The world’s newest open-access journal is the Integrated Journal of British (IJBRITISH). If the journal’s name strikes you as strange, that’s because it is strange, just like the journal’s other aspects.

Though the title implies a U.K. base, the journal makes no effort to mask its true headquarters location (as many South Asian OA publishers do):First Floor, 243, Zone 2, MPN, BPL, MP, India.

I also don’t understand the term “integrated” in the title and suspect they confused this term with “international.”

In its spam email, now in the process of being transmitted to many thousands of busy researchers, the journal brags about its very precise impact factor, 3.3275:

Yeah, right.

The impact factor was awarded by the company called Universal Impact Factor, and they issued a certificate to prove the metric is “true.” Somehow, the journal was able to earn this impact factor even though it has only published two issues. Also, the issues were published in 2014, but the metric is for 2013 before the journal even existed.

The journal’s wolf logo is apparently lifted, with some embellishment, from a home improvement company in Wisconsin called Wolf Hollow Homes.

Is this the type of open-access journal that the British wish to promote? I do hope not.