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India-based OMICS Publishing Group has just launched a new brand of scholarly journals called “SciTechnol.” This new OMICS brand lists 53 new journals, though none has any content yet.

We learned of this new launch because the company is currently spamming tens of thousands of academics, hoping to recruit some of them for the new journals’ editorial boards.

The new site, the URL of which is, includes a barely-literate mission statement. In part, it reads,

Based on the scientific necessity and demand, SciTechnol leads international scientific journals. SciTechnol aids the viewers to have access to its journals. SciTechnol provides a wide range of online journals containing the latest research from a broad spectrum of subject areas. For further information on SciTechnol online journals, visit SciTechnol Index.

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This poorly-written mission statement is an indication of a shabby and unprofessional operation. The editorial board solicitation spam emails are also poorly-written.

OMICS Publishing Group has exploited many young researchers by inviting them to submit article manuscripts, leading them through the editing and review process, publishing the article and then invoicing the author.

In most cases, the authors have no idea that an author fee applies until they receive the invoice. We documented this practice in an earlier post. Will OMICS continue this unethical practice with its new brand?

We note that one other open-access publisher is also launching new brands. Perhaps OMICS is copying the strategy of Hindawi, which has recently launched ISRN and

Hat tip: Anthony Watkinson

List of SchTechnol journals as of May, 2012

  1.  Addictive Behaviors, Therapy & Rehabilitation
  2.  Advances in Genetic Engineering Medicine
  3.  Analgesia & Resuscitation: Current Research
  4.  Andrology & Gynecology: Current Research
  5.  Athletic Enchancement
  6.  Biosimilars & Biowaivers
  7.  Biological Agents & Warfare
  8.  Biocomputing
  9.  Biocatalysis & Biotransformation
  10. Biodiversity Management & Forestry
  11. Business & Hotel Management
  12. Biomarkers in Drug Development
  13. Clinical & Experimental Oncology
  14. Cell Biology: Research & Therapy
  15. Computer Engineering & Information Technology
  16. Defense Studies & Resource Management
  17. Drug Intoxication & Detoxification: Novel Approaches
  18. Experts Opinion on Environmental Biology
  19. Electrical Engineering & Electronic Technology
  20. Forensic Toxicology & Pharmacology
  21. Food & Nutritional Disorders
  22. Fashion Technology & Textile Engineering
  23. Geoinformatics & Geostatistics: An Overview
  24. Genetic Disorders & Disease Information
  25. Genital System & Disorders
  26. Hypo & HyperGlycemia
  27. Hydrogeology & Hydrologic Engineering
  28. Immunodeficiency & Disorders
  29. International Journal of Evolution
  30. International Journal of Opthalmic Pathology
  31. International Journal of Cardiovascular Research
  32. Liver: Disease & Transplantation
  33. Marine Biology & Oceanography
  34. Metabonomics & Metabolites
  35. Molecular Cloning & Genetic Recombination
  36. Nanomaterials & Molecular Nanotechnology
  37. Nuclear Energy Science & Power Generation Technology
  38. Outlook on Emerging Drugs
  39. Otology & Rhinology
  40. Physiobiochemical Metabolism
  41. Pharmacological & Biomedical Analysis
  42. Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery Research
  43. Plant Physiology & Pathology
  44. Psychotherapy & Psychological Disorders
  45. Regenerative Medicine
  46. Sleep Disorders: Treatment & Care
  47. Spine & Neurosurgery
  48. Tourism Research & Hospitality
  49. Traumatic Stress Disorders & Treatment
  50. Virology & Antivirology
  51. Vaccination & Immunogen Techniques
  52. Veterinary Science & Medical Diagnosis
  53. Women’s Health, Issues & Care