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OMICS Group continues to launch and publish scholarly journals whose titles closely match those of established and respected journals, including journals published by scholarly societies. OMICS Group’s goal is to trick researchers into thinking the OMICS journals are actually legitimate journals, so they can get the author fees from the authors.

Aiming to trick honest researchers.

Here are two examples. The first one is pictured above.

Journal of Depression & Anxiety (OMICS Group)
Depression and Anxiety (Wiley-LISS)

The OMICS Group journal launched in 2012; the Wiley journal has been published since 1996.

Deceptive spam from OMICS Group.

As shown above, in its spam email, OMICS Group bolds the portion of the journal-title that matches the legitimate journal’s title, perhaps intending to fool readers into thinking the spam is for the good journal. Here is a link to the full spam email.

Here’s another pair:

Journal of Multiple Sclerosis (OMICS Group)
Multiple Sclerosis Journal (SAGE)

OMICS Group knows no boundaries.

The OMICS Group journal launched in July 2014. The SAGE journal has been published since 1995. This is a clear attempt, I think, by OMICS Group to steal the legitimacy, brand value, and respect that the SAGE journal has built up and earned over the years.

OMICS Group publishes journals under many brands or imprints (shown below). In its spam, it frequently does not state the publisher’s name and instead only uses the journal’s title, making it harder to identify the journal as one published by OMICS.

These imprints likely also belong to OMICS Group:

OMICS Group uses addresses in California and Nevada, but all its operations take place in Hyderabad, India. Please avoid OMICS Group like the plague that it is.