While technical ability is one of the core requirements for being an elite professional football player, you need to be kitted with the proper boots.

Take, for example, the historic 2008 Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester United. Some of the world’s best bookmakers on provided some of the most attractive odds for that match, and Chelsea was on the verge of snatching their first Champions League triumph.

And then it happened, John Terry’s boots gave away when he was to play the critical penalty, and he slipped, infamously losing the opportunity to bag the winner.

Yes, being kitted with appropriate boots is critical to having the right balance on the pitch and aptly controlling the ball even in the most delicate conditions.

But how do you choose the right football boots?

Features to consider when selecting football boots

Let us talk about some primary criteria with which you should pick your ideal football boots.

1. Playing surface/Boots Stud

Football boots manufacturers design these boots for different playing surfaces. This is to ensure a firm grip on the turf and optimize the player’s movement.

These stud types include:

  • AG (Artificial Ground): For Artificial turfs.
  • FG (Firm Ground): For hard, molded, and concrete pitches.
  • TF (Astro): For AstroTurf.
  • SF (Soft Ground): For soggy or soft turfs. Particularly useful during rainy days or winter seasons

Normally, you can find the stud-type indicators in their product description. Therefore, select a stud according to the playing surface.

2. The Material

Football boots, like other apparel items, are fashioned of different materials. The most common materials for making football boots are leather and synthetic materials.

Leather is the most conventional of the two. Though it feels a tad heavy, footballers use it to strike the ball with power.

Football boots made with synthetic materials feel light when worn. This quality gives the player the ability to sprint faster.

Thanks to technological advancements, football boots manufacturers produce boots using both materials and extra fabric technology for maximum efficiency.

3. Boot Size

Definitely, you need football boots that are just the right fit. An oversized boot can easily come off on the field, while an undersized one will feel too tight and can even cause structural damage to your feet.

It is best to test out any pair you want to purchase to ensure that it is the right size.

4. Style and Colour

For aesthetic reasons, choose the football boots that suit your style. You can select designs and colors that are distinctive to your brand or the brand you represent if you have one.

Additionally, you can request design and color customizations for an additional fee.

Best Football Boots to Buy in 2024

1. Nike Phantom GT Elite


The Nike Phantom GT Elite is an improved version of the Phantom GT. It features enhanced patterns to optimize the ball’s spin and flight anytime a player kicks it.

The lightweight Flyknit design wraps your foot in flexible strands for a sock-like fit. It gives you the support you need to cut around opponents quickly. This design, combined with its off-center lacing, creates a clear zone for ball control and movements.

Its embedded Weather-Ready Touch All Circumstances (ACC) technology ensures that it functions efficiently in both dry and wet weather conditions.

When you buy from the Nike website, you can customize to your taste.

2. Puma King Pro 21FG


Puma redesigned the Puma King Pro 21FG to improve the feel of the round leather game. It features the brand-new KING Form technology. This technique combines a rib structure with soft K-leather to enhance touch and response.

The style of this leather football boot makes it comfortable to wear while optimizing all of your movements.

It has a lightweight sole featuring conical studs that are thoughtfully positioned to optimize your potential in every step.

The laces are also carefully positioned with a mesh tongue that promotes a solid fit while also allowing your feet to breathe.

3. Adidas X Ghosted.3 Multi Ground


If speed is the bargain, then Adidas X Ghosted.3 Multi Ground is your go-to. This football boot is very light, gifting you the desired propulsion to go faster with every stride.

The tongue is elastic and hugs the feet for a comfortable fit. Your feet feel light and swift as you travel, thanks to the Speedskin upper.

Additionally, a TPU outsole guarantees firmly-planted feet on whichever surface you play.

4. Umbro Chaleira II Pro


Do you prefer your football games indoors? No problems! The Umbro Chaleira II Pro will still help you score those goals.

Umbro uses natural leather with a soft feel to make this innovative indoor football boot.

It also features a mid-height midsole that cushions strike impacts on your feet.

For traction, there is the EVA sole, a very durable outsole with shock absorption outsole and a 360° pivot.

Generally, this football boot assures you of comfort and efficiency.

5. Puma Future 5.1 NETFIT


The Puma Future 5.1 NETFIT comes loaded with technological elements that will help footballers impose control and speed on the field.

When worn, this boot is very comfy and firmly hugs your feet. Interestingly, it allows for different shoelace threading options via any of its holes.

This football boot has RAPIDAGILITY technology, which features a hybrid reactive sole with bladed and conical studs to offer a solid and secure grip on the ground.

Thanks to the evoKNIT PRO and 3D Havoc Frame technologies, the design is such that there is a smooth and efficient transfer of energy from the feet to the ball, delivering optimum ball movement and control.

6. New Balance Furon V6+ Destroy SG


The New Balance Furon V6+ Destroy FG is for players seeking performance optimization. This football boot is manufactured with synthetic leather and feels light.

It assures the wearer of perfect grip, swift direction changes, and speed facilitation.

On the inside of this football boot is the Fit Weave technology that holds in the player’s feet to allow them to move effortlessly.

Located at the upper is a mesh with an ankle-area knit trim and adjustable flat lacing. This modern arrangement gives comfort and also adds to your style.

Footballers with the most lucrative football boot deals

With influencer marketing becoming the in-thing in the football business, boot manufacturers are partnering with some of the biggest names in the sport. This enables such boots to enjoy enormous exposure.

And yes, they pay a fortune to these top footballers. Here are some of the most money-laden boot deals some footballers have secured.

1. Lionel Messi (Adidas, £18 million)


The Argentine footballer signed a lifetime contract with Adidas worth £18 million per year. This boot contract, announced in 2017, comes with a slew of benefits.

These include a £2 million bonus if he wins the Ballon d’Or, a £1 million bonus if he secures the European Golden Boot, a £3 million yearly bonus if he wins the Champions League and other award-related add-ons.

Furthermore, this partnership is not only for boots; it also provides Messi with his own Adidas Messi sub-brand.

As a result, it has an apparel line that includes anything from hoodies to tracksuits and other athletic attire.

2. Neymar Jnr. (Puma, £23 million)


Puma’s £23 million deal with Neymar is the most expensive among football boot sponsorships. Despite signing an £11 million footwear deal with Nike, he ended the 11-year collaboration and moved to Puma in 2020.

A £3 million annual bonus if he wins the Champions League, another £4 million in annual performance-related remuneration, and a sportswear range with hoodies, tracksuits, and T-shirts are part of the perks of this multi-year contract.

Via this boot deal, Neymar is expected to pocket a cool £300 million.

3. Mohammed Salah (Adidas, £2.5 million)


Mohammed Salah, fondly called the Egyptian King, inked a multi-year boot contract with Adidas in 2020. This sponsorship deal makes him the face of the Adidas X18 football boots.

Furthermore, the in-form striker is entitled to the best of the German sportswear brand’s off-field attire featuring a hoodie, t-shirt, and tracksuit.

Other performance-related bonuses are included in this agreement. This includes a £2 million title-winning payment, a £1 million AFCON winning payment, and a £1 million champions league winning payment.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo (Nike, £15 million)


The Portuguese striker has represented Nike since joining Manchester United. Initially, it was a £15 million multi-year contract, but CR7 and Nike agreed to extend it to a lifetime contract.

This upgraded agreement makes him the first footballer to earn a billion pounds via sponsorships and endorsements.

Over the years, he has been the face of the Nike Mercurial boots, and this deal will see him wearing the Mercurial Superfly VII Elite football boots.

The performance-related perks coming with this deal include a £4 million bonus if he wins Ballon d’Or, a £2 million bonus if he wins the European golden boot, a £3 million bonus if he wins the Champions League, and a collection of other award-related bonuses.

In addition, the deal comes with an apparel collection; a Ronaldo tracksuit, T-Shirt, and hoodie.

5. Kylian Mbappe (Nike, £14 million)


Kylian Mbappe’s 10-year Nike football footwear sponsorship deal comes with bountiful benefits. He was supposed to go to Adidas earlier, but Nike was able to lock him down, considering him as a potential CR7 successor.

During training and competitions, this collaboration provides Mbappe with Nike Mercurial Superfly football boots and the company’s apparel assortment.

He is eligible for a £3 million bonus if he wins the Champions League, a £5 million bonus if he scoops up the Ballon d’Or, a £2 million bonus if he is the European Golden Boot winner.

This is further garnished with various performance-related bonuses each year.