Homes have more than four walls and a roof. They are the places where you feel comfortable, protected, and carefree. To feel all these things, ensuring your house is safe against all possible threats is important. You can never be a hundred percent sure about protecting your home, but your efforts can deter many threats.

One of the best ways to secure your home may be considering a smart lock. They enable you to lock and unlock your door with a smartphone or a central hub. Millions of people are using this keyless way of entering your house, and you may also want to think about it for your home.

Here are some of the most considerable advantages of smart locks for your home

1. Keyless Entrance and Exit


If you have ever locked yourself out of your home, do not worry. You are not alone. Many people go through the same struggle and may be stuck for hours outside their homes. However, you can avoid this struggle with fingerprint door locks for advanced access control.

Smart locks allow you to lock and unlock your doors without a key. You can use your phone or fingerprint to unlock smart locks. This way, you will not have to worry about losing or misplacing your key ever again or feeling your heart drop when you cannot feel a key in your bag or pocket.

You can also register multiple fingerprints on the smart door locks to ensure that all your family members or flatmates have access when they need it. You can also change, remove, and delete access as you like.

2. Use Individual Passcodes


Smart doors were made with keeping the convenience of homeowners in mind. The companies understand that homes can have more than one resident. All of the residents in a house are not bound to enter at the same time every day.

Therefore, smart locks ensure that you can add passwords for multiple people at one time. This way, you can allow access to several people in your house. You can also easily remove access and change codes so that unwanted people can no longer enter your home.

You can also change the passcodes from time to time to ensure that no one unwanted could use a leaked passcode. Smart doors help homeowners feel confident and sure about the security of their homes and loved ones.

3. Avoid Risks of Hideaway Keys


Many people can agree that they have put a hideaway key somewhere outside their home at least once in their lifetime. It can seem very convenient to enter your house when you misplace your keys, but you may not be the only one benefitting from it. Burglars may also take advantage of this facility.

Burglars are smart, and they know the common places for you to hide your keys. They can access those keys and enter your house when you may not be home. A smart door can help you say goodbye to your hideaway keys to secure your home.

The absence of a hideaway key from prime spots outdoors can make you feel more comfortable and confident. You can forget about a stalker noting your hideaway spot. You never have to worry about a key to your home ending in the wrong hands.

4. Integration with Other Devices


You can integrate your smart devices, such as security camera and doorbell, with your smart lock. As you integrate your smart devices, you can create complete house security. This way, you can enjoy automation in your home.

You can use the intuitive interface to secure your home. In addition, you can also use the security system’s integration with the security camera to view your house remotely. It can give you confidence about the safety of your home when you are away.

This way, you can feel the comfort of your home being secure even when you are away. Whether you are out of the city or state, being able to look at your house even from a distance is a relief. Even if something feels wrong, you can ask a friend or a family member to check up.

5.  Automate Your Home

Technology has made one’s personal and professional life so much easier than before. You may think that bringing the same level of technology to your house can be an expensive task but that it is not true. You can take many big and small steps to automate your home, especially with your smart door.

Your smart lock can be a great tool to help you control several other aspects of your home with a smart system. For example, you can trigger the garage lights to come on every time the front door is opened or incorporate it with your thermostat to raise temperatures when you enter the front door.

Automation can make your day-to-day life a lot easier. These are just a few examples of how you can use a smart door to automate different aspects of your home. You can draw your own automation journey and enjoy a hassle-free life every day.

6. Stay Updated


It can be scary to hear a knock at the door when you are not expecting anyone. You may have so many thoughts in your mind before gathering the courage to ask who it is and finally opening the door. Such anxiety can be avoided by using smart doors.

Smart doors facilitate the users by letting them know who is on the door. You do not need to look through the peephole anymore. They can send a notification to your phone. You can also integrate your smart door with your security camera to see who is on the door in real-time.

In addition, smart doors notify you whenever someone uses a code or a fingerprint to enter your home. This way, you can keep a note of what time someone exits or enters your house. For example, many parents can know when their children get back home through the notifications from the smart door.