If you’re 18 or older and looking for an easy way to start making some extra money, then online jobs might be the perfect solution. With so many opportunities available on the internet nowadays, it can seem overwhelming to pick the right option for your skills and experiences.

To help you, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of easy online jobs that anyone over 18 can start with little to no prior experience. From data entry positions to virtual assisting gigs, there are a variety of ways to get started working from home. Keep reading to find out about all these great online job choices.

OnlyFans Content Creator

If you’re 18 years old or older and looking for an easy online job to start with little or no experience, becoming an OnlyFans content creator is a great option. It requires very little in terms of education or training, allowing anyone with a laptop or mobile device and access to the internet to make money quickly.

By creating engaging content on the platform of your choice, you can bring in revenue from subscriptions, tips, and pay-per-view sessions – something many 18 years old OnlyFans creators are already doing. You’ll also be able to interact with subscribers more closely than ever before, providing an exciting extra layer of entertainment.

And since there are so many types of content creators on OnlyFans these days, you have full control when it comes to deciding what products or services you wish to provide. Starting your career as an OnlyFans content creator may be a great way to find success in the online industry.


As a virtual assistant, you have the benefit of working from home or wherever you wish to work. You can start this job with little or no experience, as knowledge and skills gained on the job provide adequate guidance in navigating tasks assigned to virtual assistants. Virtual assistants play fundamental roles in providing support to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and even creative professionals.

Your duties may range from managing emails and responding to customer inquiries to scheduling virtual events. That is why virtual assistants are so versatile. They can easily adjust the role based on any client’s specific needs. With virtual assisting jobs becoming increasingly common, many employers won’t ask for much besides basic computer knowledge and a willingness to learn more.

Customer Service Representative

Being a customer service representative is an easy occupation that requires basic communication and customer service skills. As a customer service representative, you are expected to field customer inquiries, solve customer complaints, process orders, and provide customer support through phone calls, email, and other digital platforms.

With this role becoming ever more specialized due to the customer’s increasing expectations of personalized services, it offers an opportunity for individuals with diverse experience in different customer segments and industries. As demands for customer service representatives in the digital world keep growing, this presents an ideal opportunity for potential candidates who are ready to tackle customer challenges head-on and create positive customer experiences.

Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerk jobs are generally quite simple and require minimal skills or training. For instance, data entry may involve typing data from one source into a computer system to store it for future use. Additionally, data entry clerks are often tasked with basic data cleanup by organizing existing data in more practical formats, allowing the simplicity and accuracy of data analysis later down the line.

Therefore, data entry clerks play an important role in keeping data up-to-date. All you need to get started as a data entry clerk are foundational computer and keyboarding skills, as well as basic time management abilities. This makes it suitable for beginners and those looking for short-term online employment.

Freelance Writer

Working freelance offers freedom from the traditional 9-5 office environment and provides the opportunity to work on interesting and varied projects. There’s no need for expensive equipment; all you’ll need to get started is access to a computer and a reliable internet connection.

The real key is finding well-paid freelance writing jobs that fit within your goals. Freelancing is a great option for writers who have limited experience but have an eye for detail, a passion for grammar and spelling, and a strong desire to hone their craft. With some dedication and commitment, you can quickly build up success as a freelance writer, allowing you to work at home or anywhere in the world.



Blogging offers the unique chance to make money, cultivate your brand, and chase your passions, all without prior experience. It requires minimal start-up resources and allows you to work remotely, meaning you can blog from anywhere around the globe. 

Moreover, blog writing offers flexible earning opportunities and gives you the chance to grow a community of followers while getting directly exposed to potential employers or clients. Best of all, blog writing lets you fully express yourself and influence people’s minds with your creative ideas and thought-provoking content. 

Online Tutor


Online tutoring is an ideal job for people looking to work from home or even as a side gig. Your knowledge and skills have the power to impact eager learners from all corners of the world. Regardless of your work experience, this thrilling opportunity not only lets you empower students from the cozy confines of your home, but also provides you with the flexibility to maintain a work-life balance. 

Ride the wave of digital education and offer your expertise in diverse subjects, shaping the minds of young adults and college students alike. No matter your educational background, online tutoring welcomes all passionate individuals, making it a versatile and rewarding adventure.

It’s Never Been Easier

Working from home or on your own schedule can often feel like a huge commitment and can seem overwhelming for those who lack confidence and experience. However, with all of the easy online jobs that are available to people 18 and older, it’s possible to take advantage of these opportunities and start working right away with little to no experience required.

It’s never been easier than now to make money from the comfort of your own home!