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I am writing this blog post to renew my urgent warning to researchers in all countries to avoid all products and services of OMICS International. It’s a counterfeit scholarly publisher and conference organizer that abuses and exploits honest researchers and threatens science.

International rubbish.

OMICS International is the new name of OMICS Group. The company is expanding, adding hundreds of new open-access journals in all fields, each a source of endless spam email messages.

OMICS International has ramped up its conference organizing division, offering guaranteed acceptance of conference presentation proposals to anyone willing to pay their hefty fees.

OMICS now uses a new URL for its exploitative conference division. The link is

Stay away from this.

They offer conferences in most major cities of the world, except — perhaps notably — Denver, Colorado.

Hyderabad, India-based OMICS continues to be a major publisher of junk science and bogus, advocacy research. They will publish just about anything, as long as they can earn money for doing it.

No Legitimate scholarly journal would publish junk science such as this.

Take the above-pictured article, for example. It’s entitled, “Turning Nature against Man: The Role of Pandemics, Vaccines and Genetics in the UN’s Plan to Halt Population Growth.”

An example of “advocacy research” the article is in the press and is slated to be published in volume 6, issue 2 of OMICS International’s journal Epidemiology: Open Access.

A popular New Zealand-based blog has also provided some helpful commentary on this article.

OMICS International often tricks people into submitting manuscripts. These are quickly published (with no peer review), and the author is soon surprised with a bill. The company then refuses to withdraw the paper unless a fee is paid.


I strongly recommend that researchers in all countries avoid submitting their work to OMICS International journals and conferences.