The digital world has taken over anything and everything. The landscape of businesses has also transformed, and there is a need to pace up with these constantly evolving times.

Enterprises are adopting newer techniques that bring them closer to their customer base and strengthen their relationships while building new connections.

They are not just messengers but rather your business messengers now. Globally, instant messaging is among the most popular activities on smartphones, and most people use them significantly more than their computers.

It offers a distinct advantage over any other digital marketing channel, even for customers without smartphones. The fundamentals of messages are still the same, yet they reap a lot of prospects for businesses.

Most of the population has phone access; thus, why not leverage that opportunity and make the most out of it? Nowadays, most people are comfortable reading and responding to messages. Business messenger offers marketers a direct route to customers, simplifying their marketing strategy. Marketers can benefit from immediacy and directness.


Make Umnico your instant business messenger and dive into the pool of opportunities at low cost & effortlessly.

Businesses can plan and implement marketing campaigns with them and deliver timely, personalized messages to mobile devices to increase brand loyalty and engagement.

They are your all-in-one messenger with a sales funnel to combine various social media apps in one place. Digital promotions are being implemented with MMS, polls, coupons, surveys, and more to reach prospective customers.

Umnico – the trusted business messenger, offers a complete and vast range of modern instant messengers and social media functions, thus, offering maximum social media functionality. Entrepreneurs can easily and quickly gain new subscribers and also retain existing ones. While the perks are a plethora, these can be listed and categorized under specific advantages such as:

1. High Feasibility with Greater Reach

Compared to traditional marketing methods, such as TV, radio, or print media, the all-in-one messenger is very affordable.

They can reach millions of people in an instant, anytime, anywhere. With your audience segmented, you can accurately send targeted marketing messages to specific audiences. Your approach can be refined with analyzed and strategically curated marketing messages to maximize sales.

The versatile all-in-one messenger communication channel (Live Chat, Instagram Messenger APP, Whatsapp Web, Whatsapp Messenger App, Telegram, Facebook, Viber, and others) assists with its message aggregator. It delivers time-oriented, efficient, highly supportive, and functional messages for all your needs.

2. Generate Conversations


This social CRM integration allows sales representatives to engage with prospects more rapidly.

The sales force will close deals more rapidly, response rates will be improved, insights will be shared, several leads can be managed simultaneously, and time will be ultimately saved thanks to strategic communications.

In enhancing the reputation of the business. Integrating instant messaging with social CRM can initiate conversations on several platforms, such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

Messages across each of these platforms will be projected with delivery status at Umnico projecting on whether the message is read or not, and accordingly, your strategy can be molded. It helps in being more customer-centric and addressing all queries, initiating conversations, and building relations.

Choose social CRM for messengers and interact strategically with your users. This is the simplest way to engage the audience on their preferred platform.

3. Prompt, Secure, and Highly Efficient Sales Pipeline

Instant messages can be read on a phone’s lock screen and are concise and easy to read. It has been discovered that nearly 60% of people read their messages within 5 minutes.

Thus, immediate attention is grasped with minimal time and resource involvement. The ability to use technology in professional settings has grown, and many people now recognize its value.

Umnico’s omnichannel messaging services for businesses play a vital role in leveraging any brand/individual/organization and developing powerful marketing and sales pipelines, regardless of whether they are start-ups, medium-sized companies, or large enterprises.

Double encryption also ensures that the company and customer data are secured and that there is more fluidity in communication between employees and customers.

Scheduled messages offer benefits, such as saving time when planning a campaign, eliminating the need to write each message individually, and reaching multiple groups of people simultaneously.

4. Reviving Personalized Connect


The all-in-one messenger is integrated with any business application with the open API. You can reach out to a larger audience with secure and stable connections.

However, growing your business can make delivering a personalized touch harder, yet it’s even more crucial when expanding.

The automation tool allows you to easily include your customers’ details in your message, making it more one-to-one conversation than a generic flooded message – yet all it takes is a simple click.

Viewers appreciate such simple yet effective and meaningful gestures. It can help retain clients, target newer value chains, and leverage opportunities with desired clientele.

It will show immediately who has received it and who has opened, read, and responded to it, which is the most important.

Umnico is your one-stop solution and robust omnichannel communication platform that can help you in upscaling your business and boosting your scales effectively. With a competent and highly qualified team connected with over 5,000 companies worldwide. With a vision to offer unparalleled experience, they are here to revolutionize the industry.

Optimize your performance with over 25 streamlined channels without missing a single lead and become the game-changer in your domain. Be ahead even beyond the business hours and outshine the rest with Umnico.

Let your sales conversion rate amplify, efficiency be attained, and a healthy and trust-driven relationship be established. It only takes a slightly different perspective or, as said, “the road not taken” to make all the difference.

Keep watching this space for such incredible & insightful updates!