The wedding day can be stressful and exhaustive for any couple – the wedding jitters, overseeing the arrangements, and making last-minute changes can be overwhelming for couples and family members as well.

The pressure to make the day perfect and monitoring every activity now and then will result in a bitter experience as they can’t loosen up and enjoy the time. Many couples plan the wedding for a year or more, and they still need to make last-minute adjustments as, at times, the wedding day goes nothing as planned.

Many people are under the impression that event planners are expensive to hire, and they don’t listen to the wishes and preferences while planning for an event. If you are also reluctant to hire event planners for your wedding day, this article may change your mind. This article will discuss reasons to hire a professional event planner.

1. Can be good moderators


It is often seen that the bride and the groom have a different vision for the wedding, leading to quibbles and tension between the couples. In such situations, event planners can reason with the couple to compromise where both of them are happy.

2. Can help you stay on budget

Event planners make a priority list of the things that are needed to get done for your big wedding and allocate the budget accordingly. If the couples want something unnecessary and out of the budget allocated, like a two-tier his and her wedding cake, the event planner tries to make the couple look at the bigger picture and explain how an unnecessary surge in expenses is not required.

3. Can negotiate with vendors


Experienced event planners know the market value of décor, flowers, cake, and different types of decorations. They also know where to get the cheapest things. So, allow the event planner to do the negotiation and see the options they have to offer.

4. Arrange everything according to your preference

Planning a wedding can be hectic and, at times, confusing. You have thousands of options to choose from in so little time. Hence, if you have time constraints, you can make a vision board for the planner, including the type of venue you want, the decorations, center table pieces, cake, entertainment, food menu, and grand entry. Share the vision board with your event planner, and based on your preference, they can bring options for you.

5. Help with last-minute changes


A wedding is planned at least a month or two before the wedding date and things can go wrong at the very last minute. The decorator could be out of flowers; your gown might need fitting changes, your entertainment can cancel – so many things can go wrong! If you have a wedding planner, you don’t need to dial number after numbers to find a solution; the wedding planner can handle everything while you enjoy your last days as a bachelor.

6. Help you with guest accommodation and management

Sending invites and arranging accommodation for family, relatives, and friends is another hectic task. The event planner can assign an employee to pick up and drop guests, keep track of the day and time guests are arriving, and arrange transportation for the guests on the wedding day.

7. Booking makeup artist for the bride and the bridesmaids


Getting one makeup artist for the bride and bridesmaid can result in delays. So, it is wise to get a makeup artist for the bride and another for bridesmaids. Moreover, it is essential to choose a makeup artist who will style the bride’s hair as well. The Event planner will take care of the time and the makeup artist so that the wedding is not delayed.

8. Avoid delays on your big day

With an event planner, you can expect minimum to no delay on the schedules of your wedding ceremony and the after-party. Event planners ensure the bride, groom, and the family members are leaving the house at the right time, the catering service is ready to serve food, decorations and all arrangements of after-party are complete, etc. You can enjoy every moment without stressing over the incomplete chores.

9. Hygienic food and environment


Hygiene of the food and place should never be compromised, especially in the post-COVID phase. Event planners assign an employee to oversee the catering service food preparation and another, to monitor the venue decoration. They ensure the venue looks immaculate and is sterilized properly before guests arrive.

10. Guest invitation and Seating arrangement

Inviting over two hundred guests can be difficult and time-consuming. The event planner can step in and send out invites on your behalf – this does not only save time but will also save your traveling cost. Additionally, the seating arrangement is another painful thing. You can make seating arrangements for your friends and family and let the event planner handle the rest.

11. Wedding photo


Taking photographs of the wedding day is essential to capture the precious moments. However, arranging a photographer and getting back those photographs can be a hassle for the couple. It is due to several reasons, such as the couple leaves for their honeymoon right away and can’t contact the photographer for days. In such a situation, the wedding planner hires a photographer and can collect the photographs and album on your behalf or arrange for a home delivery service.

According to, having an option of party hire in Adelaide can be your life savior if you are too busy and find planning your big day overwhelming. There are many packages that event planners offer, or you can pay a per-day fee. However, per day option is never a good one since it takes a long time to plan a wedding. The best option would be to take a package of your needs, including vendor finding, venue decoration, transportation, and other necessities. Also, book your venue at least six months in advance of your wedding date to avoid last-minute venue finding hassle; it might lead you to compromise for a venue you never wanted!