Vows are exchanged in every marriage “till death do us part,” but it seems like some crazy deal-breaker finds its way in between. Researchers say it’s all the pent-up anger built in the person throughout their marriage that causes one to reach a decision for divorce over a silly issue.

From not liking an artifact to not changing relationship status on social media, here are some of the most bizarre-but-true reasons people have gotten divorced.

Cleaning Obsession

A German woman filed for divorce because her husband completely changed the interior of their house and obsessively cleaned and rearranged her furniture. This was apparently the last straw that brought down their 15 years of marriage.

The Wrong Vote

Divorce rates in America are around 45 percent, decreasing by the day, thankfully! But when it comes to voting for the wrong person, it becomes the reason to end 22 years of marriage. A woman in California is said to file for divorce when she found out her husband voted for Donald J. Trump. In her defense, it felt like a “betrayal” of her trust.

Not Fast Enough

A woman divorced her husband because he did not drive fast enough. It’s true!

Back to the Past

Source: professorshouse.com

After hearing his high school sweetheart is single again, he ended a 46-year marriage and married her on the day the divorce was finalized. True love much?

Delicious Cuisines

The wife cooked amazing meals every day that he couldn’t believe his luck. This continued for a year until he found out that his wife couldn’t cook. All those delicious meals were takeouts, and since the wife took care of the billing and payments, it was easier to hide.

This event took place before the development of online bank accounts, where everything had to be done the old-fashioned way: a book and a pen! And yes, eventually, they got divorced!

Night-Light Drama

A man divorced his wife because she used night lights or color temperature lights to induce uninterrupted sleep while he loved sleeping in the dark. Getting a perfect night’s sleep is more important than a marriage, apparently!

Washed Away

Just days after their marriage, they went swimming on a beach. As the 28-year-old bride came out of the water, her makeup washed away, leading her 34-year-old husband to believe he was deceived. Bringing false eyelashes and ready-to-wear wigs of his wife to court as evidence, he immediately filed for divorce.

Too Nice

Source: popsugar.com

A woman named Rashida Lucas divorced her husband because he was too nice. Along with others, her other main reason is that he cooked good food that made her gain a lot of weight.

Secret Love Letters

After 70 years of marriage, a 99-year-old man divorced his wife because she had secretly written love letters to her lover in the 1940s. She came clean, confessed to having had an affair, and pleaded for forgiveness, but he wasn’t having it.


A Japanese couple, married for six years, sat down to watch the animated movie ‘Frozen’. After the movie, the husband made the mistake of asking, “Did you think it was that good?” Apparently, the wife thought it was good and made her question what sort of person she actually got married to. She couldn’t seem to “let it go”, leading her to move out from the marital residence.

Losing a Wager

While playing poker, a Russian man ran out of money – so he bet his wife and lost again. When his wife found out, she filed for divorce and left him for the man who won her. Apparently, the man won her heart too!

Too Many Cats

Source: hepper.com

An Israeli woman adopted 550 cats in 2002. All the money earned went on to buy cat food. Once, a cat ate off the dining table, which was the last straw for the husband, and he ended up divorcing his cat-loving spouse.

Grimy Dishes

Matthew’s wife would come into the kitchen to find dirty plates, glasses, and cups on the sink, which eventually became the cause of their divorce. According to her, it is a sign of indifference that she never thought her husband would be.

Relationship Status

Social media has taken a part of our lives, but for one woman, it was her marriage. A woman from India decided to divorce her husband when he didn’t change his relationship status to ‘married’ on social media.

Poor Table Etiquette

After only a week of marriage, a Kuwaiti woman filed for divorce when she found out her husband had poor table manners. She discovered he uses bread rather than a fork to eat peas and was rather shocked by this behavior.

Nickname on Phone

Source: businessinsider.com

A Saudi woman left her husband because of a nickname she found on his phone. One day she browsed through his contacts to discover that he had saved her number as “Guantanamo” (a military prison in the US). Though he tried to convince her that it was just a joke, the joke backfired on him in the name of a divorce.

Ignored Texts

A lady in Taiwan filed for divorce because her husband hadn’t replied to her text messages. She even told the court that he saw the texts but chose to ignore them. So next time you feel like ignoring your spouse’s text, remember that it may be used against you in a court of la

Final Thoughts

It’s baffling to see how people tend to end a few days or many years of marriage over a strange cause. For some, their spouse may not be the one they thought; for others – it’s the silent anger that has been pent up throughout the marriage where only one excuse is needed to let go.