Your essay title is a crucial part of your academic writing. It could either improve or degrade the quality of your paper, depending on how you write it. An excellent title is a representation of what is in your essay; it shows the instructor that you’re a creative student. So, you should think about your topic carefully before you write it.

Is it a good idea to write an essay title as a question? While no rule prevents you from doing so, you should write it the right way. If you can’t do it yourself, you can always turn to the essay service for help. Of course, be aware that you have to shake your wallet for this. There are quality characteristics the title should meet to be considered good. It should be:

  • Relevant
  • Concise
  • Specific
  • Engaging

How to Use a Question as an Essay Title

Now that you know you can title your essay with a question, the next step is comprehending how to do it like a pro. Are you struggling with writing your essay titles as questions? Here’re tips that you should follow regardless of the type of title you’re writing:

Only Use Questions When It’s Necessary

You shouldn’t use questions in your titles all the time. Only use them when they make your academic essay more intriguing. For instance, use argumentative questions where you intend to take a given point of view. For example, you can pose a question like, “Is Social Media Good for Teenagers?”

When you’re composing a persuasive essay, a question may not work as a title. This is because, in such tasks, you only want the reader to see one perspective of the subject matter. However, use questions as titles for narrative essays to invite readers to your narration world.

Avoid Titles That Require “Yes” or “No” Answers

yes or No

Titles that require “yes” or “no” answers are boring. You should write a topic that makes the reader curious to proceed and read the rest of the paper to find answers. In simple terms, don’t make your titles obvious.

Take an example of a title like “Is the Government Responsible for Creating Employment Opportunities?” Of course, such a title attracts an obvious answer which is “Yes.” However, you can make this same title sound better by editing it to “How Can the Government Increase Employment Opportunities for the Youth?” In this case, the reader would want to find out more about the policies you’ve explained the government can use to reduce youth unemployment.

Make Your Title Specific

Broad titles aren’t good for your essay. It’s difficult to cover all the issues in the subject exhaustively. You should make them as specific as possible if you want your work to stand out.

“How should I make my titles specific as I write my essays?” A broad title is something like “What Are the Effects of the Internet?” Such a title has too many issues to address, and one academic essay may not exhaustively deal with them. A more specific title in such a case is a topic like “How Does Social Media increase the Cases of Depression among the Youth?”

Format Your Title as Required

Irrespective of the type of title you’re writing, proper formatting is a critical requirement. For example, you should include a question mark at the end of a question title. You should also capitalize the first letter of every word except the short prepositions and articles. Avoid using any other punctuation marks that don’t suit the situation.

How to Compose Good Essay Titles


In most cases, it’s the title of the essay that the professor reads first before proceeding to the rest of your work. It gives the instructor the first impression of the type of student you are. With an intriguing title coupled with excellent content, you’re more likely to record an impressive grade. So work on your college essay titles for your papers to stand out.

Some students struggle with coming up with good essay titles. It could be because they aren’t creative enough or they’re in a hurry when writing these titles. Fortunately, there are effective strategies for composing that impressive essay title.

Write the Title After You Complete the Essay

Experts often recommend that you should think about your essay topic before you begin writing. While the idea is to ensure you write relevant content, it’s not always the best practice. As you begin writing, have an idea of what you’re going to discuss in your essay. Then revise your title later.

How do you ensure you create an excellent title at the end? Read and revise your essay to clearly understand what the piece is about. When you’re sure that’s your final piece, it’s now time to revise the topic. Write good essay titles that are related to the content of your paper.

Brainstorm for Impressive Titles

In some cases, you may be in a hurry to write to complete your research paper fast and submit it for grading. So, you may pick anything you think about to finish the work. But, in such instances, you end up with a title that may not impress your instructor. So, fight the urge to write a title hurriedly.

Don’t pick the first title that comes to mind. Instead, take time to think about an excellent title, talk to your friends, and even read titles of essays with the same themes as yours. Next, create 3 to 4 probable titles. Then make an essay outline to see what will result in a great essay. Then pick the best from your list.

Relate Your Title to Your Thesis Statement


A good essay title motivates your professor to read the rest of the content in your essay. You don’t want a situation where your title is completely different from your thesis statement. That could be an indication that you’re an incompetent essay writer. So, ensure the title is related to what you have in your thesis statement.

Work on the Tone of the Essay Topic

In the course of your college education, you’re bound to write different types of essays. For instance, you’ll have argumentative, narrative, and analytical essays. These papers address different issues in society.

You should ensure your essay title reflects the seriousness of the issue it addresses. For instance, the title of an argumentative essay on drug use should sound more serious compared to that of a narrative article on the best day of your life. Always stick to the theme and understand the audience.

Keep the Essay Title Short and Simple

Some students think that writing a good title means having a long one. On the contrary, long titles are difficult for readers to understand. If you find you have a title that is too long, you should consider revising it while only including the most crucial keywords. However, ensure the title gives your instructor a clear idea of what is in the essay. If you need help with these, check

Moreover, complex words aren’t good for titles. Instead of making you sound intelligent, they confuse readers. Your goal as you write your title is to pass a clear message. Be as straightforward as possible as you write your titles. So avoid using abbreviations in your titles.

Good Essay Title: What’s Good and What’s Bad

First, a fantastic title is related to the content of the essay. If you’re writing on an issue of youth unemployment, for instance, ensure your title states so. Avoid writing different titles as that confuses the reader.

Your essay title should also focus on a given area. In simple terms, you should avoid topics that are too broad. For example, avoid discussing unemployment as a whole. Instead, your title can be about the effects of unemployment among the youth.

A superb title is also interesting and debatable. You don’t want a boring topic that sounds like you aren’t a creative student.

Writing Question Essay Titles: How to Do It Properly

At times, it isn’t easy to write titles as questions. However, you shouldn’t struggle. Instead, begin by thinking about different titles. Then, write them down and pick the one you feel suits your specific essay writing situation.

Other reputable writers might also offer ideas on how to write these titles. Read their content and compare it with the content. You can use titles related to what these authors have where you’re also writing on similar subjects.

Online spaces may also give you good ideas on what to use as your titles. Check what people are currently talking about. You can turn such issues into your essay topics. Spaces like paper writing service websites have good content for you.

Mistakes to Avoid When Composing Essay Titles

Firstly, avoid writing topics that are too broad. Always be specific and focused on standing a chance of scoring a top grade.


Secondly, don’t include filler words in your title. Use as few words as possible to make your title clearer. Besides, avoid jargon and abbreviations when writing essay titles.

Singing Off

You can write creative essay titles as questions. But you should take time to read the essay prompt before you write the title. That way, you’ll write an appropriate title. Remember, your question title should be clear, focused, engaging, and debatable.