Some of us may recall how exciting it was when your favorite show host came on the air when the radio was still cool. You can now watch any episode of anything you’ve ever watched over and over again.

Technology has taken away part of the zeal, but it has also given us podcasts. Podcast broadcasts, formerly known as audio blogs, were just recordings of someone complaining about a certain component of their daily routine.

As time went on, the themes became more in-depth as people’s schedules became more hectic. Podcasts eventually became a part of everyone’s daily routine.

When it comes to being updated about the crypto market as a trader, you have a variety of choices. If you searched for cryptocurrencies on any platform, you’d find hundreds of channels, including G-podcast and Spotify. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top seven podcasts that can help you grow your crypto passion.

Let’s get this party started.

1. Anna Rose – Zero Knowledge


For those who are curious, this podcast is titled after the Zero Knowledge podcast, which is a mechanism for verifying the truth of a statement. The ZKP is one of the most important verification elements in cryptography.

The moniker is a good fit for the type of content Anna Rose, and her guests provide. These like-minded people look into the details of cryptocurrencies, such as privacy, upgrades, and systemic difficulties. The discussions are an educational blend of data analysis and informed opinions.

2. Stephan Livera – Stephan Livera’s Podcast


When someone on a show uses their whole name, you know they’re serious. Stephan Livera has been on the scene for a long time, with some of the first episodes broadcast in 2018. The majority of his content revolves around bitcoin and all of its associated ramifications. If you’re into bitcoin, you’ll find a lot of his themes really valuable.

Stephan discusses everything about bitcoin’s technical features, including energy usage, lightning network, software, and more. There are several episodes about layer 2 channels and how they help people.

3. Laura Shin – Unchained


Unchained is one of the best podcasts for learning all the little-known facts about various cryptos. Laura Shin, a senior editor at Forbes, is the host. It covers nearly every aspect of cryptocurrency trading. If you’re a complete novice, listening to several Unchained episodes can help you learn more. For more knowledge on cryptocurrency, visit this site.

Many investors, traders, and entrepreneurs choose to listen to all of the programs. Laura Shin is a creative hostess, which is the finest part. Her one-of-a-kind stuff will not tire you.

She also has a thorough understanding of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency business. Every week, you’ll get a new episode with an average length of 49 minutes. All you have to do now is keep an eye out for new ones.

4. Carter Thomas – Coin Mastery

Do you want to stay up to speed on the newest digital currency news, updates, and trends? If that’s the case, it’s been designed specifically for investors like you. People believe Carter Thomas is the main reason for this podcast’s existence. He is a marketer as well as a professional investor.

Carter Thomas examines all of the latest developments in the cryptocurrency world in order to share his knowledge and experience with prospective investors. If you start listening to his episodes on a regular basis, you might become addicted. Still, it’s preferable to squander your time. You will also learn about useful strategies and tricks for starting to earn.

5. Anthony Pompliano – The Pomp Podcast


While The Pomp Podcast isn’t only about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you’ll occasionally hear about hot topics like mental health and viral content. When Anthony Pompliano speaks about crypto, you can trust him.

You can focus on how the material affects your investment plan instead of worrying about it. Even if crypto is only one of your many interests, you should listen to this episode. His strategy is to concentrate on the financial sector’s influence of bitcoin, blockchain, and the decentralized web, from investment to fundraising to laws.

6. Guy Swann – Bitcoin Audible

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, and as a trader who trades in it on a daily basis, it’s only natural that you know everything there is to know about it. When you go into the deep and sophisticated technological mechanisms of bitcoin’s blockchain, it becomes difficult to fully comprehend the cryptocurrency.

There are a number of papers accessible online that describe Bitcoin’s blockchain in great depth, yet many people have remarked that they are just as bewildered as they were before, if not more so. This is where Bitcoin Audible enters the picture.

If you want to learn everything about bitcoin, Bitcoin Audible is the only audio you’ll need. Guy Swann, the host, conveys even the most complex facts in the most straightforward manner possible. While the episodes are a little long, spanning from 30 to 60 minutes, they are well worth the time given the quality and simplicity of access provided by the presenter.

7. Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone – Crypto 101


Crypto 101 is an excellent podcast for anyone who wants to brush up on the fundamentals of digital money. The hosts of this show are Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone.

They’re both experts at evangelizing about cryptocurrency. Each scene focuses on a single topic that is solely linked to cryptocurrency. You should watch episode 365 if you’re looking for a beginner’s guide to digital currency.

Week after week, it airs, with each episode lasting a varied amount of time. In this case, you must be prepared to devote at least 25 minutes to almost one hour to it. You can join it using your email address to receive more information or tips about cryptocurrency.


Nowadays, it’s difficult for us to keep up with the daily news and understand what’s going on in the world. Whatever the case may be, we cannot disregard the need to stay current with current trends.

Digital broadcasts are one of the most fantastic ways to learn about the most recent developments in the crypto realm. Choose any Podcast from the above selection based on your preferences and needs.