In the 21st century, the growth of social media platforms has been immense. People use social media for many reasons, like conversing, connecting, discussing, and so much more.

Influencers from various industries have taken to this platform like no other and are topping the trends. The audience is immensely involved on this platform, making it one of the most talked-about things among the common people.

It is hard to find celebrities and influencers who are not present on this platform. The Instagram family grows daily, and many celebrity accounts have an amazing fan following.

Now and then, you see that records are made and broken. Be it the most liked picture on the platform or the one with the maximum comments, there are many things to discuss.

But have you ever wondered about the accounts with maximum followers and those with maximum engagement?

Let’s see the engaging celebrities on Instagram that range from players to brands.

1. Miley Cyrus


A name that needs no introduction. She is a child star turned pop giant on the music playlist of every grown-up who was a teenager in the late 90s. She has a typical Instagram account, but that’s the best thing about her. Many people relate to her, her songs, and her life, and that’s why she has a huge engagement on the platform.

You will find various selfies and videos on her page. Apart from these basics, you will see glimpses of the photoshoots and her event presence. Celebrities have a major fan base who look for one chance to spot their favorite in real life. Miley Cyrus is a celebrity that people love, and her fans always look for one opportunity.

Apart from that, the ones who love her music are always waiting for official announcements on the page. That’s when the engagement rate is the maximum. One teaser post and boom, the audience gets what they are looking for.

2. Khaby Lame


You might have heard about the Instagram update of making short reels and posting them. When people came to know about this feature, it was a major trend, and many people started making reels and posting them. The trend grew so much that many commoners made it big with it. When you think about social media engagement, the idea of a Facebook reels creator hits your mind immediately.

Similarly, one such person who did amazing work with his reels and made huge engagements on this platform is Khaby Lame. He is a 22-year-old star who is known for his interesting content.

Wait, what!

Are you unable to recognize him through his name? Let’s know about him. You might have spotted his videos where he calls out meaningless life hacks on Instagram, and the cherry on the cake is his facial expressions. The bells are now ringing correctly. Isn’t it?

His content is hilarious, and that’s what has made him such a big star. You will love his videos, and the engagement rate is applaudable.

3. JLo


The most famous actor and musician, Jennifer Lopez or famously known as JLo. She has a high engagement rate on Instagram, which she deserves as she puts effort into the same. She has a thing of her own, and that’s why people from various places and age groups are her fans.

You will find many posts about the behind-the-scenes and promotions for the musical work and videos. No one likes the ordinary, and these little details play a major role in enhancing the engagement rate of her posts. Apart from that, when you see the story highlights, you see glimpses of her work and the events she graces. Also, you will see the hashtags that she has created.

4. James Charles


If you want to dig into the categories of celebrities or influencers with the highest engagement level, the path will lead you toward the discussion of beauty influencers. Beauty brands are heavily involved in marketing through influencers with a huge following and engagement rate on platforms like Instagram.

The beauty world tops the engagement charts as they offer specific content and many things apart from value for money. James Charles is one such name with an excellent engagement rate and helps people get insights into beauty products apart from the tips and tricks for flawless makeup.

You should visit his account if you have a thing for beauty and wellness. Apart from the likes and comments, you will be amazed to see his overall profile, which is nothing less than a treat for any makeup lover.

5. Logan Paul


With 23 million followers, the next influencer making it to the list of one of the most engaging celebrities on Instagram is Logan Paul. Apart from being a famous internet personality, he is an American Youtuber who focuses on fitness and gym content.

His success journey can be traced to 2013 when he started posting sketches on Vine, a well-known video-sharing application. However, he got famous after he began his Youtube channel and started posting content on the same.

Apart from these, he expanded his work, got into acting, and made appearances in different films. Well, that’s not all for this Instagram celebrity.

He tried his hand at boxing, and since 2018, he has also been a part of the field. He debuted in 2018 as a boxer, and his first fight was against another Youtuber KSI.

Engagement is a simple term but has many meanings to it. It is not easy to attract an audience, so people make plans and put effort daily and night to improve their engagement rates. Apart from these, many other celebrities and influencers have done wonders regarding Instagram engagements.


Many celebrities from different fields offering different things on this social media platform has a great engagement rate. The rate is calculated after seeing the percentage of the interactions that have interacted with the content you posted on your profile.

So, to increase this rate, you should work on your ideas and present your audience with something like never before.