In 2024, the sport continues to play a special place in people’s lives. In the new year, there should be a huge number of large-scale events that attract online bookmakers so much. Against this background, new trends stand out that will dominate the world.

In our article, we will take a closer look at what to follow in the new year in the world and India. And, also, we will provide a list of sites that are suitable for betting.

Common trends in the world of sport: what to expect in 2024?

In 2024, you will find a number of unique changes in global sports trends. All of them are related to changing preferences, new sports, and online sports betting. Explore them below:

1. Esports comes to the fore;


Esports is becoming a new moment in 2024. This is a new kind of entertainment that has already reached millions of people around the world. Games like Dota 2 or CS GO are already more popular than a number of sports games. This sector is receiving more and more investments and is developing rapidly.

2. Other popular sports in the World;


If we talk about sports, then all the same sports remain at the top. In the first place in the world is football. Then there are games such as cricket, hockey, tennis, basketball, and many others.

3. A special place is occupied by online bookmakers;


2024 will be the year when the maximum number of active users of online bookmakers will be reached. Moreover, the number of betting platforms themselves is constantly growing. More and more sites appear on the Internet that offers good terms of use, which cannot but attract people.

Also, there will be a transition from land-based gambling establishments to websites. People will use their gadgets more due to their convenience and time savings.

The role of sports betting

As already mentioned, in 2024 sports betting will take a special place in people’s lives. Online bookmakers have more and more users all over the world. It has become a common thing that accompanies any major event.

Now the field of online betting is more developed than ever. You can find sites with different conditions where you can get nice bonuses, win jackpots and just bet on your favorite events. Online platforms have become a great way of entertainment and an opportunity to earn extra money. For this reason, in 2024 they will only become more popular. You can find a lot of useful betting tips, news, and reviews at .

1. Soccer

Among the most popular sports, football occupies a special place. This is the kind of sport that is characterized by a large scale. It is watched everywhere regardless of the region, as well as events in the world of football have a special status. They have a wide audience coverage, expensive and luxurious tournaments, large investments, and, of course, are attractive for online bookmakers. You will always find where to bet on this sport with good conditions.

2. Bookmakers in India

India is a country where any gambling activity, including sports betting, is prohibited. However, this does not prevent her from getting to the top of the countries where betting is most active. The reason for this is that Indians cannot imagine their life without betting. They are constantly testing their skills and luck on foreign gambling platforms. Moreover, there are even bookmakers who focus on India in their activities. So players from this country have a choice on what, where, and how to bet.

3. Cricket

According to statistics, about 80% of all bets in India are on cricket. And this is obviously the most popular sport in India. The country has many domestic events such as the IPL, and also constantly participates in international matches such as Twenty20.

The more the bookmaker focuses on India, the better conditions you will find. Various unique bonuses for cricket, many popular payment methods, the presence of the Indian rupee, the language, as well as a mobile application – all this improves the game process.

How do find out which sport will be popular in 2024?

There are certain criteria by which it is possible to determine which sport will remain popular in 2024. We do this by comparing the following points:

  1. The number of sporting events during the year, including all tournaments, matches, and championships and their scale;
  2. Prevalence not only in individual countries but also around the world;
  3. A large number of playing parties are all Leagues, teams, and participants;
  4. Wide audience;
  5. Popularity on television;
  6. Availability of events for sports betting, especially among online bookmakers, and much more.

Top sites for online betting

In conclusion of our article, we would like to recommend several top sports betting sites. All of them are distinguished by their quality and high level of security. Moreover, they have a number of advantages such as bonuses, support services, applications, payment systems, interfaces, and much more. Check out their list below:

  1. Rabona;
  2. Fun88;
  3. Casumo;
  4. Novibet;
  5. Bet365;
  6. Betonline;
  7. Dafabet;
  8. 1win;
  9. Indibet;
  10. Leon Bet, and much more.

You can find out more information about bookmakers in India on the website


What new trends in the world of sports will appear in 2024?

We found three key trends in the new year. First of all, this is an increase in the role of esports. Among the other sports in the top are football, cricket, tennis, and so on. Also, an increase in the number of bookmakers and their users.

Do they place bets in India and on what kind of sport?

India is the country that is most open to sports betting. There are a huge number of people who use the services of foreign online bookmakers. 80% of all bets are on cricket.

Which online betting sites are the best to use?

We can recommend platforms such as Rabona, Fun88, Casumo, Novibet, Bet365, Betonline, Dafabet, 1win, Indibet, and Leon Bet.

What criteria are used to determine the most popular sport in 2024?

First of all, it is the number of views and audience, as well as the presence of major sporting events during the year and their scale.

How safe is it to use foreign online bookmakers in India?

It’s absolutely safe. Indian legislation does not say anything about foreign online platforms. And this means that they are quite legal.