The future of home security belongs to the automated home security system. A dashboard placed inside the house is being used to control, monitor, and program the security system from anywhere across the globe. This system combines home security with home automation, which means detecting crime, and monitoring the home goes hand in hand. Several types of equipment are as follows:

  • Control panels
  • Motion sensors
  • Smoke & Heat sensors
  • HD Slimline Doorbell
  • Smart locks (automated locks)
  • Customized security cameras
  • High-decibel alarms
  • Apps
  • Business security
  • Pest control

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What’s New?


The prime difference between the conventional home security system and an automated home security system is installation and remote access. Previously it was installed on a DIY (do it yourself) basis, but now most of the components are embedded in one smart device. The device can be placed somewhere in the house and can be operated via an application installed in the smart-phone. An active internet connection is required to access the device placed in the house.

  • Flexible Security Plans

When it comes to the security system, either you have the system installed, or you are looking for a fresh start and hire a company. Following plans could be adopted to serve the purpose:

  • Plan 1: Wireless Monitoring

The existing home security system can be upgraded to a wireless monitoring system. New features will be embedded professionally in your previous with no major changes so that it remains easy to use for you. Another addition to it will be an active Wi-Fi connection. However, some systems may not be compatible for up-gradation. The company sends a professional person to install it in the house.

  • Plan 2: Wireless Monitoring + Arm/Disarm App

This plan is an advanced version of the previous plan. An application is added to the system. The application needs to be installed on the smart-phone. Both your cell phone and the security device must be connected to an active internet connection and avail of the services remotely. The app can be connected and disconnected as per the requirement. For example, one can turn off certain notifications when the home is under construction or the user is in a meeting.

  • Plan 3: Smart Home Security and Automation

A keypad hub, which is normally a 7” smart touch screen, is added to the system. It consists of a built-in camera, expandable locks, lights, thermostats, cameras, encrypted door sensors, and a glass break sensor. Like the above two plans, a professional from the company is required to install the system. It can be utilized if and only if there is an active internet connection. Otherwise, the connection between the components will break. Consequently, it won’t work properly.

Premium Features


Each company offers different premium features with its longest contract. Moreover, as the time of the contract increases, so does the amount. A few of the common premium features in the alarm security system are mentioned below:

Previously, the history of the system was not a matter of interest. Therefore, it was difficult to identify problems later on. A small camera is embedded in the doorbell, which is not visible to the intruder. And hence the user can get to know if some unusual movement takes place outside the house.

Tips to Choose the Right Automated Security System


While researching for the right security system, keep the following points in mind. You’ll never make the wrong choice:

  • Quality over Quantity

Most of the time, people are looking for cheaper options. However, not every cheap package is worth a shot. Rather look for what you need. Most of the time, long-term packages come with premium features. But you don’t need them all at the same time; the features offered by the cheapest package are not able to fulfill our needs. Therefore, don’t just look at the amount. Rather focus on the features offered by the company in a particular package.

  • Transparency

The customer must know where the amount is being invested. It is divided into two branches; the first one is the expense of the equipment, and the second one is the expense of the company to provide the service. Make sure you are investing in the right company.

  • Complex Password

Always choose a complex password for the sake of security. And share it with trustworthy people only.



The automated home security system has added several, need of hour benefits to the conventional home security system. Some of them are listed below:

  • Gain More Control

All the activity is just one click away. Therefore, more control is gained over the entire system. Moreover, it can be monitored from anywhere, anytime, is like a dream come true, and has given birth to a carefree, tension-free lifestyle ahead.

  • Easy to Maintain

The smart home security system is maintained smartly. A notification is sent to the company and the user whenever an error occurs. A stitch is made in time and prevents a bigger loss. Previously, maintenance was a great issue because the problem was identified at the time of the crime. This leads to wastage of money and disappointment.

  • Saves Money

The conventional home security system was more expensive and offered fewer features. However, the automated home security system offers more features at the same price. The installation is not a big deal. The respective company sends a trustworthy worker along with the devices. He set up all the systems for you. Due to the use of smart technology, there is not too much mess of the components of the system. It saves the walls of your house, as no digging in the walls is required to get everything into working condition.