Soccer is the most widely played sport globally, with one of the biggest fans following every move of their teams and the lives of the players who are most attracted to their careers.

Apart from being a sport, the world of football is also a market that mobilizes billions of dollars a year, the sale of articles about this sport generates a good percentage of the profits generated by it, one of the most sold items is the jerseys.

The jersey, the best-selling garment


The jersey is the most used garment by men and women worldwide, the comfort and practicality that they provide make people want to wear them with their favorite theme.

The sports shirt is the item with which people show their fanaticism to the team they follow or the showiness they give to the style of whoever wears it.

Sports shirts sought after for their comfort, being lightweight bits of help when practicing the sport.

The vast majority of sports shirts contain a textile technology called dry-fit, which is a high-performance fabric made of polyester that helps repel sweat to the surface of the shirt where it evaporates.


This component helps keep players dry, fresh, and free of bad odor; it is mostly used in materials such as polyester and microfibers because they do not absorb liquids.

The best-selling soccer jersey is due to the team’s huge fan base. Now think how many football shirts do you see other people every day? There are several reasons why they are the best-selling ones, and they are as follows:

  • The teams:

The fans of each team look for the representative shirt of their favorite team, to show their love and loyalty, taking them to all their games and events where they can wear their shirt.

Fans using these shirts convey a feeling; they are motivated to dress like their sports idols on the court.

  • The players:

Part of the world football fanatics follows the sporting life of a player directly; the fan acquires the shirt identified with the player, with his number, name, and the team in which this player is at the time. Fans do a lot of things following their teams, but here you can take a look at a list of the top 32 things crazy sports fans have done over the decades according to site information.

  • Special editions:

Every so often, teams offer special editions to commemorate some particular event that the team will experience. These cases can be the final attendance tournament of that team, or the arrival to the anniversary of the creation of that team, etc.

Other types of unique edition T-shirts are commemorative T-shirts, which made to remember a special event that happened before, such as winning a cup in a specific tournament.

  • Collectors:

Spectators dedicate to collecting the unique items of the teams that follow. These items can be exclusive or antique editions, which have great value, either monetary or symbolic.

There are people in the world with hundreds of T-shirts they have acquired over the years.

  • Custom T-shirts:

Every football fan wants to see his or her name on the back of their favorite team’s jersey, part of the market of this type based on customizing sporting goods to a customer’s taste.

In the shirts, they can make modifications to a sweater based on a team’s logo and colors. People place the number and name of someone else on the parts of the shirts on the back of jerseys.

What is the best-selling football jersey in the world?


The world’s best-selling football jersey in one year is that of the British football league team, Manchester United, with over 1,750,000 jerseys. The factor determines how many jerseys will be sold in a year, depending on the team’s play in a year.

In the year 2024, until today, the team that has sold more shirts has been the team of the German soccer league Bayern Munich, with 1,100,000 shirts sold, this is given by the excellent performance that has taken the team during this year.

But you should also keep in mind the number of sales that teams have made of their jerseys throughout history. The following top 10 is the highest number of soccer jerseys sold according to their teams:

  1. Barcelona: 3,637,000
  2. Bayern Munich: 3,312,000
  3. Chelsea: 3,102,000
  4. Manchester United: 2,977,000
  5. Real Madrid: 2,866,000
  6. Paris Saint Germain PSG: 2,212,000
  7. Arsenal: 2,055,000
  8. Atletico de Madrid: 1,977,000
  9. Juventus: 1,678,000
  10. Milan: 1,287,000

The soccer jersey the quintessential fan item


The faithful football fan acquires all the articles alluding to his favorite team. The shirt is the greatest exponent of his fanaticism, and the sweater expresses to others how much you love your favorite team.

The versatility of these for use when doing sports, going to the mountains, being in hot environments, or just going for a walk makes them excellent for everyday use, which is why they are so sought after by all fans.

That is why it is essential to take care of them and keep them always in good condition—having a high value for all football fans. For many, it is significant, losing or damaging a shirt can be synonymous with having a loss forever because getting them is a complicated task.


The best-selling football shirt will always determine by the team’s current situation at the given time and the buyers’ financial situation. The shirts represent a vital supply and demand worldwide.

Every year this industry generates billions of dollars thanks to the thousands of consumers around the world; these shirts can found in local stores or online businesses.

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