If you have been trying to grow your Instagram account, you have probably heard that you need to get your posts featured on the platform’s Explore page. If you manage to get your posts there, you will gain a lot of exposure to a wide audience, which means more Instagram likes for you.

In essence, the only way to get the Instagram algorithm to favor your posts and include them in the Explore is to have high engagement. This includes likes, comments, shares, and saves. Each one of these elements is very important, and you should focus on increasing all of them. For example, you can visit the best site to buy Instagram followers, which is, to bring users to your profile.

In this article, we are going to explain the best ways to boost the engagement of your content so that it reaches the Explore page.

1. Post Content that Your Audience Likes


As we have already mentioned, the key to getting your posts on the Explore page is to increase their engagement. To get more Instagram likes, you have to always post content that you know that your audience likes. For example, if you have a gaming account, then you always need to post gaming-related content. This way, you will attract users interested in this niche. This focused and targeted audience will like and comment on your posts, while they might also save and share them.

2. Don’t Repost Content on Your Feed

Sometimes it is easier to repost some content that you like on your feed, rather than create your own original one. However, keep in mind that the Instagram algorithm doesn’t favor reposted content. If you do that, you eliminate the chances of it getting on the Explore page, thus losing potential likes and followers. If you want to boost your profile, it’s better to visit the best site to buy Instagram followers than reposting unoriginal content. This way, you have better chances of succeeding.

3. Use All the Relevant Hashtags


In recent months, Instagram has made the Explore tab richer than ever before. Right now, the users can explore and find posts based on specific topics that interest them. For example, they can browse results on the IGTV category, or look for posts that are tagged as travel, architecture, décor, style, food, art, DIY, beauty, TV & movies, music, and sports. Therefore, if you use the most relevant hashtag in your posts, they will get in the most appropriate category.

4. Create IGTV Posts


There are two main reasons why IGTV posts are ideal for bringing you Instagram likes from the platform’s Explore page. The first reason is that they have a specified category in the Explore tab only for IGTV content. The second reason is that these IGTV videos can be included in every other category, depending on the hashtags you have used. In addition to this, they appear significantly larger than the rest of the posts and so, they are more visible.

5. Use the Geotag Feature


The geotagging feature allows you to tag the location of your post. So, when a user searches for this specific location, he will see your post. This simple practice can vastly increase the reach of your content, thus increasing the number of likes you are getting. If these users find out that you consistently post great content, they will also choose to follow you. Of course, if you want more drastic results, you can visit, which is the best site to buy Instagram followers.

6. Collaborate with Influencers


A sure way to increase your Instagram likes and to get plenty of new followers is to collaborate with an influencer that already has a large following. This collaboration will expose your account to a wide audience that is interested in your niche. Of course, this will benefit you in multiple ways, such as increasing your followers and enhancing the engagement of your posts. However, big influencers are a little picky when it comes to their collaboration. To convince them to work with you, visit, which is the best site to buy Instagram followers.

7. Study Your Instagram Insights


Your Instagram insights are your guide to make your content successful. In there, you will find invaluable information about your audiences, such as their preferences and their demographics. In the insights, you can evaluate the success of each post. When you find that a type of post is performing better than the rest, then you should focus on creating content that is similar to it. This way, you can capitalize on the success and reach the Instagram Explore page with your increased engagement.

8. Create Inspirational Quote Posts

The next thing that you need to do to boost your content is to find which posts are gathering the most likes. Inspirational quotes are very popular and they tend to get easily shared and saved. This makes them ideal when you aim to enter the Instagram Explore page. You can easily find relatable quotes on the Internet that will motivate and touch your followers. Moreover, you can search for quotes from literature and movies, both very popular on social media.

9. Use Plenty of Calls to Action


If you want to increase the Instagram likes of your posts, then you have to directly ask your users to do what will help you. For this reason, you need to include plenty of calls to action in your captions, your images, and your Stories. For example, you can ask your followers to tag a friend in a comment, like a post if they agree with your statement, or share your post on their Stories. Sometimes users need this extra push to actually interact with the content. This gets even more important when you understand that this is the only way to reach the Instagram Explore page.

With these tips, you will manage to get your posts featured on the Explore page. No matter the outcome, visit, which is the best site to buy Instagram followers.