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Ready to shake up your weekend plans? There’s nothing better than a good old game night with all your friends. Now, planning a games night may sound easy, but when you’ve got a guest list to beat the best, you’ll want to spend some solid time organizing. From digital gaming to real-time betting or card games, there’s a lot to plan, especially when it’s casino-themed.

Whether it’s a bachelorette party, a themed birthday, or generally just you and your loved ones enjoy hitting the slots; hosting your very own Vegas Casino Party has never been easier. To create the ultimate Vegas-esque experience that will be a party to remember, take these five tips and get ready to win big and have fun. We’ve rounded up five different types of fun you can incorporate into your event, whether it’s day or night, so sit back, relax, and get the notepad out.

Casino Games

home made casino game

It’s not casino night without the tables, cards, and games. To make it easier for everyone, reuse your kitchen table to save on costs. All you need to do is cover it in cloth and print out some replica casino-themed branding to feel like you’re the real deal. Remember to think up some of the beloved classics like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat… but don’t forget to get a cheat sheet out for the beginners (not everyone can win like a pro!).

Along with the table, you’ll need all the setup for some good old poker tournaments. Feel like the real 007 James Bond while playing poker from home, and practice your poker face against your best mates. For a special occasion, you could even get some homemade cards made to be kept as souvenirs, but if there’s no time – one deck will do.

In terms of slot machines, unless you are the real 007, we doubt you’ll be bringing full-size slots to the house – but online slots will work just as well. Online gaming is a crucial part of today’s gambling scene, letting your guests just jump on their phones and start playing online casino games, no matter what takes their fancy.

This is a great way to add variety to your night. Make some charts of the top web pages to use like Bodog, and watch your nearest and dearest make the big bucks virtually. We all know when the night ends, the cash stops flowing, but when you’re online, the games never end. Here’s to an all-night party, so make sure to get the drinks flowing!

Live Entertainers

You’re not the hostess with the mostest without some live entertainers. Why don’t you bring the bright lights of Las Vegas into your house by hiring out some of your town’s greatest talents?

Whether they’re magicians, cabaret singers, or comedians, the entertainment is the cherry on the cake for any Vegas party. Want a way to take your party to the next level? Get some “staff” involved like you’re at the swankiest casino around, by hiring some card dealers or drink waiters. The service will be endless. Perfect!

Food Menu

casino food menu

There’s no point in counting the hours away without any food. Food is fuel, and your head will be in the game when you’ve got a decent menu to match. Create a bespoke, designed menu to compete against the best casino you know, and place the plates on your tables with name cards.

Steak Tartare? Entrecote? French Cuisine is always a hit with hungry guests. Don’t forget drinks! One of the most important parts of the night is the cocktail to match your costume. Create a cocktail pairing to match each dish you serve, so the drinks keep flowing and the party keeps going – we’ll take a martini. Shaken. Not stirred.

Dress Code

Party like the rich and famous, just like all the glitzy folk in your favorite casino-themed movies. Channel 007 as yourself, the host, and watch the Bond girls fall at your feet in their 1970s glamor.

For the others? Only three-piece suits will do! Host a costume competition and watch your competitors shine in envy. Need inspiration? Casino Royale or Ocean’s Eleven. Pick your character and get ready to play the part.

The winner of the competition gets a couple of extra chips and a bottle of champagne. When drinks are for the taking, people will try extra hard!


There’s always boring stuff, we know, but make sure your party is above board by ensuring your licensing is up to scratch. Luckily, you don’t need one to play from home if you’re using fake play chips, so you could incorporate a prize for the winner instead of cash, for whoever gets the most chips.

How about planning an ultimate girls’ getaway trip for you and your best friends? Or, if you’re thirsting for a real win, turn to the online games. Keep your games and cash wins going with online betting, and your party will be good to go.

Create a timetable for the night, play some real-life games to win poker chips, and end your night on an all-time high with a big jackpot. Online games can be anything, from crypto wins to baccarat or craps, so whatever your or your guest’s game of choice is, online has it covered.

The crucial part for any party is definitely the guests, so long as you have all of the above and plan it accordingly, your soiree will be off to a tremendous start. It’s not about the experience per se; it’s all about who you spend your time with. Have fun, win big, and dress up – that’s all that matters!

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