Choosing the Perfect Portable Triple Monitor: New Trio vs. Trio

Are you someone who requires multiple screens to work? If so, you’d benefit from laptop screen extender — a setup that offers you larger screen space and aids multitasking without compromising viewing and working experience.

It also offers more freedom in terms of connectivity and portability, allowing you to take your work wherever you go!

However, Mobile Pixels TRIO monitor comes in two variants, old and new, each with its unique capabilities.

So, how do you find the one most suited for you? We compare the two down to the very details to help you make a more informed choice.



TRIO’s exceptional compatibility shines through its seamless integration with diverse operating systems like macOS, Windows, and Android smartphones. Even console enthusiasts are included, as TRIO extends its adaptability to platforms like the Nintendo Switch.

Across all its variants, the standardized plug-and-play functionality assures a user-friendly solution for expanding monitor real estate. This holds true whether you’re a devoted Mac user, a loyal Windows follower, or an avid console gamer.

TRIO’s versatility guarantees an uncomplicated experience. This innate adaptability positions TRIO as a top-tier choice for elevating productivity and enriching visual experiences, making it an ideal fit for a broad spectrum of users with varying preferences and requirements.

As a result, TRIO redefines compatibility, offering an effortless and impressive solution that seamlessly blends with diverse technological ecosystems.


The old TRIO magnetizes to the back of your laptop and comes with magnetic adhesives and a clip system — something that’s optional in the new version.

The upgraded TRIO comes with laptop magnets in the box, but you can ditch them in favor of the built-in kickstand for a clean and crisp look. It is super sturdy, keeping even 15”-17.3” laptops steady on the desk.

However, it does lean back slightly, but not so much that it’d be uncomfortable for your eyes or musculoskeletal system.

Display Size

Display Size

Sizing rarely changes how you use the monitors if the resolution, brightness, color accuracy, and other visual elements are the same across variants.

However, if you want a seamless and aesthetic setup, the TRIO 2022 offers 12.5” (or 13.3” with the upgraded model) for 13-14 inches laptops and 14.1” for 15-17.3” laptops.

Keep in mind that the weight of your setup will increase with bigger screen sizes, so if you’re a frequent flier or a digital nomad, it’s best to consider smaller displays.


If you’re in a profession that calls for graphic-heavy projects, the 1080p resolution on both variants will provide a crisp, clear, and detailed image due to better pixel density. Paired with a refresh rate of 60 hertz, it also offers better responsiveness and motion clarity.

That said, if you’re looking for a high-quality display, go with the upgraded version.

TRIO 2024 has IPS displays that enhance the colors on the screen and suffer less color washout when the screens are organized at an angle. However, it only has adjustable brightness of 250 nits compared to up to 300 on the old variant. While this may seem pretty low, it’s bright enough in a suitably lit room with minimal sunlight.

The setups also feature an eye-care mode with blue-light filter, so it won’t cause fatigue or strain your eyes even with continuous hours of work.



Both offer quick connectivity with USB C & USB A ports, making it easier to expand your workspace with your current setup with minimal investment.

Although the upgraded version levels up with two USB C ports and is known for providing optimal performance. It also offers faster data transfer and power to help you get more work done in less time.

Both models are also designed to reduce battery drain from your laptop. However, the upgraded version also comes with pass-through charging capabilities. So, while it has a 4.5w energy consumption, it is easier to stay juiced up as you can charge the laptop from any stable energy source while displaying content for your work.


If you work on the go, you need a power-packed setup that won’t weigh you down.

It sounds like a distant dream, but TRIO makes it possible.

The 2022 variant is easy to pack at 1.7 lbs (TRIO) and 2.2 lbs (TRIO Max) without sacrificing the immersive experience you get with fixed office setups.

That said, if you’re looking for better convenience and don’t mind a little extra weight on your shoulders, try the upgraded version (3.5 lbs with TRIO and 3.8 lbs with TRIO Max) with a kickstand. Made with ABS and aluminum, it will give you top-notch durability and resist wear and tear even with lots of jostles.



TRIO 2022 is equipped with a G-sensor, so it will auto-rotate your screen based on the orientation. Apart from that, the two models are quite similar, allowing you to fold both screens all the way to the back to create the perfect companion for collaboration and screen sharing.

With the new version, you can also flip it forward by 180 degrees for a more immersive work and gaming experience.

The two also have a seamless portrait mode, creating a standalone, stable base that will allow you to benefit from the increased font size to get work done quickly.

Have you made a definitive decision yet? Get your holy grail from Mobile Pixels today!