More and more new parents choose a natural diet and food from organic farming, especially for their own children. But what happens when a baby cannot be breastfed? Organic baby formula can be one possible solution.

When it comes to baby formula, the question of choosing a manufacturer comes first. Parents can find many organic products on the modern baby food market, ranging from infant formula and complementary foods to vegetable and fruit purees. But how can you choose the right organic baby formula when your baby’s health is at stake?

Why do children need organic foods?


According to American studies, children consume 8 to 20 different pesticides every day with their food. The question of the long-term effects of pesticides on children has not yet been thoroughly studied. Studies with adults suggest that there is a definite link between pesticides and certain cancers and neurological disorders.

Any pesticides are harmful to babies because the baby’s internal organs are still developing. A child’s endocrine and immune systems and metabolism provide weaker natural defenses than those of adults. Sometimes exposure to a toxin can lead to irreversible changes in the most important biological processes in the child’s body.

Organic products have more nutrients and vitamins.

Organic dairy products


The animals live in a clean area, get a lot of fresh air, and are not locked in a stuffy stall. They eat clean feed without chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics. As a result, healthy animals produce a clean product – milk – which has more easily digestible protein and vitamin C. The bottling and packaging also follow eco-standards, which forbid any synthetic additives in the finished product.

Organic vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts cultivated with no pesticides in the fertilizer and soil – only pure manure and compost as fertilizer. There must be earthworms in the soil, which allow air and nutrients to flow to the roots of the plants. The result is vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins and fiber.

Organic products are products that:


Do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), genetically modified products, and their derivatives.

Do not contain chemically synthesized preservatives, coloring, flavoring, stabilizers, and thickeners.

Produced without using harmful technologies (ultrasonic treatment, chemical preservation, treatment with phenols and surfactants – surface-active substances.

Do not contain raw materials of agricultural origin grown with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and other agrochemicals, hormones, and growth stimulants.

Do not contain raw materials of agricultural origin grown near industrial areas.

Product labeled “Organic” has passed the necessary tests and received an appropriate certification. For each country of production, there are different marks of certification of the quality of organic products.

Specialists engaged in the certification process check all stages of production – from raw materials to packaging. That is, “organic baby formula” must contain milk from cows grown in environmentally friendly areas that have not been treated with chemical fertilizers for two or three years at least.

If there is no organic certification label on the product, then it can not be called organic.

Best Organic Formulas


HiPP Combiotic traditionally contains breast milk probiotics – lactobacilli, which are necessary for the comfortable digestion of the baby, and prebiotic dietary fibers similar to those found in breast milk. Carefully selected content of probiotics and prebiotics contributes to the natural formation of a healthy immune system in a baby and improves intestinal microflora, and strengthens its protective functions. This ensures comfortable digestion, prevents infantile colic and constipation, and promotes long and restful healthy sleep.

The Hipp formula contains polyunsaturated fatty acids (ARA/DHA) for optimum vision development and cognitive functions. The nucleotides in the formula protect the baby from infections and other diseases.

The formula contains organic milk, which improves your baby’s immune system and reduces the risk of allergic reactions. At the same time, the protein content is reduced to bring the formula’s composition as close as possible to that of breast milk and reduce the risk of childhood obesity. Get your HiPP baby formula from

Kendamil Organic is one of the most trusted and healthy European formulas suitable from birth. It is based on whole milk and has been scientifically proven to be best for the intestinal comfort of babies. European formulas are not easy to find in US, but they can be delivered quickly by

This British company works directly with farmers and monitors the quality of the milk used in the formula. By using whole milk cream, Kendamil provides a more natural source of fat and, at the same time, makes it as close as possible to breast milk.

As an EU-certified organic product, this formula contains many essential vitamins and minerals. It has all the essential plant-based fatty acids for growth, especially brain/eye development. Kendamil also includes prebiotic and is the first organic infant formula in Europe to contain human milk oligosaccharides (HMO) as a source of prebiotics. In addition, this unique formula is suitable for families following a vegetarian diet because fish oil is replaced with seaweed.

Holle Bio baby formula based on organic cow’s milk has confirmed its high quality for many decades. The Demeter-certified formula does not have GMO ingredients and other harmful additives. This cow’s milk formula features a completely simple and precise list of ingredients. The formula contains exceptionally organic milk from cows raised under biodynamic farming conditions.

For the healthy development of the baby’s nervous system and eyesight, the essential components of the infant formula are omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids.

Loulouka baby formula differs from many other brands on the market because of the source of good fats. Most organic infant formulas use palm oil. But in this formula, it is replaced with coconut oil (as the primary source of fat) because of the enormous environmental impact of palm cultivation. Loulouka baby formula is made from cows that are raised and live under organic farming conditions in Switzerland. In addition to the higher standard of living, no pesticides, hormones, preservatives, or chemicals are used in milk production.

Whole milk used in this formula contains high concentrations of essential vitamins and minerals that babies need for proper development.

HIPP Comfort formula is a great option for babies prone to stomach bloating, colic, and constipation. The product can be used for mixed or formula feeding from the birth of a baby. The Comfort range is ideal for babies prone to allergies, except for those who cannot tolerate cow’s milk protein. The product’s composition is fully adapted to the baby’s digestive system and includes a small dose of lactose, prebiotics, and probiotics.

Easily digestible fat makes the product more nutritious. The lack of hard-to-digest gluten and preservatives, dyes, flavors, and GMOs makes the formula completely safe for the newborn’s health.