Although moving to another country can get a little tricky, considering the change of surroundings, new people, different weather, the exact same reasons may be the thing that made you consider moving in the first place. Since we will discuss what are the benefits you could experience if you come to the UK to try your luck, pleasant people and astonishing historical heritage are definitely a good reason to move. On the other hand, you may have trouble getting along with the weather conditions from time to time, but when all the positive things the UK has to offer are taken into consideration, it represents nothing but a minor setback.

Whether you would like to settle in the capital of the United Kingdom, or you have something less urban on your mind, this multicultural country has to offer numerous diversities, therefore, rest assured that somewhere around here your cup of tea awaits.

United Kingdom is ruled by the famous Queen Elisabeth II, the lady in charge of this lovely country for almost 70 years. Although it is highly unlikely that you will stumble across her royal highness while strolling the streets of London, it is important to be familiar with the rich history and culture this country is blessed with. Another thing that many are confused with and it is worth mentioning is that the United Kingdom represents a union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, While Great Britain consists of England, Scotland, and Whales. Why this particular thing is important is because saying a Scotsman is an Englishman accidentally or intentionally is considered very rude and insulting. The United Kingdom is a union of proud countries honored by both their individual and joint history.

Considering the options, moving to the UK may mean that you can move to four different countries and still remain under the sovereignty of the crown, therefore there are even more positive features for you to experience across these lands and find exactly what suits your wants and needs best. Therefore, we shall present you with several reasons why the UK would be an ideal place to live in and show you what are the reasons it always stands out from the crowd when compared to other countries.



The United Kingdom is a place where major funding is directed to constantly developing and maintaining the highest standards of education. Hence the information it welcomes students from all over the world in its renowned colleges does not come as a surprise. Namely, as much as 7 of universities from the United Kingdom are rated among the top 50 world educational institutions, and that number tends to increase in recent times. The first one on the list is Oxford, a jewel in the crown of UK education. Therefore, this may be an ideal place for you to perfect and develop your expertise by attending one of the world’s most prestigious colleges. When it comes to ratings, you may find numerous charts ranking different subjects concerning the UK at Kev’s Best.

Employment Opportunity


Finding a job here was never as easy as it is nowadays. Namely, with metropolitan centers scattered across the UK, the demand in various business positions never seems to decline. People from all over the world are trying their luck in different fields of expertise. Various profiles of workers are in demand across the whole country, therefore, the qualified workforce is always needed. With one of the greatest living standards in Europe, the UK fails to disappoint again and again. What made that standard sustainable is the stability of the market and the satisfaction of the employees country wise.

The Language


Although English is spoken all across the globe, there are some parts of the world where using it would not be a success. Logically, everyone living in the UK speaks English, although you will encounter numerous accents developed throughout the years all across this beautiful country. Therefore, it would be hard for a foreigner to make a difference between a Scottish and Welsh accent at first encounter. Thus, spending some time with one of those local countrymen will make you feel like a native yourself. Hence, you will be able to notice the difference in no time and you will incline to the accent that is spoken the most in your surroundings. On the other hand, it is easy to communicate with anyone no matter what their accent might be.



Free healthcare is something that appertains not only to the residents with citizenship of one of the countries under the crown but also for the ex-pats residing in the UK at the moment. The well-established healthcare system reflects the ambition for all the citizens of the UK to be treated with respect and dignity. Therefore, enabling the proper treatment for the ones in need is a constant mission of the society in the UK in general.

The Humor


You will most surely not encounter your favorite characters from the famous sitcoms crossing the street, but you will definitely enjoy the essence of those tv shows and experience the humor typical for this country from the first hand. Although it is well known as the British humor, we assure you that the real deal is to be found in Northern Ireland as well. It does not matter if you are not a big admirer of this specific way of having fun at the time speaking, because it crawls into your skin eventually, thus it is almost impossible to remain unaffected by it somehow.

Whatever your thoughts were before reading this article, they must have been reoriented to the magnificent features living in the United Kingdom provides. Although leaving your home country may be a stressful experience, settling somewhere at the land of multiple opportunities such as the UK could prove to be the right decision. Whether it is the cultural and historical heritage or modern city life welfare that draws your attention, the UK has it already at your disposal. The cultural and ethnic diversity working under the same roof for mutual welfare is a significant feature not many countries could brag about, nevertheless, it is one of the main culprits for the peace and prosperity domineering these lands.