Technology sector is growing fast in last four decades. With evolution of computers and World Wide Web (www) i.e. Internet a lot of growth has been seen in online area. This technological growth also has its impacts on the gaming sector. One of these places is the casino business. Online gambling is constantly evolving and taking advantages of the new technologies to make user’s experience better.

Casino games are now gradually becoming predominant in online spaces with smart technological devices. Unlike ten years ago, bettors can comfortably play and bet on casinos from the comfort of their homes using a smartphone; this new development shows that the casino business is growing from what it used to be in the past, with an even greater expectation on what it could become in the future. With secure Internet transactions, playing online casinos has become safer.

This new development in casino games and business has also brought about the possibility of newer industry growth. From the emergence of more online casinos and the diversity of games, several predictions have been flying in the air for what to expect from the online casino industry in 2024.

This article provides a rundown of some things to expect from online casinos in 2024.

Legalization of Casinos in Countries


Therefore, playing casino games is still considered gambling and still illegal in many countries. Many countries have legislations that restrict the activities of gamblers in their regions. Playing in these countries may violate some of these laws, thereby resulting in sanctions.

But, over time, there has been growing news of countries legalizing casinos and increasing their accessibility to citizens. Casino activities are growing in several countries, increasing access to online casinos in these areas. As the number of these countries increases, some of the countries that have legalized casinos according to include Serbia, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, and Austria, with only a local license.

Experts and online casino enthusiasts have also established the possibility of more countries and regions legalizing casinos.

Increased Visual Games Quality

One of the enjoyable things about online gaming is the game’s visual quality. The growth of online casinos means that gaming companies will put more effort into improving the quality of the visuals. And, with the profitability of online casinos, in the future, gaming companies will be putting more focus on improving their graphics and visuals to make online gaming enjoyable for bettors.

With the increased visual games quality experienced by many online casino companies, it is expected that more players will begin to show interest.

Connectivity with wearable Smart Devices

Use of wearable smart devices has increased exponentially in last few years. Nowadays, they can be used for many different things like fitness features, music, calls etc. Online casino industry companies have also started using these wearable devices like smart watches as an extension (like notifications etc) to online casino games that are played on smartphones. This trend is likely to continue as it gives quick notification access to the players.

Increased Bonus Rates


Increasing the bonus rates of online casinos will mostly benefit online players. Many online casinos today are offering several mouth-watering bonuses for the new players. As a gambling strategy, it is believed that the higher the bonuses, the more players will be willing to play games to win a bonus.

This is a lucrative business for online casinos, and with this, there is an expected increase in bonus rates and promotions coming from online gaming companies in 2024.

Another factor likely to be responsible for increased bonus rates is the growing competition in the online casino industry. As competing casino companies find ways to attract more players to their platform, it is expected that bonuses will be rolled out as bait.

Live Dealers

Live dealers are becoming popular for some time now. More and more online casino companies are offering live dealers now. They are popular with online casino table games. The interaction gives the experience of traditional brick-and-mortar casinos from the comfort of home. It is expected that more live dealers will be available for table games like baccarat, poker, roulette and blackjack.

Newer Games

Since playing games will be done online, there is every possibility that gaming companies will be increasing the number of games on slot machines and websites. There is an expected increase in the number of games to expect in online casinos. With this, there will be an increased attraction to online games. There will also be the inclusion of newer features to play with, and players will be given more options on games to play, making the gaming experience more fun for anyone engaging with it. This means for online gaming companies to increase their earning capacity since more people will be interested in playing these games.

Crypto-based Casinos

Online casinos have started accepting crypto currencies as a payment method. It is expected that more and more casinos will adapt to the current trend of crypto currencies as a payment method and begin accepting lesser known/new cryptos as well apart from the popular cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Online casinos are growing towards becoming more decentralized. This way, more people can play online games, fund, and receive bonuses in crypto forms. Crypto-based casinos are expected to grow exponentially in 2024 as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum become mainstream. Making casino games crypto-accessible means that players have more chances to earn more and increase anonymity in online gaming. For crypto enthusiasts, they can get involved in the game from the comfort of their homes.

Live Games


With the moving of casino games from the traditional playing method to online spaces, there is even more expectation that online casinos will have live games in the future. The live game experience has been one of the notable casino experiences that have kept the game alive for decades. Many customers who have experienced live games and gotten the chance to bet on them are yearning for more. There is a great expectation that live casino games will also be introduced online for the online version to live through.

Gaming and gambling are experiencing some shapeshifting in today’s world. With growing technology, there is even more room for advancement and improvement to be expected in the online casino sector in 2024.