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Since the birth of the game, all its genres have evolved, and even sub-genres have been adopted. From role-playing games to action/adventure and first-person shooters, there are game types for every fan. One such popular choice is Hack and Slash style games. The original God of War titles and games such as Drakengard are evolving. Over the years, it has become a hybrid of new game mechanics and other types.

Blizzard commented on the release of Diablo: Immortality for the first time. As the studio revealed in its current annual report, Mobile Diablo is scheduled to be released that year-Diablo: Immortality should appear in 2024. Before that, there is always a guess of a possible date: since the new version of Diablo 2: Resurrection has been released this year, it can be considered that Diablo Immortal may not appear until 2024. Even on Blizzcon 2024, Blizzard has retained the release statement for hacking and killing mobile devices.

However, Blizzard did not announce a specific date for the immortality of Diablo in its latest annual report. Once we have more information about this, you will find that information on our website as usual. A closed Alpha test for Diablo Immortality was recently reported. So far, only a few players have been able to try mobile adventures. For the current test run, developers especially want participants to check the new long-term content.

In addition, this time, the player roamed the immortal Alpha with the Crusaders. They lead the heroes to new areas of Zawain Mountain, Frozen Tundra, and Echo Dungeon Cave. The upper limit of the level has been increased to 55. Blizzard has not yet announced whether it plans to target a more extensive audience test phase. In addition to the resurrection of Diablo Immortal and Diablo 2, the studio is currently developing Diablo 4 for PCs and game consoles.

PoE is an action RPG-style multiplayer computer game developed by Grinding Gear Games and released on Windows in 2013-the Xbox One version was launched in 2017, and the PlayStation 4 version was released on the Windows market in 2019. The game is distributed through a free game model and supported by micro-transactions.

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The content sold for money does not affect the game balance and is usually just decorative. In terms of game-play, Road to Exile is very similar to the Diablo series: players are encouraged to use different weapons and skills to fight against fake opponents and explore procedural fictional world levels.

Undecember developed by Needs Games, is another impressive version of Unreal Engine 4 specially designed for mobile and PC. It is said to provide a complex item and skill system and has hundreds of unique abilities to test in battle-you can see some of them in the impressive game screen below.

From powerful spinning attacks to miniature tornadoes, it seems fun to try these skills. Visually, the world of Undecember is grim and bloody, full of dark dungeons for people to explore and slaughter. In other words, it seems to have a variety of location types, from dusty deserts to small villages surrounded by night creatures in large numbers.

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When released, the game will also have a series of PvE and multiplayer game modes, such as cooperative dungeons, raids, and even competitive PvP. Although we have not yet determined a specific release date, we know that it will be launched in the second half of this year and will provide comprehensive cross-platform support for mobile and PC versions.

Developer Need Games has released a new trailer for the action RPG Undecember. It shows the first fast-paced game scene, reminiscent of games like Diablo or Path of Exile. Eznpc.Com shows you what you know about Hack and Slay Undecember so far. Its is one of the best website to buy and sell Poe Currency.

What is Undecember?

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It is an online action RPG by the developer Need Games. So far, little is known about the game. Definitely:
This will be an online action RPG and hack and Slay game
Know from well-known representatives of genres (such as Diablo and PoE, the game is played from a top-down perspective
It should provide a wide range of character development systems
The ship also includes PvP, dungeons, and raids
The game was launched in 2024 and came from the former developers of MMO Lost Ark. Even so, we reported on potential competitors for Diablo 4.

A fast-paced game reminiscent of Diablo and PoE

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What does the trailer show? In the video, you can see some battle scenes in December. You will also have a first impression of the different categories of action RPGs. What exactly these are is still unknown.

Several categories can be distinguished:

A warrior with a sword and shield
Mage has different element spells
Some agile villain
Warrior with a two-handed weapon
Archer profession
You can also see dark graphic styles, enemy crowds, and some big enemies that may be the game’s boss. Overall, the whole process is reminiscent of Diablo, whose artistic style is based on a similar dark fantasy.

Does Diablo compete with the former Lost Ark developers?

Why can it compete with Diablo 4? Need Games, the team behind Undecember, has experience in the development of action RPG Lost Ark and the mobile game Paradise 2 Revolution. Both games were very successful.

When should Undecember appear?

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So far, the game has been announced to be released in the second half of 2024.
On which platforms does Undecember appear? Action RPGs for PCs and mobile devices have been announced. The developer has not announced a release date. However, you can choose to cross-play between PC and smartphone.
What do you think of Undecember? Is this game interesting for you? Could you write us your opinion?

Travel through exciting terrain, deserts, small villages, snowy forests, and more. Different lands mean different enemies, and players will have to adjust their strategies to deal with every wave of oncoming enemies.

Many fans are interested in the classless system on which the game is based. Players can develop their characters in any direction, and assigning their names to the class is fascinating and exciting for the audience. Players decide their fighting methods and strategies, and they decide how to face the monsters in this land.

Against enemies ranging from soldiers to monsters, they brought magic and weapons into their lives simultaneously. Eliminate numerous minions and fight with huge bosses while balancing offense and defense.

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The game is an advanced understanding of equipment and will be upgraded as you gradually upgrade your heroes in each game. The stronger you become, the easier the dungeon becomes and the more advanced the battles you can engage in.

Although the game is designed for single-player games, it offers both PVE and PVP game modes. Provide comprehensive cross-play support between the mobile version and the PC version of this game, and take your friends on the adventure.

This can provide a more relaxed cross-border experience and will not force players to choose a platform because of fear of losing the knowledge of their friends.