Are you someone who loves to play video games on your laptop or your mobile phone? In the last year, people have been playing more games than ever due to the global pandemic, and everyone’s been trying to enjoy their gaming experience at a high level. However, having the right equipment is essential in this case. Is your computer fast enough, or what is your connection like? Here are some tips that will help every player!

13 Tips To Improve Gaming Performance On Your Laptop

1. Use a game booster


There are some apps that can help you with this. Use a driver booster since it will help with your gameplay and a faster outcome for each and every game. Once you download it will clean ram on low-end systems. These are most popular for windows computers, and they are free or super cheap to get and install.

2. Increase virtual memory

Your virtual memory should be at its optimal. For most players, this is twice the ram that you have. Go to your performance settings and advanced options and click virtual memory! Once there set it as your double ram. For instance, if you have 4GB Ram you can use 8000MB (8GB). Do this little step and you will see an improvement in your gameplay.

3. High-performance mode


High performance applies to your overall gameplay. Turn on your laptop and adjust the battery mode to high performance. You will see a drastic change in your gameplay, as well as its overall quality. This mode is such a simple step, and you’re only a click away from making your game more enjoyable.

4. Clean your laptop

Cleaning your system and your laptop is essential, as well as quite easy. The more space and storage you have, the better the performance! A cleaner system will have amazing airflow and cooling technology. You can clean your laptop using different ways and methods. For some, this means bringing the laptop every six months to a trustworthy service. The choice is entirely up to you.

5. Use cleaning apps


A CC cleaner is quite common for any junk files and quick fixes. Make sure to use it every here and there to get better performance. You should also uninstall bloatware. Most IT experts recommend getting a 128GB SSD since it is not too expensive and is quite easy to use.

6. Antivirus

This might seem like a simple piece of advice, but a lot of people can have a virus on their phone or laptop that they are not even aware of. Check your operating system and see if everything is as you’d expect it to be. Once you get rid of the virus your game will run a lot more smoothly.

7. Defragment your hard drive


Clean your laptop inside out, literally! Just like there are viruses, you might have some dust getting into the hard drive as well. Your fans should operate and run swiftly, so clean them every 2-3 weeks to get the best gaming experience. Just make sure that you don’t touch your SSD card. It works and functions just fine on its own, and you don’t need to clean it.

8. Uninstall any unwanted apps

Delete and uninstall any old apps that you stopped using and that are just sitting on your computer. You should make as much as space possible for your new game. Invest some time and do the cleanup, it will help you in the long run and will make your game enjoyable, as well as fast. Just don’t rush the process and uninstall one game or program at a time.

9. Update your windows


This might sound silly, but it works! If you do have windows make sure to check out its update bar every here and there. Some updates might surprise you, just make sure that you are patient enough when it comes to its upgrade since it can take a while for it to do its magic.

10. More ram and better graphics

An SSD can make your overall performance a lot better. Your gaming rams will mean better graphics, automatically! Every player should have 8GB (at least), and everything less than this might not cut it for you. Ask some IT experts for the best ram graphic cards before you make your next purchase.

11. Overlock your system


Is this manageable as well as possible when it comes to your computer? Since it can vary. You can overlock your system since this will help with the product lifespan and its maintenance. This step should, however, be your final one and if all else fails in the process. Do not turn to it right away.

12. Stop with unnecessary windows services

Sometimes, less is truly more. Windows can offer you a lot of their services. By accepting this you can overheat your processor. We recommend using windows 10 and disabling all of its unwanted and unnecessary features manually and with your mouse. This way you will get the optimal performance.

13. Get a new laptop


Last, but not least, how about you find and purchase yourself a new laptop? Getting something functional, operational, as well as affordable, is possible! At GamingBeasts you can browse through different models that are less than $1,000! Each laptop has an in-depth review, as well as all of its pros & cons written out. You will easily find something that suits your preference, and that is perfect for your game!

Ready for the best gaming experience?

So, are you ready to enjoy your game at a new level? Ready to start having fun without the unnecessary lag? Every gamer will appreciate this article, as well as our tips and tricks. Just follow these 13 crucial rules and you will have the time of your life on your own or with your friends! Make sure that you’re patient when it comes to cleaning your laptop, as well as when purchasing a new kind. This is key to happiness, as well as long-lasting happy gameplay.