The COVID-19 pandemic turned the work from home (WFH) concept mainstream almost overnight back in March. As companies and employees get accustomed to this new normal, there are several WFH jobs that will continue to rise in 2024.

1. Web Developer

  • Average Salary: $72,090 per year, starts at $20,000 and goes up to $155,000 yearly
  • Responsibilities: To create a website that meets the needs and requirements of the client, to create and test site applications and plug-ins, test websites for errors, monitoring site traffic
  • Requirements: Proficiency in CSS, HTML, and programming languages like Ruby and JavaScript

Just about every business needs to have a website to establish their online presence, build credibility, and to provide all the necessary information to potential customers. A web developer’s task is to build and maintain these sites. These can be done in the comfort of your home, making it a great WFH job.

You don’t need a college degree to be a successful web developer. A strong portfolio and knowledge about different programming languages are more important. To get an edge, you can take online courses and get certified.

Check out Coursera for some great free web developer training.

2. Software Engineer

  • Average Salary: $107,408 per year
  • Responsibilities: Create, manage, and maintain software, testing and debugging software
  • Requirements: Knowledge about web services, APIs, computer science basics, and algorithms; proficiency in programming languages like Java, Python, C, Ruby

Software engineers design, build and maintain the different software that all companies and individuals use such as operating systems, computer games, business applications, and network control systems. There is little need to have direct contact with coworkers so it’s ideal for a WFH setup.

Before, only computer science degree holders could become software engineers. This has changed and you can pursue this career path by self-studying, attending coding boot camps, or taking online courses. Certifications will also help you stand out.

Once you have the required technical skills, you’ll need a technical resume, a stunning portfolio, and technical interview knowledge to land the job.

3. Online Tutor or Coach

  • Average Salary: Depends on your niche, starts at $25 per hour
  • Responsibilities: To help others learn and reach their goals
  • Requirements: Deep knowledge in a certain topic

According to Gartner, 84% of new hires need to be retrained and reskilled to ready them for the new tasks brought by the global economic shift. If you have deep knowledge about the new in-demand skills – artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, AR & VR, blockchain, healthcare IT, and UX design – you can teach people online.

Other lucrative niches include wellness, finance, business, social media marketing, graphic design, video editing and read more. The most important thing is to find a niche that you know and like.

Next, you have to let your presence be known online. Create a website with useful posts. Write guest posts for other authoritative sites in your niche. Interact with others on your social media accounts. Upload mini tutorials on YouTube. Sell online courses on sites like Skillshare. You can also try joining online tutoring websites to have more access to students.

4. Virtual Assistant

  • Average Salary: $18.86 per hour
  • Responsibilities: Assist clients with administrative tasks
  • Requirements: Knowledge of technologies like desktop sharing, VoIP, online calendars; Must have good phone and email skills; Familiarity with communication tools, word processing software, and spreadsheets

A virtual assistant (VA) provides administrative support to individuals or businesses remotely. You will be in charge of doing the small tasks that will keep the company moving while your client is taking care of the bigger goals.

To be a good VA, you need to be tech-savvy and be able to work with minimum supervision. Organizational skills, communication skills, and multi-tasking skills are required too. There are online courses and certifications that you can get to improve your skill set. See this post for a list of good training resources to start.

The great thing about being a VA is you can work as little or as much as you want, anytime and anywhere as long as you have access to a computer and Internet connection.

You can start looking for VA jobs on Upwork, Indeed, LinkedIn, Fancyhands, and Zirtual.

5. Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Average Salary: $38,342
  • Responsibilities: To increase brand awareness, promote the company, and turn prospects into conversions using technology platforms
  • Requirements: Knowledge in SEO, social media, content marketing, email marketing, PPC, and SEM; Be up to date with the latest marketing trends and news; Ability to create and implement a marketing strategy

As a digital marketing specialist, you will work with your client to create and maintain marketing campaigns for the Internet and other digital platforms. Part of your responsibility is to ramp up the company’s online presence using social media, the company website, and blog posts.

This career path is one of the most popular WFM jobs. You don’t need to be a degree holder to succeed as a digital marketer. Instead, you need to be detail-oriented and be a creative problem solver.

6. Freelance Writer

  • Average Salary: Varies
  • Responsibilities: Write original blog posts, press releases, and documentation for businesses
  • Requirements: English fluency, ability to write quickly. SEO knowledge an asset.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. As the web shifts to different mediums such as videos and VR, textual content will still be around as the dominant form of content. This is why with each passing year, content writers are only more sought after, not less.

If you enjoy writing and are fluent in English, there are endless possibilities for you to earn an income online. Your main struggle initially will be to earn a decent wage, as many freelancer sites such as Upwork and are known to attract low paying buyers.

Tips for increasing your income level include directly contacting publications to offer your services (perhaps with a free trial), plus setting up your own web site to brand yourself as a specialist in writing certain types of content.