exclusive premium-class furniture for children in different forms and shapes (racing car bed, castle bed, princess carriage bed), you should pay attention to bespoke furniture from Dragons of Walton Street. These products are made in limited quantities and are great for creating a truly unique and elite design for a children’s room.

Beautiful and functional accessories for children’s furniture can decorate any child’s room. The correct decor can emphasize the chosen style of the interior. Various designer accessories set the desired accents and underline the overall design of the space. On the website of Dragons of Walton Street design company, you can purchase unique decor items, accessories, and exclusive designer toys (rocking horses, dolls houses) that will create a unique atmosphere in your child’s room.

A children’s room is a bedroom, gym, playground, and a study. That is why the company’s designers always pay special attention to the arrangement of this unique space. It can take a lot of effort to create a comfortable and practical author’s design, but be sure ­ the result is worth it. The company’s experts will provide you with a huge variety of design ideas for premium-class kid’s room interiors, from which, you can choose a suitable design and bring it to life.